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Movies, this time! This was more of a "How many movies do I watch in one year?" type thing rather than an attempt to watch a specific amount.

Cut for movie listing )

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Botheration! Remember that 1-month free Netflix trial I mentioned in my last post? For some reason, it didn't work. I definitely have a charge on my billing account now. I know the free trials only apply to first-time members, but I am a first-time member! Sigh.

And I suppose--since it's late and such--I'll be off to read for a bit before bed.

(Movie recommendations are love!)

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I'm in several icon comms and have a few iconmakers friended so I'm always saving icons to my hard drive. Unfortunately, I have next to no icon space, so these lovely icons sit (unhappily, I would presume) in folders on my hard drive and Photobucket account. Therefore, I thought I'd do some icon "spring cleaning." Quite a few of the icons I'm using now were among my first attempts at icon-making and are overly-texty, so several of those will probably go. (This reminds me, I should really do an iconpost--I've had a few sitting in my Photobucket for a while.)

So . . . based on a meme seen on [ profile] nentari's journal a while ago (but I'm not claiming it as my own idea because I'm sure someone's already done this): Comment with a few (say 4 or 5) icons of mine you rather like and tell me why you like them.

Also, the lovely [ profile] diddakoi gifted me with a 1-month Netflix trial! (I've been meaning to sign up for Netflix for, oh, the past six months or so.) I have a list of movies I've not seen yet (mostly because the local movie rental place doesn't have them) and will be adding to said Netflix queue. Any suggestions of films I need to see?

And the second reason for getting Netflix: Classic Who!! Of course this brings me to another dilemma, namely where to start. slightly more detailed pondering under the cut )

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Hmm . . . I think I shall update . . .

Friday morning at around 1:00, Richie IMed me saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat . . . so he, Sarah, Em, and I went to the Four Seasons diner (its open 24/7) and they got breakfast foods--I got back to my dorm at around 2ish! O.Chem was bad because Blackboard *still* wasn't up, so I couldn't print off the lecture notes beforehand . . . we did more practice problems in Genetics--it took Jess and I about an hour to do one of them (it had several parts), but luckily we're going to finish them up on Monday in class, so we didn't have to do them for homework . . . after Gospel Choir, we went to the "Breathe Step Stomp" step show sponsored by BSU (yay for aliteration!)--'twas rather good, although the music started to get to me after awhile because it was *really* loud (even though we were in the balcony) . . . Erin, Dana, and I watched a few episodes of CSI (Dana has the first and second seasons on DVD) and I caught a rather ironic (yet nifty) image in the final frame of the "Alter Boys" episode . . . then Danielle joined us and we watched The Land Before Time (the first one!) in the Atrium--we were shocked as we watched the credits and learned that the movie was a Spielburg/Lucas collaboration and James Horner did the score (with Diana Ross singing the end title)!

Hardly anything to write about Saturday, since we didn't do anything--I literally did nothing but O.Chem. (and procrastination) the entire day

Today we (the SU Gospel Choir) sang at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (Chris' church)--our Chaplin preached, too, so it was as though SU was taking over the service . . . hehe. We our songs went quite well, which was a very happy thing :) Erin and I didn't really want to go to the caf for lunch, so we made macaroni and cheese, and Dana joined us for lunch . . . I alternatively did O.Chem. and procrastinated . . . and that's about it for this weekend . . .

A Procrastination Acrostic )

I really want to get my paid account (for my many icons and nifty Sarah mood set), but I think I have to pay for my FoJG account this time and I still need to buy Christmas presents (after I figure out what I'm getting everyone) . . . Speaking about Christmas presents, Rehta, Allegra, and Sara (wow, your names all end in "a"!)--could I have your addresses? I'd love to send you cards over the holidays :) So you don't have to worry about random people seeing your address, you can IM me at :D


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Yes, I am talking about myself in the subject--yay for speaking in third person and paraphrasing Shakespeare in the same sentence *pats self on back* Now I shall write about the weekend thus far:

a rather random weekend )

(and the melancholy-ness is probably from watching the movie yesterday . . . on a happier note, there's a lunar eclipse on Wed :D Guess how I'm going to spend that evening? I'll actually have a reason for staring at the moon . . . hehe)

[Does my lack of paragraph-ness bother anyone? Because I'll try to split up my entries better if it does.]

