Aug. 11th, 2008 11:36 pm
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GAAAAHH!! Did I already post about my shiny new MacBook? Or is that in the entry I've been meaning to write up (including a Silly Poll of Much Randomness) and haven't gotten to yet (must do that tomorrow)? I've been working on the long process of transfering my IE favourites (yes, I know I should really switch to Firefox) on my PC to a Word document so I can add them to my Firefox favourites on my Mac (also need to lean Firefox). This, as you can imagine, is quite tedious. I therefore thought I should do something today that was still moving things from one computer to another but didn't involve endless copy/pasting. Of course, I figured transferring my pictures from my digital camera would be fairly simple. ::facepalm::

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Occasionally, my computer's speakers do this thing where they pick up the classic rock station in my area (it's not even a local radio station, either). It's a bit annoying, but it generally only lasts for a day and my speakers act normally the next day when I turn my computer on again.

Not so this time. It's been going on for several weeks. The odd part is that if I have my speakers turned all the way down the station comes in the loudest--turning my speaker volume up makes the radio station a bit quieter (but I can still hear it). So at the moment, my speakers are turned rather high, my computer volume is at it's lowest and I can still hear the radio station clearly. And if I try to drown out the station, my music is too loud. Arg. I've tried twiddling with my speaker cables, but that doesn't really seem to work either (apparently I'm not good at jiggery-pokery). The only thing that really works is using my headphones--if they're plugged into the tower and not the speakers themselves. ::shakes fist at speakers::

On a happier, non-speaker-ranting note, I spent the afternoon with a pot of darjeeling and The Thirteenth Tale. ^_^ Also, my circulars from Jo-Ann.com arrived on Monday (even though the tracking information had said they'd be here by today at the earliest!) so I was able to start my knit Dalek. I've only got about four rows done so far--I'll post pictures when it starts vaguely looking like a Dalek (perhaps after the second set of bobbles).


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The wonderful thing about knitting a scarf is that you can wear it while you're knitting (especially good if one's house is cold).

I finally got Penny (my computer) back last week--she'd been at the IT department of my mom's work since mid-September (mostly because the IT guys were quite busy). Good news: the IT guys were able to save the components of my hard drive (or something like that--I'm not very tech-literate) so I didn't have to buy a new computer. Bad news: the evil virus of D00M wiped everything off my computer. So Penny basically got Obliviated. In a Lockhart-at-the-end-of-CoS sort of way. ::cries:: I've got all my CDs loaded back on my computer (and all my schoolwork was saved onto disks), but I lost quite a few things I can't really replace--namely IM conversations and the like (also all my character history RPG stuff). Such is life, I suppose.

In happier news, I've been doing quite a bit of knitting lately. knitting stuffs under the cut )

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I think I'm going to use this as my default "I-haven't-updated-in-forever" icon. Or something of the sort. Because I have to get up earlyish to go to work tomorrow and am going to bed very soon (i.e. probably reading for a little in bed), I'm just going to do a quick post and will quite possibly write more tomorrow.

Things going on at the moment:
* I'm quite enjoying working at the bookstore.
* [livejournal.com profile] lowc came home for her summer break and there was much watching of British shows, knitting, and bookshopping. ^_^
* I finally got my Ravelry invite today! =D Knitters/crocheters: the invites are coming much quicker now that they have the new servers, so check the site out.
* My computer is being taken to the IT people at my mom's work--hopefully they'll be able to devirus/fix it. ::crosses fingers:: (As such, I'm presently on my parents' computer)
* I'm retaking the GRE next month.
* I went to my first book club meeting ever yesterday. One of the bookstore's co-owners is organising it and she's making things pretty laid-back. At least one other member has not been in a book club either, so I'm not the only one (which is always good).

And I think it's bedtime now.


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gah . . . the Internet has been down in Seibert at least since 5pm--when I came back from dinner at 5:30, there was no Internet, but it could gone before that because I'd been out of my room since 3 . . . anyways, it's almost 1AM now, and I had to come down to the Seibert computer lab (which thankfully still does have the Internet) to check on something for my O.Chem exam for tomorrow (which I'm studying for right now) . . . I'm rather worried about this exam too, since it's all on mechanisms and I don't understand them very well . . .

Well, let's hope the Internet returns to Seibert tomorrow, I do well on my O.Chem. exam, I'll get a head start on writing my Christmas cards (I still don't have your addresses, Sara and Ian--would you like cards?), I will not be vanquished by the tricky turns in our Ballroom Club lesson, and the SAVE suite will be deserted so I can practise my pointé again . . . Cross your fingers for me? (especially for my exam!!) *crosses fingers and hopes all will go well*

I better get back up to my room so I can finish studying . . . (this has been a very welcome diversion)

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My VCR is now officially evil--Not only has it eaten one of my PBS tapes and the Josh tape that had the two Ally episodes (tux Josh! *sobs*), but now it has eaten my copy of The Princess Bride :( I guess this means I'll have to ask my parents if they can tape the AMAs tomorrow (but I'll still watch it of course . . . and I hope Josh wins!!)

