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First of all, yay autumn! I went apple-picking with my parents and a friend of ours on Saturday. It was a bit warmer than it usually is when we go, but we had a picnic beforehand which was lovely. There probabably will be pie in the near future and I'm definitely going to make apple bread (it's such a simple recipe and quite delicious as well). We bought a bag of Dove chocolates at the store yesterday and I was happily surprised to find the messages are autumn-themed (I believe this is new--at least I don't remember them doing this last year). To-day's Dove thought: "Read a book under the Autumn trees." Lovely!

I've been working at the bookstore for a little over a month now. It's been going well so for and I do enjoy it. (Oh, and our website is ready!)

Since it's been a while . . . HP scarf progress!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
398 / 658

In other knitting news, I'm working on a basketweave scarf for my dad's Christmas present. Once I get my computer back (and have enough scarf to take a proper picture) I'll post pictures. The cuddly TARDIS is on a bit of a hiatus until I figure out how to do the sides, however. At this point I have the top, bottom, and light finished. My parents gave me the materials for the felted tea cosy from KnitPicks for my birthday so I've been working on that as well. That reminds me, I really should learn how to do decreases before I get to that part of the pattern . . . And then there's Ravelry. I'll sign in, intending to look around for a few minutes, and then realise I've been on the site for over an hour. It's a wonderful site, though. (I need to post pictures there, too.)

And it's nearly dinner-time, so I should finish for now.


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Psuedo-picspam! It really isn't enough pictures to be a proper picspam post, but the pictures are pretty much the sole purpose of the post . . . and I've probably used too many words starting with "p" in this sentence (9). Anyway . . . on to the pictures (and yes, they're knitting pics)!

yay yarn! )

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I promised pictures of my current knitting projects, yes? Our Internet has been troublesome lately; I typed this up earlier in the evening in Word which is a bit annoying because then I need to go back and reformat things. Anyway, on to the picspam!

I do love knitting patterns. )

Not quite dimensionally transcendent . . . )

Because cameras want to feel loved, too )

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I've actually been looking for this for a while and someone finally posted it! (The Dalek referenced to is pretty awesome too).

I need yarn. Road trip?


(ETA: Yes, there is a Doctor Who crafting community on LJ. With Dalek sweets, nonetheless. FTW.)

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