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Dear powdered vinyl gloves,
I'm sorry, but you are no longer my favourite lab gloves for I have discovered the wonderous Nitrile gloves. They are grippy, stretchy so they fit me better, labels don't get stuck to them as often and are easier to take off, don't make my hands sweaty like latex gloves, are more comfy . . . . and are blue. If they were powdered as well, they'd be perfect. You are still better than latex gloves, though. < /letter to gloves . . . 'tis sad, really>

And I've been working in the lab much too long . . . hehe. But I *do* like Nitrile gloves better than powdered vinyl--now I just have to find out the difference between the blue and purple Nitrile gloves (if there is a difference, that is).

In other news, I donated blood yesterday--this is a happy thing, as the last three or four times I've tried to donate my hematocrit level was too low so I wasn't able to. Afterwards, they made me sit at the cookie-and-juice table for an extra ten minutes because they thought I looked too pale (which is partly due to my normally pale-ish skin . . . except in the summer when I tan just walking to and from work on my lunch break--grr to the sun at 1sh).

Random aside: John Williams + Shakespeare = awesomeness-ness

My arm didn't hurt much while I was giving blood, but to-day I noticed that I now have a rather large black-and-blue mark, as well as several red splotches where I was drawn. (This did not happen when I gave blood at SU) However, it does not hurt.

I also had an appointment with my optometrist to-day. Stuff they give you to make your eyes dilate + bright, flourescent lights = not fun-ness. The first half-hour to hour I was back at work was a bit difficult, as the brightness of the lights added to the fuzzyness left over from the drops. The drops eventually wore off, though . . . by the time I went home, of course.

Dove toffee cookies are quite yummy.

That is all.

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My roomie and I were just listening to "What is This Feeling?" in stereo--we played it on both our Media Players and we actually managed to synchronise it :D

more roommate insanity )

Nothing much happened yesterday, except Dana and I watched CSI and Danielle came over to watch ER . . . and we cleaned our room and such . . .

Wednesday we had an exam in O. Chem--I completely messed up the page on the E1/E2 mechanisms, but I came up with almost the right structure for the IR/NMR problem (which was 30pts on a 100pt test!) . . . we started a lab in Genetics where we are going to study our own DNA by running our cheek cells through various tests and such . . . O.Chem lab actually went quite well--'twasn't too hard and I didn't mess up . . . much. There was blood drive in the gym, so I went over after lab--I was glad I'd brought a book (The Beekeeper's Apprentice), because I had to wait about 2 hours . . . I was quite happy because I passed the iron test (the first time I tried to give blood, over the summer, I was turned away because my iron count wasn't high enough)--probably because I'd had a chicken sandwich with green leafy lettuce from Encore for dinner . . . it actually didn't hurt too much--just a bit of stinging at first (I laughed at myself because I noticed that the tubes they used for extra blood [for testing] were green top heperine [I think] and purple-top SSTs ;) The things you learn while working at a hospital lab for a summer . . .) When I got back to the dorm, I called my mom and talked to my parents for a little while . . . Dana and I didn't feel like doing work at all . . . so we didn't ;) I renewed my FoJG membership--2nd year members get a YRMU shirt, a 24-page calender (*SQUEE!!*) and a very THUD and swoon-worthy screen saver . .. *happy sigh*

Nothing much of import has happened today . . . yet . . . but if something does occur, I shall write about it later . . .

OOH!! The PotO movie theatrical trailer is now up on Yahoo!! *bounces* 'twas a bit choppy on my computer, but the movie looks sooo good . . . (although I'm a bit nervous about the singing--I hope it will be good as well) PotO theatrical trailer

an herbal quiz )

(who's not mad, just slightly nutters)

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Ok . . . going back to Wednesday . . . . 'twas a pretty good day at work, a little on the slow side, but not too much . . .the highlight of my day was going to Wal*Mart to get stuff for going back to SU, including the toaster for the SAVE suite, about which Erin and I had a rather long conversation:
much ado about toast )

I called Dana up (she's going to be my roommate this year--yay!) and we talked for a while [or is it "awhile"? I can never remember . . . Mrs. Higham would not be pleased . . ]

