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I just came back from my last LSM (Lutheran Student Movement) meeting--I've not been going for long, just since last spring, but still . . .

I'll be graduating in less than two weeks. In a little over two weeks, I'll be in London. Where did this year go?

I'm going to finish watching last week's CSI . . . and then I think I'll work on my Hogwarts scarf for awhile (my goal is to finish it for the release of Book 7, but I don't know if I'm actually going to make it or not).


(Also, if anyone else would like to fill out the fandom meme I posted, please do!)

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We got at least six inches of snow today (and are meant to get more to-morrow)--due to this, and also because York has the same storm warning, our lab advisors decided we aren't going to be going to the ESA conference to-morrow.

So Erin and I watched Doctor Who. The entire second half of Season 27. Fantastic. ^_^

And now I'm going to bed. The funny thing is (possibly ironic?) that had I still been going to the conference, I would have probably been waking up a little later than right now.


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Just a random post o' happiness . . ^_^ (and I'm putting it under a cut because it ended up being longer than I thought it would be)

Two happy things and a surprising one )

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I survived my Power-Point presentation for Ecology on Tuesday--I was more than a bit worried about it because the article was hard to understand (and I didn't start writing it until late Monday night--partially because my lab partner for Vertebrate lab wanted us to finish our lab report by Monday evening [it was due on Wednesday, but it was pushed to Friday]). But Dr Packer said I did well, so I guess it went better than I thought it would. (Also, it's not a large class. We literally have five people in the lecture and four in the lab.) Oh, and for anyone who's ever been in Fisher Hall and wondered, I now know what those big white box-y things on the biology floor are! They actually house Dr Iudica's bird and mammal collection (skeletons, prepared skins, &c.)

more school stuff . . . and festiveness )

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Saturday was Gospel Choir carolling at Grayson View (an assisted-living place near SU)--we were joined by a few people from Acts29, which was good as only five of us from GC went (not that we have much more than five). It was a good time, and Mary Kate had the wonderful foresight to make little construction-paper Christmas cards and give them to the residents after we sang to them. We could tell both the cards and the singing rather brightened up their day--and made us feel happy as well. The Acts people left before we did, as they were going somewhere else, and we stayed for about half-an-hour or so after they left. Then we had a little GC Christmas party which basically consisted of us watching A Charlie Brown Christmas and eating pizza. Good times.

Yesterday was the traditional reading of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas in Mellon Lounge. There was hot cocoa and cookies, the dogs from Dog Days were there (with little antlers), Christmas trivia and corny jokes were provided by the little Lemons (the President's children) as well as the VP's children, and carolling ensued. This was fun as there were a bunch of SAI girls as well as Chorale/Choir people--so there was harmony and descants. The highlight of the night was President Lemons reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas--sitting in an armchair and wearing pyjamas (including a dressing gown). It was an illustrated version, of course, so he showed us the pictures as well.

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So I overslept this morning and missed my first two classes and the first 15ish minutes of physics. No yay. Cell lab was rather short, as each of the four groups got about 45 minutes to look at our Drosophila cells using the spiffy microscope. My group was of course the third group to go (because we lack coin toss skills), so we got to leave until 2:45. This was a Good Thing because it gave me time to have lunch and do a physics problem (and start a second one). However, my group lacked Spiffy Microscope skills because we had a hard time finding the nurse cells (and pulling the image up on the computer so we could do fun colour things with the program we were using) once Dr Richard left. But then we figured it out so all was well.

more rambling )

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I now have a ticket to the midnight showing of Goblet of Fire! *squee* I didn't think I'd be able to go, but then Courtney IMed me and said she had an extra ticket :D I'm quite looking forward to it because A) it's Goblet of Fire and B) I've never been to a midnight showing before--the theatre in my town is small, and they don't usually have midnight showings . . . unless it's something like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. And there are a bunch of SU people going, too. :)

And to-night is also the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at SU--I wonder which professor we're going to have this year as our server? Whomever we get, I'm sure it won't beat having Dr Johnson freshman year. That was classic.

