Feb. 28th, 2008

lilyofshalott: (Eight facepalm (lfire1))

Occasionally, my computer's speakers do this thing where they pick up the classic rock station in my area (it's not even a local radio station, either). It's a bit annoying, but it generally only lasts for a day and my speakers act normally the next day when I turn my computer on again.

Not so this time. It's been going on for several weeks. The odd part is that if I have my speakers turned all the way down the station comes in the loudest--turning my speaker volume up makes the radio station a bit quieter (but I can still hear it). So at the moment, my speakers are turned rather high, my computer volume is at it's lowest and I can still hear the radio station clearly. And if I try to drown out the station, my music is too loud. Arg. I've tried twiddling with my speaker cables, but that doesn't really seem to work either (apparently I'm not good at jiggery-pokery). The only thing that really works is using my headphones--if they're plugged into the tower and not the speakers themselves. ::shakes fist at speakers::

On a happier, non-speaker-ranting note, I spent the afternoon with a pot of darjeeling and The Thirteenth Tale. ^_^ Also, my circulars from Jo-Ann.com arrived on Monday (even though the tracking information had said they'd be here by today at the earliest!) so I was able to start my knit Dalek. I've only got about four rows done so far--I'll post pictures when it starts vaguely looking like a Dalek (perhaps after the second set of bobbles).


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