Thursday, I got a surprise at work as Lisa and Amy gave me a birthday/going back to school gift: Lisa made me a cake and Amy put together a basket filled with a bunch of stuff for school, including more tea! I felt loved :D 'Tis a sampler of Celestial Seasonings fruit teas . . . I don't really like herbal tea, so I'm not sure whether I'll like fruit tea . . . if not, I'm sure there'll be someone in the suite who'll drink it . . . hehe . . . I was *really* busy, as I was the only one at the window, so the cake sat untouched in the lab break room until after I came back from lunch. Then I cut the cake (Amy *really* wanted to eat it . . . haha) and Lisa, Amy, Loren (our newest Med Tech) and I each had some . . . . by the end of the day, there were only about two slices left . . . there was a rather difficult sendout that took both Jody and I about half an hour to figure out--we had to figure out all the tests and then what to do with each specimin tube . . . then Amy helped me fill out the LabCorp forms for it . . .

Friday started out a scary day at work because the entire computer system at the hospital had gone down at 4:00 Thurs afternoon and hadn't come back on until around 9 or 10 . . . so there were lots of specimens to be collected (the labels had printed out during evening shift) . . . even more grrfull was the evening shift people had decided not to make a downtime sheet, so we had to get a label, find the order, and then check to make sure everything that was on the order was on the label [if we would have had a downtime sheet, we would have just have had to check the labels against that one sheet] . . . I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself, but luckily Jody, Lisa, and Amy all helped . . . also a happy thing was that it would have been a "slow" day, so we didn't get any extra specimens and could concentrate on trying to figure everything out . . .

Here comes the bride--Alicia's rehearsal )

Well, I'm going to stop now because 'tis midnight and my mom said I should go to bed . . . since 'tis midnight, Happy Birthday to me! :D

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Neither Monday nor Tuesday was particularly interesting, but I shall write about them for sake of continuity . . . .

Monday was a typical-ish day at the lab--'twasn't too busy (which is good), but wasn't slow either (which is also good) . . .my dad made blueberry pancakes for dinner, which were quite yummy :) Um . . . I actually don't remember what else we did, which is rather sad, isn't it?

Tuesday was fine in the morning at the lab, but the afternooon was really busy--Ron could only help me for a half an hour or so after he came because he had to go to the drawing room, leaving me with a load of specimins to collect and such, plus there was no-one at the desk so I had to answer the phone too--grr . . . I was quite excited to find out Bravo would be showing fencing, one of my favourite Olympic sports, so of course I watched it at 7--'twas the semifinals of Women's Sabre and the nifty thing was that all four women were left-handed ("Why are you smiling?" "Because I know something you don't" "And what would that be?" "I'm not left handed." [and I prob. misquoted that . . . *waves Princess Bride flag*]) . . . The #1 ranked fencer in the world, Sada Jacobson (I think that's her name) won the bronze medal, earning the USA it's first Olympic medal in women's fencing. And I think the other US fencer won the gold medal . . . and Michael Phelps won more medals in swiming . . . yay! . . .Erin and I had a long conversation in the evening about what we're going to take for the SAVE suite and it was decided that I (as I was named Madame Minister of Toast Aquisation for suggesting that we get a toaster for the suite) should purchase the toaster. Erin, among other things, is bringing a little pot of mini roses to make the suite pretty--and they're white roses, which are my favourite :D

I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready for bed and such, but I'll probably write about my day today(and the wonders of the SAVE toaster in a little bit . . .
Oh, and if anyone can guess the (semi) obscure little reference in this post, I shall give you a Wonka bar (not really, but 'tis the though that counts, right?) ;)

