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I just re-downloaded the GIMP! Which means I can make graphics again, yay! And of course I tested it out by making a "nearly friends only" banner (after going "Help! How do I do this??" and running to Google). It's adorable, but far too large—and I haven't figured out how to resize it yet. I thought I already *had* as I was working on the picture at 75% of it's original size, but it turns out that just changed the *viewing* size, not the actual size of the image. For those of you who have FO banners, what would you recommend as a good size?

I actually might not use this one, as I have a few other pictures I might want to play with as banners . . . but this one *is* adorable. ^_^

Oh, and I keep meaning to ask all of you this. For my YA Lit class, one of our assignments is to keep a reading journal in which each entry is a book review with a booktalk idea. Our professor has a YA book blog and has said we could write our reading journal in any of several formats: handwritten, typed, or as a blog. I think it would be rather fun to have a book blog. ^_^

My question is this: do any of you have blogs on other platforms than LJ? If so, which do you recommend? I'm tempted to stay with LJ for a few reasons. First of all, I know how it works. Also, a lovely layout entitled "Magic Paper" exists, which would be *perfect* for a book blog (see [ profile] chiara_suzuka's page—isn't it pretty?). However, it seems a blog on another platform might seem more professional-ish. But are comments easy to do on other platforms? For some reason, I vaguely remember seeing something somewhere that said certain blog places don't automatically have a comments section. At any rate, that blog will be entirely separate from this one‐as in if I end up going with LJ, I won't answer comments with this handle. Of course, you're all welcome to check it out once I finish a book get said blog set up. ^_^

And for those of you who might be interested, I found this while working on a project for my Technology class: Why librarians are awesome.

One more random thing. ::points to music:: I can no longer hear this sound without thinking of the video store scene in The Holiday. I love that movie. ^_^

Also, I love how LJ's spellcheck doesn't accept "blog." ::is amused::

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I know, I haven't written a proper entry in a few weeks . . . but I saw this when I was checking my e-mail and I have to post it:

Yesterday's Savage Chickens cartoon"

::is amused::

And even more amusing is the fact that I was "shadowing" the middle school librarian to-day . . . and then I see this cartoon. Coincidence?

(Yes, I will try to write something to-night. Although I want to finish reading The Golden Compass first, so I might end up updating to-morrow. But I really do need to update.


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To-day's Savage Chickens offering is a new take on Sonnet 130. Hee!

See the complete Sonnet 130 here.

Why I now have a hard time reading/hearing this sonnet with a straight face: 'Let's all turn to page 53 in our poetry textbooks'. ^_^


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Today's horoscope offering from My Yahoo!:

"Sometimes you feel like Alice at the tea party, but other times you identify with the Mad Hatter. Hey, go with it. Even a balanced and graceful sign like yours feels off-kilter every now and then."

Hee! I love when my horoscope is amusing (that's really the only reason I have it on there). It was about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory once--that was fun too. ^_^

That is all.


ETA: Scarf progress as of tonight

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
233 / 676

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I never hardly ever title my posts and I probably should--it makes going back through things (to tag, re-read, &c. much easier).

Anyway, I changed my default icon--Go me! This wouldn't really seem like much of an accomplishment, but if you know me well, you know I don't really like change. I'd had my "The Accolade" icon as my default ever since I made this journal (4 years ago now! Wow.) mainly because I didn't want to change it--and I think it was the first icon I made, as well. Even though I didn't make it ([ profile] angelfish_icons did), I think it fits me (and the style of my journal) better. ^_^

We have a severe thunderstorm warning now (good thing--we need rain), so I should probably go. I'm planning on making a knitting post later, though--two WIPs and a pattern, yay!


ETA: The knitting!picspam post will have to wait until to-morrow. My overhead light burned out and with our tall ceilings this means my dad has to use the stepladder to change the bulb.

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This is mostly a bit of middle-of-the-night (slightly odd) rambling and suchlike.

