Jan. 8th, 2008

lilyofshalott: (Stonehenge Stairway (by faery_icons))

I'm working on a grad program application, and, as always, I'm having a bit of a hard time writing my personal statement. I find it much easier to write essays about other things than myself--you write about the research you did, quote things from the text, &c. As such, I'm going to borrow something from a helpful "Tips on writing a personal statement" article/page I'm reading. So, dear flist, if you were to make a list of five of my most prominent traits, what would they be?

In other news, my local library posted a part-time assistant position last week. I got a call from the director this afternoon and I have an interview on Thursday! Huzzah! \o/

And my mom and I went to see The Water Horse last night. Much love. And I've finally seen David Morrisey in something where I didn't end up disliking his character! (Granted, I've only seen him in 'Blackpool' and 'Our Mutual Friend,' but still.)

I'm off to refill my tea cup and get back to writing this essay . . .


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