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hmm . . . I think I should update . . . hehe. *Points at icon* Look, it's one of my new ones! :D . . . Let's see, where did I leave off? Ah, yes, Friday (the 13th--dun dun dun): After the "flooding" of the lab on Thursday, nothing really exciting (or horrible) happened on Friday. 'Twas actually rather slow at the lab, if I recall correctly . . . my mom and I were going to go to the movie theatre to see The Princess Diaries, but then we remembered that the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics were on and watched them with my dad. My dad and I *loved* the introduction, where James Earl Jones' distinctive voice was narrating about Ancient Greece with the theme from Jurassic Park in the background---go John Williams!! [sidenote--I wonder what he would have thought if at the time he wrote his Olympic themes for the '72 and '96 Games he would have known that they would become the "unofficial" themes for all following Games? . . . . ok, that was a rather confusing sentence, and I think I confused myself too] Of course, since 'twas Friday night and I didn't have to get up early on Sat, I stayed up rather late and read fanfiction . . . *looks sheapish* (is that even spelled right? *ponders*)

Saturday was fun, as I had my birthday party with my Wellsboro friends. Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl came for pizza and movies--Low-C came for about 15 minutes during her lunch break right after everyone else came and we talked for a little bit on my porch. She didn't have my present wrapped yet, but she gave me a pretty circlet-thingy from the Laurel Festival as a sort of birthday hat/crown :). I let Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl pick out one of my CDs to listen to while we ate (more like demolished . . . we also had help from Alexander) our pizza--'twas a unanimous vote for Norah Jones because that was the only CD they recognised (as the rest of my CD collection is various soundtracks, John Williams scores, Enya, Sarah Brightman, and Josh *waves flags for film scores and crossover*) We talked about fun times in elementary and middle school while listening to my CD of randomness--I hadn't realised how much I missed talking with them . . . At around 4 or so (they'd come over at 1ish) we hopped into Sarah's truck and headed to Video King to rent something. We didn't find anything we really wanted to watch, but G-Girl had brought her copy of The Reduced Shakespeare Company's "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare", which was hilarious! 'Tis a 90-minute video featuring three actors presenting Shakespeare's entire works in front of a live audience . . . they don't actually act all of the plays though--they do all the histories as one (Amer.) football game and merge the comedies into a "mega-play" type thing . . . I'd recommend it ('twould be great for a SU movie night if we can find a copy--I bet the library might have one) . . .

excitement on Main St. and why I like tea )

I think this entry's gone on long enough, but I have just one more thing--I'm contemplating changing my default icon to this:
           Any thoughts?
Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I only used an lj-cut because this post was really long without it and I didn't want to take up so much space on your Friends pages . . .
~Mythy/Lily/Michelle :D

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'ello! Let's see, not too much has happened over the last couple of days . . . I had a pretty normal day at work on Tuesday, and there were plenty of phlebs in the main lab so I wasn't running around like mad (as on Mon). I had just enough time to go home and change into comfier clothes before Karen, Andrea, and Mrs. Smithgall picked me up to get our bridesmaids' dresses fitted (well, technically Andrea's is the maid of honour dress--but 'tis exactly the same as Karen's and mine). We drove about 45 or so to Morris, and didn't get lost--yay! 'Twas the first time I'd actually seen our dresses--they're quite pretty and consist of a white strapless top with sort of a petal-y neckline and a royal blue A-line skirt . . . All the seamstress had to do was pin the end of the skirt up so she could do the hems later. Karen looks the best in her dress--Andrea and I have opposite problems and our tops don't fit very well . . . As we drove home it started pouring and thundering.

Nothing much of import happened yesterday, but 'twas a good day. My mom had another lesson with the girl she's tutoring in Spanish after we ordered yummy Chinese takeout. We actually got The Princess Diaries 2 at our movie theatre on the day it was released, so I think my mom and I are going to see it next Tuesday, when ticket prices are reduced---and of course, I'm going to go see it w/ my SU friends (if anyone brings their car . . .) :)

*gasp* flooding at the lab )

I left work half an hour early so I could go to my yearly physical--happily I'm all healthy and such (although the anemia test hurt a bit) . . . I finished watching Chamber of Secrets after dinner (I'd left off when Harry and Ron are following the spiders)--was anyone else saddened that Fawkes in the movie isn't as nifty-looking as the Fawkes on the CoS jacket? I want a phoenix . . . hehe . . .

I tried to make some icons yesterday and today--since this entry is already an epic, I'll be nice and LJ-cut them :) Actually . . . since there are a bunch of them, I'll put them in a separate entry and LJ-cut that . . .

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