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First, I shall finish writing about yesterday, then I shall explain the heading (as if it needed any explanation . . .):

Dana and Danielle went to see the poet at Charlie's in the evening and I was working on homework. Erin invited me over to the suite to watch The Dark Crystal with Dan, Lori, and her. I guess the only way to describe the movie is "amazingly nifty"--Lori, Erin, and I had never seen the movie, and so we kept exclaiming how cute all the odd little creatures were (especially the dog-like ball of fluff) . . . after we finished the movie, we watched the scene where the two main characters try to leave the dog-like ball of fluff as they go on their quest, but it has a temper tantrum: opening it's jaws WIDE, whining, and beating the ground with its two little feet--accompanied by our hysterical laughter. Dan and Lori then went to the "non-alcoholic block party" hosted by the Student Activities Council or something--Erin didn't want to go, so she came to my room and we watched The Empire Strikes Back, which she'd never seen before (*gasp*!) I managed to keep my quotage to a minumun, and only quoted the essential Han/Leia banter ;D Erin said she got me hooked to the SW saga, so we're going to watch Return of the Jedi the weekend after next (fall break is this weekend!). Danielle and Dana came back at 1ish and we all talked about stuff and amused ourselves by looking up how many people there are with common names at SU--hehe.

Today, Dana was performing with the handbell group at Chris' church and Erin decided (this morning) to gather up a bunch of us and go see her. Dana was soo surprised to see Trout, Sarah, Erin, and I sitting there in the pews. Vicky also sat with us. Trout, Erin, Dana, and I went to "lunch" when we came back at around 11:30ish, but since they had mostly brunch-like things, I had a "second breakfast" of scrambled eggs, cocoa, and bagels with strawberrry cream cheese :) . . . then I worked (or tried to work) on the problem set for O.Chem. . . I went to Erin's to make sure I had the right isomers for one of the problems and was introduced to the amazingness that is her friend's website--it includes a section on how to resist squirrels taking over the world and an amazing "practice" AP English test (which is a hilarious parody) . . . I stared at problem 1 for about half an hour trying to figure it out (I'd already done 2 and 3 because the were easy), then decided I was tired and it would probably make more sense after I took a nap. I did, and it made more sense (and Dana helped me a bit) . . . which brings me to now . . . and I think I shall go to dinner . . .


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Well, I'll have to fill you in on Alicia's wedding and the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks tomorrow, since 'tis about 1:00 . . . but I *have* to write about today . . .

this is going to be a looong post, so I'm lj-cutting it )

I can't believe we did so much today--I love my SU friends!! *huggles* Tomorrow continues Fall Frenzy with inflatables and such until 4--I bet we'll have a movie night in one of our rooms . . . I've missed those--especially the semi-random comments/quotate of other movies . . . :D

Thanks for a great day, guys!

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hmm . . . I think I should update . . . hehe. *Points at icon* Look, it's one of my new ones! :D . . . Let's see, where did I leave off? Ah, yes, Friday (the 13th--dun dun dun): After the "flooding" of the lab on Thursday, nothing really exciting (or horrible) happened on Friday. 'Twas actually rather slow at the lab, if I recall correctly . . . my mom and I were going to go to the movie theatre to see The Princess Diaries, but then we remembered that the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics were on and watched them with my dad. My dad and I *loved* the introduction, where James Earl Jones' distinctive voice was narrating about Ancient Greece with the theme from Jurassic Park in the background---go John Williams!! [sidenote--I wonder what he would have thought if at the time he wrote his Olympic themes for the '72 and '96 Games he would have known that they would become the "unofficial" themes for all following Games? . . . . ok, that was a rather confusing sentence, and I think I confused myself too] Of course, since 'twas Friday night and I didn't have to get up early on Sat, I stayed up rather late and read fanfiction . . . *looks sheapish* (is that even spelled right? *ponders*)