Also to-night is the conclusion to the two-episode CSI from last week. I'm curious as to how this one's going to work out . . .

Well, I've got to run to the bank, and then it's physics problems like a hatter!


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The SU bookstore carries copies of Green Eggs and Ham.

In Latin .

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To-day was a rather good day. We got our physics exams back yesterday--I got an 82 and I have a B+ in the class! I would probably have an A, but lab is bringing me down (which is odd, because usually lab brings me up). The sad thing about this is I'm doing better in physics than in my bio class . . . because physics makes so much more sense than cell bio. We had a depleted class for Arthurian Lit to-day because the other half of the class was at some sort of Shakespeare thing in Washington DC. Dr Mura came into class with doughnut holes and cookies and these things that looked like a strange baked-good hybrid of a muffin and a cinnamon bun (and were rather tasty). She said something along the lines of "Well, the rest of the class is off having fun in DC, so I brought you treats" And there was happiness.

Erin and I drove to the strip after lunch--we're making prayer journals in Gospel Choir on Friday and she needed to pick up composition notebooks and such. We got a bunch of stickers, too :)We proceeded to stop at the mall on a quest for boots for Erin . . . and I actually bought a pair of shoes as well (which is rather compulsive for me--even though I wasn't sure whether I should get them at first, then twindled over which colour I should get). And they were on sale, too--I ended up buying the shoes and two pairs of socks for the price of the shoes had they not been on sale. Not to mention they're quite cute. Fastforward to this evening--Jess, Dana, and I worked on physics and I figured out 3 out of the 4 problems (I haven't done the fourth one because I haven't read that far in the chapter yet). I'm not sure whether I did them right, but the way I did them makes sense to me and I got the right answer--I'll ask Dr Jurcevic about them to-morrow .

Oh, and I almost forgot--I got a parcel! I knew it was coming, because it was things I'd asked for, but 'twas still a happy thing. When my mom came down a few weeks ago with my Lady Elaine dress she took the belt back home so she could sew the bottom bit together. My belt came back to me, along with a box of Just Right (my favourite cereal, which we can only find at Wegmans) and more Sunset Rose tea (another thing we can only find at Wegmans), along with an unexpected croisant.

So all in all, 'twas a happy day. :)

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I know, I know, I haven't updated in forever . . .

Last Sunday (the 5th) was the SU Chorale/Choir/Orchestra Christmas Masterworks concert--the first half was the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah and the second half was various Chritmas songs . . . The Hallelujah Chorus was amazing!

Tuesday was the Candlelight Service--I went with Dana and Nate . . . the whole service was beautiful and Chaplain used a wonderful metaphor about how the fish in his pond can't understand what he does for them and wouldn't be able to understand what he was unless he became a fish, just like how God had to become human before people could understand what he does for us . . . Choir and Chorale sang a few more songs (they'd opened up singing surrounding the congregation) and "Silent Night" with everyone on the stage and in the congregation holding their candles was just gorgeous . . . oh, I don't know if any of you get WVIA or not (it's a PBS station), but if you do, the Candlelight Service will be aired on Christmas Eve and the Masterworks concert will be aired on Christmas Day.

Nothing much happened between Tuesday and Friday (except I found out I hadn't totally failed my O.Chem exam on Monday--I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I did better than I thought--at least I didn't fail), but 'tis late (and I should probably do more O.Chem study-age--I'm taking a break right now), so I shall write about this weekend tommorow--I'll use it as a study break . . .

I leave you with these parting thoughts: pickles conduct electricity without being burnt to a crisp, a bag of blood will light a light bulb, and pig fetuses floating in formaldehyde (yay alliteration!!) do not make good office-warming gifts . . . (I *heart* CSI--Dana's gotten me addicted)

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in forever (at least a week, methinks). Since it's late (and I'm tired), though, I'll just write a brief snippet . . .

