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'ello! I've finally set up my computer (and read all my emails--I had 32!), but now I'm off to practice for church choir so I'm not updating right now . . . I might update later, after carolling and decorating Christmas cookies :)


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We've been having very odd weather lately here in PA--Sunday was in the high 60s, yesterday was in the 30s and low 40s, dropping down to the 20s at night (and my Weather Channel toolbar said we were supposed to get flurries last night, too! Yay for snow.) It was about 25* when I left for class this morning, and I think it's supposed to get up to the mid 40s in the afternoon . . . usually it stays in the low 40s and 50s in autumn, but I guess the weather's just confused . . . hehe

US History was *quite* amusing today--we had to read the last few articles in our "textbook" critiquing (that doesn't look right . . .) women's magazines in the 1940s-1960s (the book is a collection of articles from these magazines), so we were discussing these articles today. While we were talking about the four main critique points, we stumbled unwittingly into pretty much a full-out debate about the merit of women's magazines--most of the people who were offering opinions expressed the thoughts that the majority of people who read these magazines do so for entertainment purposes and do not slavishly follow their advice. However, there were one or two who were saying these magazines are simply the brainchild of advertising companies and pretty much implied that anyone who read them was a brainless follower of mass media . . . needless to say, I was chuckling throughout much of the class . . .

I think I shall make myself a cup of English Breakfast--yay for tea :)
(Dawn, Rehta, and anyone else who might know: do you know when they're going to start the renewals on FoJG?)

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It snowed the entire day today!! I think we got about 5 inches or so :D . . . I love snow and now campus looks sugar-coated and so lovely . . . funny though, it looks like December outside :)

We had a little birthday celebration for Sarah (her birthday's tomorrow) in Erin's room with cake and then Richie was showing us interesting things on a website called ebaum's world or something (animations and stuff), like "The End of the World" . . . and I showed them "Only in Kenya", Rehta--hehe.

Then we went over to Sarah and Emily's room to watch "American Idol". Go John Stevens (aka Red-haired suit John)!! :D

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"His carreer is rising faster than a speeding bullet; he's able to leap into languages in a single bound; his passion is as powerful as a locomotive. Who is this superman? Ask a Grobanite"- - - Seattle Post-Intellegencer January '04   :D

Yay--it snowed last night!! :D 'twasn't really enough to play in (or cancel classes--hehe) but it did snow and 'twas a pretty thing . . . . .

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We have a severe winter storm warning here in Selinsgrove---apparently a big snowstorm is supposed to hit Sunday afternoon or something . . . I don't want to have a blizzard or anything, but I wouldn't mind getting a few inches of snow . . .oooh, then we can frolic in the snow again!! :D

Seriously, college is like kindergarten all over again  . . . only with homework and harder classes: we frolic in the snow, talk thru movies and laugh hysterically at quotes we make up (even during depressing movies like The Hours,which I loved, by the way), cookies/chocolate/crackers and other snacks must be stocked, snowstorms = snowfights and frolicking, and last but not least . . . NAPTIME!!

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