Saturday was fun, as I had my birthday party with my Wellsboro friends. Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl came for pizza and movies--Low-C came for about 15 minutes during her lunch break right after everyone else came and we talked for a little bit on my porch. She didn't have my present wrapped yet, but she gave me a pretty circlet-thingy from the Laurel Festival as a sort of birthday hat/crown :). I let Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl pick out one of my CDs to listen to while we ate (more like demolished . . . we also had help from Alexander) our pizza--'twas a unanimous vote for Norah Jones because that was the only CD they recognised (as the rest of my CD collection is various soundtracks, John Williams scores, Enya, Sarah Brightman, and Josh *waves flags for film scores and crossover*) We talked about fun times in elementary and middle school while listening to my CD of randomness--I hadn't realised how much I missed talking with them . . . At around 4 or so (they'd come over at 1ish) we hopped into Sarah's truck and headed to Video King to rent something. We didn't find anything we really wanted to watch, but G-Girl had brought her copy of The Reduced Shakespeare Company's "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare", which was hilarious! 'Tis a 90-minute video featuring three actors presenting Shakespeare's entire works in front of a live audience . . . they don't actually act all of the plays though--they do all the histories as one (Amer.) football game and merge the comedies into a "mega-play" type thing . . . I'd recommend it ('twould be great for a SU movie night if we can find a copy--I bet the library might have one) . . .

excitement on Main St. and why I like tea )

I think this entry's gone on long enough, but I have just one more thing--I'm contemplating changing my default icon to this:
           Any thoughts?
Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I only used an lj-cut because this post was really long without it and I didn't want to take up so much space on your Friends pages . . .
~Mythy/Lily/Michelle :D

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Wow . . .  I haven’t updated in awhile . . .  again---and what’s even worse is that I’m almost 2 weeks behind in my real journal!! *gasp* Let’s see . . . this weekend was quite fun.  J Friday night, Dana, Erin, and I were planning on watching a movie (CATS, to be exact) but didn’t know where we were going to be able to watch it because my roommate and one of Dana’s roommates had a track meet early Sat. morning and were going to bed early, plus Lori (Erin’s roommate) goes to bed early on a regular basis, so we couldn’t watch it in Erin, Dana, or my rooms . . . Dana and I had to wait for Erin for some reason (I don’t remember where she was . . . ) and decided to go to Charlie’s to wait for her there (since Dana’s cell was out of batteries) . . .  We watched the last episode of American Idol and then Dana’s copy of Disney’s Robin Hood, which I’d never seen before—I enjoyed it immensely (ah, the romantic in me . . . *sigh) . . .  Charlie’s was playing Caddyshack, so we ended up watching the end of the movie—Erin found us and joined us . . .  we went back to Hass. and decided to just go up to the third floor lounge and talk because we couldn’t watch the movie . . . .


