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I've been toying with the idea lately of changing my journal layout a bit, namely switching from having a repeating wallpaper-style graphic to a fixed banner at the top of the page. Actually, that's not quite right. I suppose what I'm really pondering is whether to have a top banner and have the rest of the layout be "clean" (i.e. with a solid background, similar to [ profile] nentari's layout) or to keep my wallpaper graphic, but no longer have invisible text boxes--or whatever they're called--similar to [ profile] gentle_blessing's layout. I'd probably be doing this to my icon journal first as the variety of shades in the wallpaper graphic has made it rather hard for me to choose text colours that actually show up across the page. Of course I would also need to peruse the [ profile] howto comms to find the proper coding and suchlike. Thoughts? Ideas?

Oh, and a quiz! I know I've taken this before, but I don't think I've ever actually posted it.

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You? )

In knitting news, I'm nearly halfway through mitteny-mitt the second! Yay! (I shall post pictures of the pair when both are done.) Once I finish it I'll be able to start on Extermaknit! (same needles) for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil Knit-along. Since Daleks count for Evil, I'll have to join Team Evil. ::laughs:: I plan on switching sides as soon as I finish the knitted Dalek of Awesome, however, and making Rose's Doomsday mitts (must.learn.cabling.), finishing my cuddly TARDIS, possibly making a jelly baby or two (no, seriously), and possibly a scarf.

Which brings me to my next question (I already brought this up on [ profile] who_knits, but I figured since many of you lovely people on my flist are Who fans, knitters, or both . . .): The Fourth Doctor's scarf is quite iconic and suchlike, but what scarves would the other Doctors wear? How about Companion-y scarves? Ten's already covered, actually--[ profile] chili_dance posted a WIP picture of a fantastic Tenth Doctor scarf.

And I think it's quite safe to say this post got away from me. Just a bit (hee). Well, I'm off to get ready for bed and do a bit of reading--we're doing Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale for book club this month and I'm rather enjoying it so far. ^_^


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I'm working on a grad program application, and, as always, I'm having a bit of a hard time writing my personal statement. I find it much easier to write essays about other things than myself--you write about the research you did, quote things from the text, &c. As such, I'm going to borrow something from a helpful "Tips on writing a personal statement" article/page I'm reading. So, dear flist, if you were to make a list of five of my most prominent traits, what would they be?

In other news, my local library posted a part-time assistant position last week. I got a call from the director this afternoon and I have an interview on Thursday! Huzzah! \o/

And my mom and I went to see The Water Horse last night. Much love. And I've finally seen David Morrisey in something where I didn't end up disliking his character! (Granted, I've only seen him in 'Blackpool' and 'Our Mutual Friend,' but still.)

I'm off to refill my tea cup and get back to writing this essay . . .


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Alexander's coming home to-day for mid-term break (I think my dad said they'd be home around five or sixish). I find it hard to believe that the fall semester is half-over already! (Also, my five-year reunion is next spring--it doesn't seem like it's been five years since I graduated from HS.) Our high school's homecoming is also tonight. I'm planning on going to the game to see if any of my high-school friends are there--surprisingly(?) I seem to have kept more in touch with friends that I *didn't* graduate with. As always, I'll be paying more attention to the band, &c. than the actual game (I'm not too fond of football . . . and I *still* don't understand why it's called "football"--the ball isn't kicked very often).

GRE and knitting-cut for length )

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I just came back from my last LSM (Lutheran Student Movement) meeting--I've not been going for long, just since last spring, but still . . .

I'll be graduating in less than two weeks. In a little over two weeks, I'll be in London. Where did this year go?

I'm going to finish watching last week's CSI . . . and then I think I'll work on my Hogwarts scarf for awhile (my goal is to finish it for the release of Book 7, but I don't know if I'm actually going to make it or not).


(Also, if anyone else would like to fill out the fandom meme I posted, please do!)

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You know you're a fan of Classical Crossover when . . . )

Here's a logic question to ponder--my roommate asked me this today and after I "figured it out", she said I was wrong, but I think my answer makes more sense. She told me what the answer was, and then we spend almost an hour arguing about it because I couldn't figure out why the right answer is right . . .

Here's the question: A man is looking at a portrait and says, "Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my father's son." Who is the man in the portrait?

Please tell me what you think the answer is! She has this in her IM info and so far, my answer is winning--hehe . . .


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Hmm . . . not much happened on Monday or Tuesday except we had a surprise party for Chris' 20th birthday on Monday (and he didn't have a clue!) Erin, Dana, and I decorated while Vicky kept Chris in his room. A bunch of us got together and we had pizza and tons of cookies/brownies--we were so full, we didn't even eat the birthday cake! 'Twas much fun, especially since Chris was genuinely surprised . . .

something to think about . . . )

O.Chem lab was brutal today--we had to identify an unknown organic compound using the spiffy expensive equipment (IR and NMR machines, for any other science majors out there). We were all randomly assigned an unknown, but of course, I had to get the hardest one (and I'm pretty much incompetent in chem lab . . .). Thankfully, Dr. Henry helped me through the entire identification process . . .