First of all, I don't think my facial moisturiser is working anymore. This is a bit distressing as I tend to have dry/sensitive skin. I've been using Eucerin's "Extra Protective Moisture Lotion" (meant for sensitive facial skin) but my face has been very dry lately and I have a stubborn patch on one side that is particularly dry. I've been applying moisturiser far more often than I usually do (and feeling a bit like Lady Cassandra with all her cries of "Moisturise me!") and it doesn't seem to be helping. Any suggestions?

Secondly (and completely unrelated), I'm going to be doing a bit of icon "spring cleaning" (never mind that it's summer) as I've been saving all sorts of lovely icons to my hard drive but haven't been able to use any of them because I have no iconspace. My overly-texty first attempts at icons will probably be the first to go as well as ones I hardly use, but if there are one or two of the lot you'd like me to keep, please comment with the icon. ^_^

Thirdly, quiz time! Stolen from [ profile] nentari: The Greek Mythology Personality Test )

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We got at least six inches of snow today (and are meant to get more to-morrow)--due to this, and also because York has the same storm warning, our lab advisors decided we aren't going to be going to the ESA conference to-morrow.

So Erin and I watched Doctor Who. The entire second half of Season 27. Fantastic. ^_^

And now I'm going to bed. The funny thing is (possibly ironic?) that had I still been going to the conference, I would have probably been waking up a little later than right now.


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It was just raining about ten minutes ago, but now it's turned to snow. Really big, wet-looking flakes of snow. But it still looks a bit like it's raining because it's snowing rather fast. Curious weather.

In other news, Fisher (the science hall for the non Susquehannans on my f-list) makes scary noises late at night. Seriously. And it didn't help that it was thunderstorming and I was worried the lights would go out. In the middle of me running my trials (not to mention me being the only person in the building)--which definitely would have been Not Good on several levels.

That is all. Yay for posts of Randomness. And Capital Letters of Importance.

Hmm, actually what I said earlier isn't true anymore. Now it definitely looks like it's snowing--the snowflakes seem much fluffier (if that makes any sense at all) . . . and I think they're starting to stick.


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I was just flipping through my Sylvia Plath book to see how many more pages I need to read for tomorrow when I thought I saw a poem entitled "The Arrival of the Blue Box." Naturally, I went back to see whether I had read that wrong. I had. It's really "The Arrival of the Bee Box."

That is all--I just thought I'd share. ^_^


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There is a diagram of a praire dog burrow in my physics book. While not as amazing as the example employing the utterly random salmon in an elevator, it's quite adorable. Especially the little cartoon prairie dogs. :)

That is all.

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Frolicking about the Atrium is fun. Especially when one is wearing a shimmery dress with swirly skirts of Awesome. *twirls*

That is all. :)


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The SU bookstore carries copies of Green Eggs and Ham.

In Latin .

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A bit of an IM conversation in which my mom and I talk about proteins:

Mom: I think I'll let you go back to your cell biology reading, I know you are itching to start reading....
Me: yay proteins . . .
Mom: proteins are friendly little creatures
Me: but they're not creatures
Mom: little beings...
Me: I suppose they are friendly and little--they are rather helpful
Mom: yes, just give them names, and then you will love them forever...the same as if you have chickens and give them names, you would not be ble to eat them....
Me: hehe

And some quizzes: (because they're fun) )


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This was on my "Strange News" block on my page on My Yahoo!--'tis rather interesting so I thought I'd share it.

Clever whale uses fish to catch seagulls

And I'll try to write a proper update later to-night, since it's Friday and I haven't written anything since coming back to SU.