On to Saturday . . . I was awakened at around 1 by loud screaming coming from somewhere outside . . . but I eventually went back to sleep and woke up at 4ish (I’m just as bad as you, Rehta!) . . . since ‘twas such a nice day, I decided to do my Thought reading out on the field hockey pitch—Sara joined me and told me that the loud screaming had been the Greek Olympics, to conclude Greek Week, on the field hockey pitch (that explained why ‘twas so loud—the pitch is right outside of Smith [my dorm]). Dana then joined us on my blanket . . . Sara did something to annoy Dana, who then swatted her and said “That was a warning”. I was reading, but had heard enough of the exchange to answer back, “The next time, my hand flies on its own. Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies”---the sad/scary/slightly amusing thing is that ‘twas semi-unconscious (you know you’ve seen a movie too many times when . . . hehe). Dana and I went to Encore after I finished my chapter because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet [oh, slightly odd thing: Sara asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her and I said I wasn’t hungry—she then   asked me if I were anorexic because I’m never hungry when she wants do go to dinner . . . I’m definitely NOT anorexic—I just eat when I’m hungry and don’t eat when I’m not hungry—this week especially I just haven’t had much of an appetite, and I don’t know why]. Dana, Erin, and I went to see “A Winter’s Tale” at around 8ish—‘twas sooo good! Aaron White was hilarious as the Rouge (aka crazy person who jumps around hitting a cowbell and ends up actually being a courtier or something). Erin and I had to explain the plot to Dana and Lori during intermission and when the show was over, we gave different theories about whether Hermione never died and was pretending to be a statue or if she did die and the statue came to life and turned into Hermione (I was of the latter opinion, which we found out was right  J). Then we went to the Phi Mu Alpha Brotherhood Auction to buy Chris . . . it was quite amusing—we were disappointed that Chris didn’t dance though. The four of us were all sitting together, of course, and were each bidding on Chris---Lori ended up buying him for $15, although I had my hand up too . . . the guy who was being the “auctioneer” didn’t see me, I guess . . . oh well . . . the best part of the auction had to be when Aaron White came out dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow—complete with wig and costume . . . and the “drunken swagger” . . . Erin said “from now on, he IS Johnny Depp!” . . . . . When the auction was over, the five of us went to Hass, and tried to decide what Lori was going to do with her 2 hours with Chris (get your mind out of the gutter if you’re reading this, Sarah!!) . . . they decided to take a raincheck for next weekend (we’re all probably going to watch movies or something . . .). Dana said he’d promised to sing a duet with her (well, Dana would be playing piano and Chris would be singing), so I said, “ooh! MUSIC OF THE NIGHT!!!!” J Lori “released” him until next weekend, and then she, Erin, Dana, and I watched the end of an “Alias” episode they’d started watching earlier . . . . then Lori went to bed and Erin, Dana, and I went back to my room to watch CATS (at 1am), which I’d never seen before—I knew a few of the songs—“Gus” and “Macavity” from Sarah Brightman’s ALW album, “Mr. Mistoffoles”(sp) from listening to it in Sara’s room, and I’ve seen the “Jellicle Cats” song (the first one in the musical) on PBS . . . Dana left during the part with the cats dressed up as tap dancing cockroaches (she had to wake up early for a crew meet) . . . . I really enjoyed it, even though it has no plot (‘tis pleasantly random) and the songs get stuck in your head (hey, it’s ALW, a lot of his songs are like that . . . like my Sarah Brightman album . . .)

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Wow . . . I haven't really written a real entry on here in awhile . . . this week was crazy--I had sooo much stuff due!

I made an account on Xanga yesterday--same basic user name as here, except 'tis capitalised like my FoJG boardname: LilyofShalott. Don't worry--I'm not leaving you! It's just that all of my SU friends (except Erin, Vicky, Sara, and Chris [who never updates ;)] and friends from home have Xangas and I couldn't comment on them. All I have is my profile page (with a nice big picture of Josh in a suit--THUD) explaining that I'm only my account to comment on my friends' pages . . . . and I have a link to my lj--so my friends will actually read (and comment on) it ;)

Today was soo much fun! 'Twas such a beautiful day + all the magnolias are blooming on campus (and I have one right outside my window!) :D . . .I'm in SAVE (Students Advocating the Value of the Environment . . . or something) here at SU, and we had our EnviroFair at the mall today!! Basically, we had a bunch of tables set up with the various environmental organisations on campus, such as Green SU, GeoClub, etc. We had two SAVE tables, one for info and the other for kids to make crafts. I was in charge of the "God's eyes," which are made by crossing two sticks (popsicle sticks are usually used, but we made them with twigs) and then wrapping multi-coloured yarn around them.(that's a really bad explaination of what they look like . . . you've probably made them before, though . . . )It was so much fun helping the kids make their crafts---and I made about four for myself! Other crafts  included pinecone bird feeders, murels made out of beans, and the ever-popular natural sand art + potato planters. Not all the fun was at the mall though--on the way there, Steph, Nate, and I were laughing hysterically at the most random stuff---notably Nates "The BIG Thing of Chocolate" (huge tin of chocolate) and a random neon green kiddie chair in the middle of the highway!! You know you're tired when . . . hahaha

I went back to Smith at 5ish (I'd been EnviroFair-ing since 10am!) and sat and talked w/ Sara for a little. She has "My Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" written in Sharpie on her neon green CD walkman---that made me happy ('tis a Simon & Garfunkel song).
BR>Sarah, Benny, and I ordered Domino's delivery and ate it in Benny and Richie's room (of course)---yay for pineapple pizza! Yum. We watched Jeopardy and then the end of the Stargate movie, which was actually kind of cool . . . does anyone know if John Williams scored that movie? If he didn't, the person who did must admire him a lot----some parts sounded like something from Star Wars or Indy. Benny was on his computer and Sarah and I took naps . . . yup--we stole Benny and Richie's beds. Sarah left to get changed for a beach party she was going to, and woke me up as she and Benny were about to leave at 10--I had slept for an hour!! Hehe

