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Hmm . . . I should probably clarify *why* my roommate thinks I'm nutters, shouldn't I? She's been working on an essay for her Wilderness Lit. class the entire week and having tons of people proofread and revise it (I've revised it twice). She finally decided she was done writing it this afternoon, and said she was going to read over it once more before putting it away until tomorrow. And so our scene starts . . .

Dana: I'm going to read this out loud to myself, unless you want to hear it.
Me: *turns off music*
Dana: ok then
Me: Stowy time! Stowy time! Dana, Dana, tell us the one about Mark Twian and the Civil War.
*spoken in an innocent voice while hugging knees*
[and she put that part in her away message while she read me her essay!]
Dana: *looks at me, then laughs hysterically*
Me: *also laugh hysterically*
****5 minutes later****
Dana: *reads essay*
[End scene]

I went to the info session for the "Semester in London" that SU is having this summer (my friend Erin went last year). I REALLY really want to go, but I don't think I'll be able to because I also want to do study abroad in Australia next year (it's a money issue). I'd be over there for 6 weeks taking 2 classes (and getting 8 semester hours)in London. One of the classes I'd probably take is Intro to Music (which I have to take as a core class, anyway--this way I wouldn't have to take it during the reg. school year--another incentive) and the little blurb in the pamphlet says something about emphasising viewing live performances AKA going to concerts! Yay! And of course, if I ended up going there, I'd have to try to go to Her Majesty's Theatre to see PotO (*SQUEE!*) and visit Monk's House (where Virginia and Leonard Woolf lived) . . . however, although financial aid is available, I most likely will not be able to go . . .

Look at my new icon! Isn't it pretty? I got it from [ profile] phantom_icons *insert shameless plug here*

And I've almost finished my Sarah Brightman mood scheme! (I'll be getting a paid account sometime . . . but first I have to renew my FoJG memembership, which expires next Monday . . . and buy Christmas presents). I'm having trouble finding a "bouncy/energetic/excited/jubilant/silly" picture (on my current scheme, 'tis a bouncing penguin) or a "crazy/ecstatic/giddy/hyper" one (a flipping penguin on my current one)--I was thinking I could use a Meg & Christine ballet girl-ness picture, but I haven't found any good ones yet . . . oh well, I guess I'll find one eventually . . . or leave that one blank . . .

and now I should probably do O. Chem. (even though 'tis evil) because I'm behind . . .


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For all of you who are skilled in the ways of icons and such, how does one do screencaps of videos you play on a media player type thing? I know you ues the "print screen" thing, but once I have the picture, I can't do anything to it--when I try to resize it, Paint moves the stuff the extra stuff I "print screened" and the part of the picture I actually want (like the part that was in the video screen) gets covered up . . . do you know what I mean?

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I haven't updated in forever . . . I know, I'm an evil person *hits self with wet noodles* . . . Well, I'm just posting to let everyone know that the next time I write, I'll be at SU!! (I'm packing my computer right after I'm done with this) . . . Although I'm going to miss my Wellsboro friends, I can't wait to be with my SU friends again--and my Seibert crew!! :D

ooh, I made a new icon too! I can't figure out how I did it though, but it actually worked--I need to remember what I did so I can make my Phantom one work . . .

ta ta for now! ;)
P.S. Wonka Bars to anyone who can guess what the quote on my icon is from ;)

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These probably won't be very good, since they're my first attempts, so I'll gladly take advice and hints from any of you people with icon skills :) For all but one of these, I found the pictures online and then added the text . . . here goes: attempts at icons )

Making icons is fun--I have even more ideas for Phantom ones, and I have plenty of pictures to use for Josh ones--hehe . . . Goodnight!

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Look! I've changed the layout of my journal a bit! I switched to the "old style" so I can (hopefully) customise it a bit more . . .

I finally figured out how to change my comments link :) Right now it says "__ wishes""close your eyes, make a wish, count to three . . ." (from Willy Wonka) . . . although I may change it to "__ dreamers""only dreamers have worlds where they can fly far away" or "only dreamers have wings with which to fly far away" or "dreamers have shooting stars they chase" or "to dreamers the real world can be unreal"
Comment time: should I use "wishes" or "dreamers" (and then which dreamers one?) for my comments [arg, that sounded redundant!]

Does anyone know how to change the mood/music thingy in the old style? I couldn't find the code for it . . .

And finally, I'm thinking about maybe putting in a background picture, like Allegra has--any suggestions for what I should use?

Sorry for all the questions--I'll try to *really* update tomorrow . . .

[in case anyone was wondering, the "dreamers" comment texts are lines from Sarah Brightman's song, "Dreamers" from her Encore album]

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I made myself a new icon!! Unfortunately, though, I'm not skilled at this, so it probably doesn't look very good . . . . I also have another one saved on my computer that's the same, just without the words . . . and about 5 more PotO icons . . . yup, I'm a phan! :)

and I'm reposting this because I accidentally posted it to [ profile] susqu at first (I have no idea how that happened!!) . . . yeah . . . I'm a little embarassed now . . . esp. since I don't know anyone else on that community except Erin, and she hasn't posted there yet . . . Rehta and Laura--I know you guys are in a bunch of communities---how do you delete something you posted to a community?

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This is a test

I'm trying this out in HTML

hmm . . . how do I change the font in HTML?

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I did figure out how to modify my "mood" and "music" things to make them nifty-looking *smiles* (yes, they're both Shakespeare . . . and my username is Woolf and Tennyson . . . notice a pattern?)

hmm . . .  I suppose I should go back to my Chem homework  . . . . (in Sarah's Stewart voice) but I don't waana!

ooh--any of my SU friends want to watch Love Actually with me on Friday at Charlie's?

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I've been looking at other people's journals and have a question--- how do you change the "comments" thing at the bottom of posts to something nifty? (like rainbowdarling's "she already knew") Do you have to have a paid account to do this? If not, can someone help me?

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Yay!! I think I figured out how to make my journal pretty! :D

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