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My roomie and I were just listening to "What is This Feeling?" in stereo--we played it on both our Media Players and we actually managed to synchronise it :D

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Nothing much happened yesterday, except Dana and I watched CSI and Danielle came over to watch ER . . . and we cleaned our room and such . . .

Wednesday we had an exam in O. Chem--I completely messed up the page on the E1/E2 mechanisms, but I came up with almost the right structure for the IR/NMR problem (which was 30pts on a 100pt test!) . . . we started a lab in Genetics where we are going to study our own DNA by running our cheek cells through various tests and such . . . O.Chem lab actually went quite well--'twasn't too hard and I didn't mess up . . . much. There was blood drive in the gym, so I went over after lab--I was glad I'd brought a book (The Beekeeper's Apprentice), because I had to wait about 2 hours . . . I was quite happy because I passed the iron test (the first time I tried to give blood, over the summer, I was turned away because my iron count wasn't high enough)--probably because I'd had a chicken sandwich with green leafy lettuce from Encore for dinner . . . it actually didn't hurt too much--just a bit of stinging at first (I laughed at myself because I noticed that the tubes they used for extra blood [for testing] were green top heperine [I think] and purple-top SSTs ;) The things you learn while working at a hospital lab for a summer . . .) When I got back to the dorm, I called my mom and talked to my parents for a little while . . . Dana and I didn't feel like doing work at all . . . so we didn't ;) I renewed my FoJG membership--2nd year members get a YRMU shirt, a 24-page calender (*SQUEE!!*) and a very THUD and swoon-worthy screen saver . .. *happy sigh*

Nothing much of import has happened today . . . yet . . . but if something does occur, I shall write about it later . . .

OOH!! The PotO movie theatrical trailer is now up on Yahoo!! *bounces* 'twas a bit choppy on my computer, but the movie looks sooo good . . . (although I'm a bit nervous about the singing--I hope it will be good as well) PotO theatrical trailer

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(who's not mad, just slightly nutters)

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Ok . . . going back to Wednesday . . . . 'twas a pretty good day at work, a little on the slow side, but not too much . . .the highlight of my day was going to Wal*Mart to get stuff for going back to SU, including the toaster for the SAVE suite, about which Erin and I had a rather long conversation:
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I called Dana up (she's going to be my roommate this year--yay!) and we talked for a while [or is it "awhile"? I can never remember . . . Mrs. Higham would not be pleased . . ]

Thursday, I got a surprise at work as Lisa and Amy gave me a birthday/going back to school gift: Lisa made me a cake and Amy put together a basket filled with a bunch of stuff for school, including more tea! I felt loved :D 'Tis a sampler of Celestial Seasonings fruit teas . . . I don't really like herbal tea, so I'm not sure whether I'll like fruit tea . . . if not, I'm sure there'll be someone in the suite who'll drink it . . . hehe . . . I was *really* busy, as I was the only one at the window, so the cake sat untouched in the lab break room until after I came back from lunch. Then I cut the cake (Amy *really* wanted to eat it . . . haha) and Lisa, Amy, Loren (our newest Med Tech) and I each had some . . . . by the end of the day, there were only about two slices left . . . there was a rather difficult sendout that took both Jody and I about half an hour to figure out--we had to figure out all the tests and then what to do with each specimin tube . . . then Amy helped me fill out the LabCorp forms for it . . .

Friday started out a scary day at work because the entire computer system at the hospital had gone down at 4:00 Thurs afternoon and hadn't come back on until around 9 or 10 . . . so there were lots of specimens to be collected (the labels had printed out during evening shift) . . . even more grrfull was the evening shift people had decided not to make a downtime sheet, so we had to get a label, find the order, and then check to make sure everything that was on the order was on the label [if we would have had a downtime sheet, we would have just have had to check the labels against that one sheet] . . . I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself, but luckily Jody, Lisa, and Amy all helped . . . also a happy thing was that it would have been a "slow" day, so we didn't get any extra specimens and could concentrate on trying to figure everything out . . .