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in about forever . . . Let's see . . . Friday evening Dana, Erin, and I went to SU Squares, which was quite fun :) Erin and I both won SU shirts in the drawing and then tried to catch a shirt for Dana when they were being thrown into the audience. 'Twas funny because Erin submitted some of the questions and Dana, since she's in SAC and they were in charge of the whole thing, had typed up most of the questions, so they knew a bunch of the answers! Then we watched Tues' episode of American Idol that we'd taped . . . go red-haired John!! We then started watching Lyle the Kindly Viking, but stopped after Omelette, because Dana didn't like it (she'd never seen Veggie Tales before) . . . Omelette was a parody of Hamlet and 'twas hilarious! hehe . . . Dana then brought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory down and we watched it, because Erin had never seen it. Dana and I of course sang along with all the songs, and she quoted most of the movie . . . hehe . . . ooh! If anyone is a literary geek like me and has always wondered what Willy Wonka's quoting (most of the random things he says are literary quotes), go to Google and type in "literary references in Willy Wonka" . . . . . . of course, no movie watched with my SU friends would be complete without a crossover to another movie: As Willy Wonka shows the children the nifty boat, he says "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail 'er by" in a pirate-y voice . . . and who is playing Willy Wonka in the remake? Johnny Depp . . . . so of course I said, "Willy Sparrow! or Jack Wonka!" hehe . . . [although my Grobie friends would agree with NYConnie ;)]

Saturday morning, I was supposed to go to Cocolaumus with some others from SAVE (Students Advocating the Value of the Environment . . . or something like that) for recylcing at 10, but I didn't hear my alarm go off at 8:30. I woke up at noon, noticed the time, realised I'd missed Cocolaumus, felt bad, went back to sleep, and woke up again at 2:30ish [Rehta--I'm trying to break myself of the same sleep habits you have, except on weekdays I can't sleep in because I have class]. Erin, Dana, Lori, and I went to the Lily Cai Dance Co. performance in the evening, which was a really nifty performance of Chinese dance with long red ribbons and such . . . I enjoyed it, although I prefer a more traditional sort of dance . . . I miss ballet and pointe sooo much :( . . . maybe I can take summer classes when I'm on holiday (haha--that's what comes from reading too much HP and other British lit!)? After the performance, we went back to Erin's room, where I got a tasty bagel--I hadn't had anything to eat since the English Breakfast tea (EBtea) and muffin I had at around 4. Erin, Dana, and I went back to my room with Erin's copy of Seabiscuit, but never ended up watching it---instead, we had a "girl talk" session, talking about everything from crushes to grring people's judgements to admiring Erin's scarf knitting skills. Sara dropped by after her swing dance (for which the SU Jazz Band provided live music) . . . . all in all, I had a fun weekend--I love you guys! *HUGS*

Now I'm going to bug all my non-Grobie friends by quite ecstatically saying . . .
5 days till Low-C and I see Josh!! :D
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I watched the Acadamy Awards yesterday w/ Sara . . . after I watched the "Pure Imagination" scene from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, which was on at the same time (it's my favourite scene in the entire movie, ok?). There was much squee-age as RotK won every award it was nominated for, including Best Song, which Sara and I argued over: she thought it should be the song from The Triplets of Belleville and I thought it should be "Into the West" from RotK. While I did think "Belleville Rendez-Vous" was interesting and entertaining, I think "Into the West" is quite a lovely song . . . Finding Nemo won Best Animated Picture--Huzzah!--although that wasn't much of a surprise . . . Sara and I were saddened that PotC didn't win any awards, especially Johnny Depp for Best Actor . . . I was freaked out by the uncanny resemblance between Jude Law and my biology professor (except Dr. Richard doesn't have the odd hair thing) . . . we laughed when they kept on showing the LotR section, especially all the hobbit (you know, I really don't know how to spell this word . . . ) shots . . . 11 for 11 for RotK!! HUZZAH!! That makes it the 3rd movie to win that many Oscars, along with Ben Hur and Titanic--I wonder what my dad thinks of that: he always is saying that Ben Hur deserved every award it won, and while Titanic was an ok movie, it didn't deserve that many---I know he liked RotK when I went to see it with him twice . . . To conclude, yay for LotR, PotC, and Finding Nemo . . . and don't forget to thank your local kiwi . . . plus, all the koalas are a bit envious---they're fuzzy too ;)