OOH! I've made more icons! And I definitely think I'm getting a paid account now, as I've saved sooo many nifty PotO (ALW's musical and movie) icons from the community I'm in, [ profile] phantom_icons . . . and I want to make a mood set (hehe) . . .

PotO, Josh, and random icons )


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[I've decided to go back to my usual font colour . . .]
This morning a group of SAVE/GeoClub people cleaned up our "Adopt-a-Highway" section . . . 'twas a bit scary walking along the highway, but rewarding as well . . . the most interesting thing I found was a large bit of duct tape, but Allyson and the other girls who were around me found a large basket, Dana found a fuzzy caterpillar and carried it around with her for the rest of the morning (she brought him back to campus and set him in one of the bushes in front of Fisher) . . . and Trout found pink underwear (which is just disturbing) . . . . . . when we got back at 11:30ish I checked my email and such and then worked on O.Chem (with a bit of a nap in there too--I tend to fall asleep when I'm doing O.Chem on my loft bed) . . .

which brings me to now: I'm a bit bored and don't really want to be doing homework right now . . . I wish I were more creative--I enjoy artistic things, but I can't create them: I love reading (literature and fanfiction, both) but I can't write a story or poem (unless I'm assigned a topic or something), I love listening to music and such, but would never be able to write a song, I love dancing, but would never be able to choreograph a routine . . . *sigh* . . . well, I guess I better get back to my O. Chem . . . or maybe I'll switch to reading Genetics . . . :\

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US History was pretty good today for three reasons: 1) Class started 15 minutes later at 8:30, 2) We had a speaker that talked about a book he's writing about the historical significance of the boxing matches between Max Schmeling and Joe Louis, 3) We got out 20 minutes early at 9:30 (usually the class is from 8:15-9:50, so we had about half-an-hour less of class!)
And now for some ponderings, blatantly ripped off from Shakespeare ;) . . .

To upgrade, or not to upgrade: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to purchase
And so play with mood sets and use more icons,
Or to be satisfied with a free acount
And therefore save my money?

To those with paid accounts: should I upgrade? (oh, and I'll email you those pictures for the colourbar, Dawn--I was just trying to find another one) and now back to my O. Chem. lab reports . . .


oh, and A&E's Pride & Prejudice is officially my new favourite mini-series now . . . *deep sigh*

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I know, I haven't updated in forever . . . and I bet you're wondering why I'm up this early, eh? I'm going to Cocalamus at 10, and for everyone who doesn't go to SU (i.e. most of you), it's the place we take the recycling we collect for SAVE (SU's environmental club) . . . I'm going to try to force myself to update when I get back, because I haven't been updating on a regular basis and I haven't gotten back to my diary (for some reason I stopped writing in it last April and I haven't been able to start again)--I feel I need to start recording what I do every day again because it seems (to me at least) that if I don't, my days disappear--I don't remember what I did, eventually forgetting completely, and it's like the things I did never happened . . . it rather scares me . . .

On a less melancholy (and less confusing, probably) note, I think I've decided that I *will* get a paid account! I'm basically getting it so I can have more icons and make a custom mood set. :D Dawn (I think it's you who has these) gave me the idea with her Josh mood set--I just have to finalise which pictures I want to use and then resize them so they don't take up everyone's screens . . .

I leave you with this thought of randomness-- Just say no to squirrel domination . . . ;)

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Urg . . . I’m studying for finals right now—Susquehanna decided to have a very odd last week of school: today was normal, but tomorrow (our last day of classes) is on a Friday schedule . . . Wednesday is our “Reading Day” and finals are on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday—yes, you did read that correctly. I have my Cell & Organsimal Bio. final at 8AM on Thurs. morning, Thought and Civilisation on Friday afternoon, General Chem. at 8AM on Sat. morning (what is it with my science finals both being at 8AM?) and my Spanish last test (not a final exam) at 11:30 on Sat.. . . then I get to go home on Sunday—yay!

‘Tis going to be quite odd going home though, since SU has become my second home—I’m REALLY going to miss my SU friends, but ‘twill be great to hang out with my friends from WHS (and my family) again—I guess ‘tis a bittersweet kind of thing . . . . speaking of which, I saw this nifty thing on one of my friends’ profiles that describes coming home quite well (I think, at least):

Sometime tonight or tomorrow I have to type up a post about Spring Weekend, which was this past Sat. and Sun. (as in yesterday and the day before yesterday), but now I must return to the wonderful world of Cell Structure . . . . . I’m a bio. major, but I don’t much like the course as it’s all about cells and cell functions and such (like photosynthesis, respiration, and the like)---I don’t know . . . I guess you could say I’m more interested in the ecological aspect of the field—I want to go into zoology or marine biology . . . ok, back to studying . . . :\

and now to leave you with a quote (like Allegra has been doing
"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful
~Natalie Portman (I don't remember where I found that, but isn't it great

[do you guys like the new smaller font, or should I keep it the same size as I've been using? I wrote this in Word today because my computer's still being slightly evil, and 'tis a bit smaller than if I write it in here--Strike that (reverse it? hahahaha) I just realised that the font got smaller when I posted the entry--it became teensy, so I had to change it to my normal font size . . . and enough rambling for now . . . hehe . . .]

[10 points to whomever found my film reference ;)]

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