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My VCR hates me :( )

On a happier note, my group finished our Genetics presentation after only two hours in the library last night . . . I didn't understand a bit of today's O.Chem lecture; however, I think we did quite well when we presented our Genetics poster. We got out an hour early, so I was able to have lunch, read the O.Chem lab, and have a bit of free time before my O.Chem lab at 1. I actually had a partner today (I'm the odd one out in my class) because Jamie was in our lab today--she was saying she's the odd one out in her class and she, like me, always messes up and has doesn't leave until 4:30 (lab's supposed to end at 4). However, we managed not to mess anything up and were out of the lab by 3:30ish!! I went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to drop off some film and then we went to Weis so I could buy English muffins--they also had Land o' Lakes chocolate mint hot cocoa, so I bought some . . . I'm wondering whether I should get a Barnes & Noble card--it saves you 5% on everything, but there are a few reasons why I'm twindling (v: "to have a deep inner struggle with oneself" Sarah made this word up in Honours Amer. Lit. our freshman year of high school): 1. 'tis $25 annually, 2. prices on aren't always consistantly lower than Amazon--for Josh's new CD/DVD, B&N's regular price is 30% off at $20.98, with thier member price at $19.93, while it's listed at $23.98 on Amazon (same thing with the PotO OLC album: $30.38 B&N reg price/$28.86 member price vs.$33.99 on Amazon); however, the OLC recording of CATS is the same on both websites, with the B&N member price only $2 less, the B&N member price is $3 *more* than the Amazon price for the PoA soundtrack and Hayley Westenra's album Pure so I really don't know . . .

There's a lunar eclipse tonight! *squee!* I'm going to the football field (I think) to watch it with a few of my friends . . . the Moon is so big, bright, an gorgeous right now--I kept staring at it as I was walking back from dinner . . . I was saddened when I looked at my Weather Channel desktop weather thing and it said 'twas going to be cloudy tonight, but 'tisn't too cloudy and we should be able to see the eclipse perfectly fine--I'm so excited! . . . hehe . . .


a note on this entry's music : the ending of PotO always makes me want to cry--I always feel so sad for Erik (of course, I'm an E/C shipper at heart *smiles*) . . .

(and by now you've probably concluded that I'm completely nutters, haven't you?)

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my pet!

Aw . . . isn't she cute? I now have a little purple penguin [much better than a little blue penguin ;) ] . . . oh, and I got the link from Rheta's lj info ([ profile] dimple21) . . . and now I'm going to bed . . . *pets penguin* :D

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I'm writing a paper for my US History course, so I can't write much, but I just want to write *something* (and that sentence was way too redundant *winces*) . . . I'm listening to The Hours as I'm working on this paper, trying to gain some inspiration . . . sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I wish I could write even a fraction as well as Virginia Woolf could . . . I've got the going-of-on-tangents and rambling part down [hehe, I love "A Mark on the Wall"], though, just read my entries! . . . oh well, I guess I better go back to trying to write this paper (as it's due tomorrow) . . . If I remember, I shall write about Homecoming (which was this past weekend and quite eventful) tomorrow . . .


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I'm actually going to update now, but I'm going to use Word first, because 'twill be a loong entry and I don't want to lose it if my computer decides to be evil . . . oh, and before I forget, the lyrics that follow are from the song "Dreamers" by Sarah Brightman . . .

Dreamers have mountains they will climb
There are dreamers who don't believe in time
Only dreamers have worlds where they can fly far away

Certain dreamers have kingdoms they will build,
Filled with treasures and dragons to be killed
Only dreamers have wings with which to fly far away

Some people dream of being rich,
While others dream of being tall
And there are people who don't dream at all.

Dreamers have shooting stars they chase,
There are others with nightmares they must face.
Sometimes dreamers are forced to leave their dreams far away.

And there are people who don't dream at all.

Sometimes you need to take the time
To find treasures and mountains we can climb.
And maybe we dream to change the way that we feel,
'Cause to dreamers the real world can be unreal.

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Who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows
~Only time . . .
And who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
~Only time . . .

Who can say why your heart sighs
As your love flies
~Only time . . .
And who can say why your heart cries
When your love lies
~Only time . . .

Who can say when the roads meet
That love might be
In your heart
And who can say when the day sleeps
If the night keeps all your heart
Night keeps all your heart

Who can say if your love grows
As your heart chose
~Only time
And who can say where the road goes
Where the day flows
~Only time . . .

Who knows? Only time . . .
Who knows? Only time . . .

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2 days till Spring Break!!!

thats about it, I guess . . . did anyone notice the pattern to my quizzes today? haha . . . *hands out Wonka bars*

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