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Today in Chem we did ICE tables---that made me happy because 'twas one of the things I actually remembered from AP Chem last year :)

Dana and I spent awhile trying to find Chris as he practised in Stratisnky (sp?) Hall---it took us about 10 minutes---we were expecting to hear him singing, and so repeatedly walked past a room that had someone playing piano while we tried to listen to the practice rooms  . . . then we thought Chris might be playing the piano, so we tried to look into the room, to no avail . . . we eventually knocked on the door and found 'twas Chris!

Bio lab was fun today---Dr. Richard is skiing in Canada, so we don't have lecture on Wed or Fri (yay) and we got to watch a movie in lab, called  Gattaca--it was really good, but rather chilling, because it could actually happen . . . funny thing---Dana told me after watching Cold Mountain that she realised Jude Law looks like Dr. Richard, and after Gattaca I agree with her (and in the movie, Jude Law had the same British accent as our professor, too!)---rather bizarre . . . especially since my high school Chem teacher looked just like Jeff Corwin---hehe . . . . . . anyways, the movie was quite good (I might rent it when I go home for Spring Break--I bet my dad would like it) and we got out of lab an hour early :D

Other nifty things: I realised that LaunchCast has a Show Tunes station (so that gives me another station to listen to) . . . . plus, somehow my font got changed on here---I don't know how it happened, but I like it---grr to Times New Roman---if I could, I'd change it to Monotype Corsive (pretty script-y font) but 'twould probably cause much complaining because 'tis a little harder to read . . .

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Watching movies is how my friends and I generally spend our time here at SU. This weekend, though, we actually watched THREE movies: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on Fri and Fantasia and Blazing Saddles on Sat. They’re actually all connected, too: Willy Wonka and Fantasia are fantasies, and Willy Wonka and Blazing Saddles both star Gene Wilder . . .


Our movie watching on Fri was very fun: Chris, Dana, Erin, and I (and then Sara) watched the 2 episodes of American Idol we’d taped over the week and commented on the various contestants. Dana, Erin, and I were pleased that our two favourites were still in the running: the “pen guy” and the “red-haired guy” (who was wearing a suit . . .), who are incidentally both named John---we semi-contemplated starting a “John Fan Club”. . .


Dana, Sara, and I watched Willy Wonka, with Dana and I singing along with all the songs (including the Oompa Loompas) . . . I love the “Pure Imagination” song J . . . I think I have to add more quotes from the movie to my buddy profile . . . I wonder if there’s a website that has all the works Willy Wonka quotes in the film---the only one I know (besides the obvious ones like Romeo and Juliet) is “we are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams”, from Arthur O' Shaughnessy's “Ode” (lovely poem)----wait, I take that back: “A thing of beauty is never wasted” (or however the quote goes) is from either Byron, Keats, or Browning (I think) and “water, water everywhere/ nor any drop to drink” is from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (to finish the quatrain, “water, water everywhere/ and all the boards did shrink”) . . . . I also realised something---Willy Wonka seems so lonely, especially during the “Pure Imagination” scene … … ok, I’m going to stop rambling now . . . (or I can call it stream-of-consciousness---yay for Woolf!)

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Wow . . . . methinks I doth need to write about Josh more often in here----I got 10 comments on my last post, which is more than twice the amount of all my other ones!

I just finished watching Notting Hill  . . . . *sigh* . . . . . . "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her"----why does that have to be so true?? Oh well, back to homework . . .

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I think I have inherited my dad's love of soundtracks . . . he has many of the original records too, esp. John Williams scores: Star Wars trilogy, ET, Close Encounters, Superman, etc . . . we always try to guess the composer when we watch movies . . . yesterday when I was watching Braveheart with Chris, Erin, and Dana, I correctly identified the soundtrack as a James Horner score (John Williams is easy to identify as well) . . . and decided to add it to my list of desired soundtracks

List of Desired Soundtracks:

Lord of the Rings  trilogy

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Pirates of the Carribbean (sp?)


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