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Well, I'm going to stop now because 'tis midnight and my mom said I should go to bed . . . since 'tis midnight, Happy Birthday to me! :D

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To show you how excited I was when I found out Dana and I got a room in Seibert, I bring you the conversation with Erin

me: *does happy dance*
me: where are Seibert 207 and 208?
erin: ?
erin: you're in?!!!!!!
me: yeah--Step just emailed me!!
erin: this will be the best
me: which room is yours?
erin: i think you might be nearish sylvia's room
erin: i'm A2
erin: not sure
me: oh, you don't have regular numbers . . .
erin: but i think you're about where sylvia's room is
erin: this is great
me: this will be awesome :-)
erin: now we just have to get chris to join an organization...
me: yeah
erin: and vicky's trying to get into seibert freshmen housing
erin: does dana know?
me: she's at crew, but I IMed her
erin: ^_______^
me: oh dear, OΔΔ is taking over Seibert!
erin: haha, you're right
me: our first stop on the path to world domination--mwahahaha
me: hehe
erin: the same thing we do every year, pinky
erin: i was just talking to steph about how we should decorate, and put a tv in
me: yes Brain, but where will we find pants that big? hehe
erin: i don't remember that part
me: you know, every time Brain says "are you pondering what I'm pondering?" Pinky anwers with something totally random
erin: lol
erin: of course. pinky doesn't ponder
me: like, "yes Brain, but once we free all the sea turtles, where will they sleep?"
erin: lol
me: but there was one episode I remember where Pinky's plan a almost worked in taking over the world, but then Brain interferred
me: hehe

wow . . . we started talking about housing and then the conversation wandered over to discussing the merits of "Pinky and the Brain" . . . yay for random tangents!

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I have the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack on cassette and want to put it on my computer, so I asked Dana if I could borrow her CD and copy it to my Media player . . . an odd conversation followed:

me: when you come down before dinner, can you bring Phantom w/ you?
me: hehe--that sounded funny
Dana: my evil twin? sure :-) - yeah I'll bring it down
Dana: if I remember
me: your evil twin? huh?
Dana: remind me before I come down
Dana: you know the whole theory that somebody has a twin, well, the "phantom" is mine - so he is technically evil
me: the Phantom is your twin?
Dana: yeah - ha ha ha
me: do ya think you could ask him to give me voice lessons?? haha
Dana: sure - first I have to find him :-P
me: try the basement
Dana: and its conversations like these are the reasons that you don't get your work done
Dana: good idea
me: of Strytansky [this is the music building here at SU, and I butchered the name . . .]
me: hehe
Dana: *goes to find basement* - nope wasn't there
Dana: lol
Dana: oh boy
me: or maybe at Mikado practice, complaining about the cast?
Dana: lol - that might be it

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For once I actually had a good Valentine's Day! *gasp* I was awoken at around 1:00 this afternoon when my mom called---I talked to my parents and my brother for about a half an hour and then went back to sleep, awaking at 3:30ish . . .

I opened the parcel that my parents had sent me: my brother gave me some Jelly Bellys to fill my jelly bean machine, my mom gave me the Valentine Beanie Baby bear (cute poem--"His heart is red and full of love/He cares for you so give him a hug/Keep him close when you're feeling blue/Feel the love he has for you"--aww!!), and my dad gave me Russell Stovers chocolates in a pretty heart box . . . 

Chris' away message said "looking for sharp pointy objects" so I asked him if I wanted to know why . . . here's part of the conversation:

chris: yes
chris: as a matter of fact we are making you a surprise
chris: so i can't tell you yet
me: oh dear . . . now I'm worried . . .
chris: you'll love it so much
me: :-)
chris: but we need a sharp object
me: who's in on this?
chris: [vicky] and I
chris: i need a saw
chris: vicky just about cut her fingers off with a scissors
chris: :-\
me: that's not good! I have hydrogen peroxide . . .
vicky: i think i
vicky: qill live he just wont let me touch anything sharp
vicky: *will
me: ok--that's good
me: I also have VeggieTale Band-Aid's

chris: do you have any knives?
me: no
me: I have plastic spoons, though
me: haha
chris: hmmm
chris: i'm thinking that won't work for our project
me: they're for tea and cocoa

After I made myself some English breakfast tea (sadly, I had no milk :( ), I noticed that his away message now said "riding to michelle's room" . . . I thought nothing of it and kept listening and singing along to my Josh debut CD . . . about 10 minutes later, I hear the sound of "hoofbeats" and a knock on the door---I opened my door to find Lori, Dan, Vicky, and Chris holding a hollowed out coconut and using it to "ride" a horse a la Monty Python!!!! I told them they were all awesome (after giving Vicky some hydrogen peroxide) and then tried the coconuts myself--so much fun! :D I've always wanted to do that, and it's amazing that I've found friends here that are as insane as I am and want to do these things too--I love you guys!! *HUGS*

Fast forward to after dinner---Dana, Erin, and I watched "Charlie Brown Valentine" in Dana's room and then Sarah and Emily joined us in my room to watch Princess Diaries and an episode of CSI that Dana had taped . . .

Thanks guys---you made today special and made me feel loved *HUGS*

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