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My VCR hates me :( )

On a happier note, my group finished our Genetics presentation after only two hours in the library last night . . . I didn't understand a bit of today's O.Chem lecture; however, I think we did quite well when we presented our Genetics poster. We got out an hour early, so I was able to have lunch, read the O.Chem lab, and have a bit of free time before my O.Chem lab at 1. I actually had a partner today (I'm the odd one out in my class) because Jamie was in our lab today--she was saying she's the odd one out in her class and she, like me, always messes up and has doesn't leave until 4:30 (lab's supposed to end at 4). However, we managed not to mess anything up and were out of the lab by 3:30ish!! I went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to drop off some film and then we went to Weis so I could buy English muffins--they also had Land o' Lakes chocolate mint hot cocoa, so I bought some . . . I'm wondering whether I should get a Barnes & Noble card--it saves you 5% on everything, but there are a few reasons why I'm twindling (v: "to have a deep inner struggle with oneself" Sarah made this word up in Honours Amer. Lit. our freshman year of high school): 1. 'tis $25 annually, 2. prices on BN.com aren't always consistantly lower than Amazon--for Josh's new CD/DVD, B&N's regular price is 30% off at $20.98, with thier member price at $19.93, while it's listed at $23.98 on Amazon (same thing with the PotO OLC album: $30.38 B&N reg price/$28.86 member price vs.$33.99 on Amazon); however, the OLC recording of CATS is the same on both websites, with the B&N member price only $2 less, the B&N member price is $3 *more* than the Amazon price for the PoA soundtrack and Hayley Westenra's album Pure so I really don't know . . .

There's a lunar eclipse tonight! *squee!* I'm going to the football field (I think) to watch it with a few of my friends . . . the Moon is so big, bright, an gorgeous right now--I kept staring at it as I was walking back from dinner . . . I was saddened when I looked at my Weather Channel desktop weather thing and it said 'twas going to be cloudy tonight, but 'tisn't too cloudy and we should be able to see the eclipse perfectly fine--I'm so excited! . . . hehe . . .


a note on this entry's music : the ending of PotO always makes me want to cry--I always feel so sad for Erik (of course, I'm an E/C shipper at heart *smiles*) . . .

(and by now you've probably concluded that I'm completely nutters, haven't you?)

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For all of you who are skilled in the ways of icons and such, how does one do screencaps of videos you play on a media player type thing? I know you ues the "print screen" thing, but once I have the picture, I can't do anything to it--when I try to resize it, Paint moves the stuff the extra stuff I "print screened" and the part of the picture I actually want (like the part that was in the video screen) gets covered up . . . do you know what I mean?

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Yay, I have my computer back! However, I lost all the music (except for the stuff I'd downloaded from Ares), pictures, backgrounds, etc. I'd saved on my computer :'( . . . I still have my AIM profile and buddy icon, but none of my away messages (and I had over 20) . . . It seems that when IT got rid of the viruses on my computer, they deleted everything else on my C drive too--grrr! I had two of the CompCon guys try to figure out what was wrong, but they couldn't find my stuff either . . . yeah, so I'm sort of upset about that . . . .

Tomorrow's SU's homecoming, and apparently they have Macy's-style balloons in the parade--Erin and I are going to be "balloon-carriers". 'twill be interesting . . . and we'll probably get them stuck in trees . . . hehe

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Sadness--around 2ish, I got a call from IT saying I have a virus on my computer and to take it over to them as soon as possible, and they'd have it ready for me in a couple of days . . . I lug it to the campus center from Seibert (in the hot weather, nonetheless) and find out I probably won't have it back until next week . . . *cries* . . . I'm going to be so out of the loop--not just w/ LJ, but with IM especially . . . I'll probably have to bug Dana to tell me where people are--hehe . . . right now I'm using the Seibert lab to type this, but I probably won't be able to update much more until I get my computer back :'( . . . at least I can still listen to my CDs, because I was smart enough to bring my CD player, even though I have most of my albums saved onto Windows Media Player (which I of course can't use now) . . . Homecoming's this weekend, and the movie at Charlie's this Fri. is PoA! We're all going to go see it too--Yay :D

Until I update again (which probably won't be for awhile),

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Sadly enough, this is the last weekend before finals--which means it's the last weekend I have to spend with all my SU friends before summer break . . . :( . . . Dana's roommates aren't here this weekend (my roommate's not going to be here until Saturday, either) so Chris, Vicky, Erin, and Lori are all having a sleepover in her room--they invited me over to watch CSI, but I couldn't go over until I sent a paper to my Spanish professor . . . unfortunately, it took me about an hour to do because my computer was being evil and wouldn't let me open my email . . . *grrs computer* . . . so I went over at around 11 or so and watched the last half of an episode before they all went to bed . . .

Ooh, Sara told me that red-haired John from AI is going on tour this summer (apparently he was just on the Jay Leno show)! That's a happy thing, even though I wouldn't be able to go---I'm still a bit sad I can't go to any of Josh's summer tour concerts . . .

Meh . . . I'm feeling rather blah at the moment . . .What to do? :\ Perhaps I'll watch a movie or something . . . Or perhaps "The Wedding" ;)

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Grr . . . my computer’s being evil. I haven’t been able to open Window’s Media Player since last Wednesday, plus, my Internet keeps semi-freezing up. Let me explain: I’ll open a window, and everything will be fine for a bit (I’ve noticed the amount of time varies) but then the page will freeze up (only that page) and I won’t be able to click on anything on it—not even the refresh or close buttons. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the window using Task Manager, and then when I reopen the page, the same thing happens again! I think it happens the most on LiveJournal, but it happened to each of the pages I was on yesterday and today. Is this some sort of virus?

I finally finished my research paper! It was due today by 4:00 and I handed it in at around 2:45-3ish. Of course, I did start it last night . . . bad me . . . Urg—and I have to write up a Chem lab and study for a Chem test—both of which are for tomorrow! :(

Yay! Rehta met Josh last night at the concert! :D Isn’t it odd that 3 of my Grobie friends won the backstage passes at their respective concerts? I wonder when the team is going to post the dates for his summer tour? I definitely want to see another of his concerts!! (and try to meet him ;) )

Ok . . . I better go to my Chem now . . . grr . . . Chem and a semi-evil computer . . . :\

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grr . . . I don't know why the pictures didn't work . . . Erin? Do you know why they didn't work?

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