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I know, I know, I haven't updated in forever . . .

Last Sunday (the 5th) was the SU Chorale/Choir/Orchestra Christmas Masterworks concert--the first half was the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah and the second half was various Chritmas songs . . . The Hallelujah Chorus was amazing!

Tuesday was the Candlelight Service--I went with Dana and Nate . . . the whole service was beautiful and Chaplain used a wonderful metaphor about how the fish in his pond can't understand what he does for them and wouldn't be able to understand what he was unless he became a fish, just like how God had to become human before people could understand what he does for us . . . Choir and Chorale sang a few more songs (they'd opened up singing surrounding the congregation) and "Silent Night" with everyone on the stage and in the congregation holding their candles was just gorgeous . . . oh, I don't know if any of you get WVIA or not (it's a PBS station), but if you do, the Candlelight Service will be aired on Christmas Eve and the Masterworks concert will be aired on Christmas Day.

Nothing much happened between Tuesday and Friday (except I found out I hadn't totally failed my O.Chem exam on Monday--I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I did better than I thought--at least I didn't fail), but 'tis late (and I should probably do more O.Chem study-age--I'm taking a break right now), so I shall write about this weekend tommorow--I'll use it as a study break . . .

I leave you with these parting thoughts: pickles conduct electricity without being burnt to a crisp, a bag of blood will light a light bulb, and pig fetuses floating in formaldehyde (yay alliteration!!) do not make good office-warming gifts . . . (I *heart* CSI--Dana's gotten me addicted)

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in forever (at least a week, methinks). Since it's late (and I'm tired), though, I'll just write a brief snippet . . .

*I have gotten my roomie addicted to fanfiction (CSI fics, specifically)! I introduced her to the music of Josh Groban, she introduced me to the awesome-ness that is CSI, and I've introduced her to the ever-addicting she says it's her turn again . . .
*The Masterworks concert and Candlelight service were lovely and both will be broadcast on WVIA on Christmas Day and Eve, respectively
*I've semi-finished my colourbar--the picture is done, but I don't know how to link it and turn it into an actual colourbar . . .
*we have decided 'twould be nifty to make "CSI: Seibert"--the first episode shall be called "Let Them Eat Cake" and will be about Kelly's missing half a cake (I really think we should do this--'twould be so much fun!)
*Dana, Erin, Kelly, and I watched 6 episodes of CSI this evening (Dana has the first three seasons on DVD) :)
*I really need to do a *ton* of O.Chem study-age tomorrow :\

(I really want to get a paid account now, so I can have more icons and finally use my spiggy mood set

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My VCR is now officially evil--Not only has it eaten one of my PBS tapes and the Josh tape that had the two Ally episodes (tux Josh! *sobs*), but now it has eaten my copy of The Princess Bride :( I guess this means I'll have to ask my parents if they can tape the AMAs tomorrow (but I'll still watch it of course . . . and I hope Josh wins!!)

my not-so-very-exciting weekend )


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Here's the update I promisted! I'm putting it behind an LJ-cut as it's quite long (2 pages in Word!) because Friday and Saturday were quite eventful . . .

the weekend, so far )


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Today was my last day of classes as a Susquehanna freshman! Woo! ‘Twas on Friday schedule, though, so ‘twas a bit odd . . . I think the weather forgot that ‘tis Spring now---it was seriously only 46* this morning! My 11:15 class was cancelled, so I was talking to my mom and told her something along the lines of “it’s chilly today, but I’m wearing a jumper so I’m fine . . . I mean sweater” . . . you know you’ve read too much Harry Potter (and Brit. Lit.) when . . . (although when Erin goes to London this summer, I’m having her keep a list of Briti-cisms [totally made that word up] for me J . . . and I definitely used “queue” too—haha). After a nice, long nap, I went with Richie, Benny, Sarah, and Lori to Amatto’s—a little Italian restaurant about a mile from campus—we had to walk and ‘twasn’t very fun on the way there because we were hungry and most of the way was uphill. Everyone else got cheese steaks, but I got the fettuccini alfredo w/ chicken—‘twas sooo good—the pasta at the caf. is pretty good, but I hadn’t had real Italian pasta in a long time . . . afterwards, I went to a concert at Deg. Theatre (I’ve been to so many concerts these past two weeks—hehe)—the guy is an internationally acclaimed  piano virtuoso and he was sooo good [he’s recorded with Isaac Stern!!]. After intermission, I found Chris and Dana and we moved to the top row of the balcony (I’d had “hand seats” before, but these ones were even better). The audience gave him a standing ovation, and he gave us two encores—the balcony was full of SAI sisters, PMA brothers, and music people, so they were happy about that. When he announced his second encore, there was a resounding cheer from certain parts of the balcony—you could definitely tell where the piano majors were sitting! Hehe . . .


Well . . .  I better go and study for my Bio final . . .  :\  . . . feel free to IM me if you want to talk though . . . ;)

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Details about Josh's concert in DC--since much thudding and swooning and general carrying on occurs, I decided to ljcut this so my non-Grobie friends don't have to read a huge entry of me rambling on about how amazing Josh is . . .

Josh at Constitution Hall )

To summarise: Josh was amazing!! I want to go to another concert! (and I wish I would have been able to meet him) Anybody want to go with me and THUD some more?

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Josh was amazing in concert! I can't write too much now, because 'tis almost 11 and I haven't started my homework yet . . . only one thing about the concert I would have changed: Low-C and I wanted to try to find Josh and get his autograph or a picture or something, but didn't go down because we thought he'd leave right after the concert and we wouldn't get down in time from the balcony . . . however, Noelle (the second) told me that he didn't come out until 45 minutes after the concert was over--she got a picture with him and his autograph . . . we probably would have been able to meet him! That just makes my post-concert "depression" worse :'( . . . the concert was amazing though--I didn't want him to stop singing! Ok--I'll try to write more about it tomorrow,but I really have to do my homework now . . .

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