*I have gotten my roomie addicted to fanfiction (CSI fics, specifically)! I introduced her to the music of Josh Groban, she introduced me to the awesome-ness that is CSI, and I've introduced her to the ever-addicting she says it's her turn again . . .
*The Masterworks concert and Candlelight service were lovely and both will be broadcast on WVIA on Christmas Day and Eve, respectively
*I've semi-finished my colourbar--the picture is done, but I don't know how to link it and turn it into an actual colourbar . . .
*we have decided 'twould be nifty to make "CSI: Seibert"--the first episode shall be called "Let Them Eat Cake" and will be about Kelly's missing half a cake (I really think we should do this--'twould be so much fun!)
*Dana, Erin, Kelly, and I watched 6 episodes of CSI this evening (Dana has the first three seasons on DVD) :)
*I really need to do a *ton* of O.Chem study-age tomorrow :\

(I really want to get a paid account now, so I can have more icons and finally use my spiggy mood set

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I'm finally updating--shocking, I know. This won't be a full update, however, since I have to write my notecards for my Genetics group presentation at 10 . . . I'm soooo glad 'tis Friday. I'll probably write an actually update later today, so I shall leave you with a list of some happy things for today . . .

The moments of happiness . . . )


Did I mention I'm working on an icon song-set? I can't remember if I did in a previous entry or not . . . anyways, I'm about halfway through (well, maybe a bit less) and I really like how it's coming along :) I shall post it in my icon journal, [ profile] daydream_icons, when I've finished

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Hmm . . . I'm thinking I should probably update, since I haven't done so in hmm .. . about a week? *hangs head and hits self with wet noodles* Noodles . . . I miss the caf having pasta everyday . . . oookay, *must* stop going on random tangents . . .

week in rewind . . . (and fast forward--hehe) )

To-morrow is Thanksgiving break!! WOOT! (I still have my 8:15 US History class, but I'm going home, so it's alright *starts singing S&G's "American Tune"*) O.Chem was interesting today--in the middle of lecture, the big light bulb in the projector thingy blew out and made us all jump. My professor said something along the lines of "I guess you weren't supposed to have class today" . . . then continued teaching . . . My Genetics exam wasn't too bad, but I'm worried and think I messed the entire thing up because I was finished around 11 (the class is 10-12), and I finished about half an hour before anyone else, so I was paranoid and checked my answers at least 3 or 4 times . . .

I'm excited for this evening! Happy thing the first: Erin's going downtown with me at around 4ish--we're going to try to find the dance studio and I'm going to inquire about classes . . . I really want to take ballet/pointe again, but I'll have to see how much classes are and make sure they don't interfere with my school schedule (plus, I don't really want to be walking back to campus late at night, even though Selinsgrove is small for a college town . . .) *crosses fingers* Happy thing the second: Today is the first meeting/lesson of SU's Ballroom Dancing Club!! One of the physics profs is the advisor and we're learning the waltz today . . . I'm so excited--I've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance! *bounces*

In other completely random news, I made a paper snowflake today . . . Because I Can!

I hope I'll be able to update a bit when I go home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow, but if not, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll be back on Sunday! :D

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in awhile (since Sunday!) . . . I'm getting ready to go home now--'tis my dad's 55th birthday, and he doesn't know I'm coming home--for some reason, both of the cars are busy or something, so neither of my parents can pick me up, so he thinks I'm not coming home (and I'm quite reduntant . . . sorry) . . . however, my (adopted) Aunt Geryl is driving over to pick me up, and she'll be here in half an hour, so we'll get there at around 5ish, when dinner will be starting (I love being only 2 hours away from home)--and since he has no idea I'm coming, I get to be a big surprise for my dad's birthday! :D I'm excited (plus, I get to have my mom's extra-yummy homemade chocolate cake . . . mmmmm) . . . I'll be coming back sometime tomorrow afternoon, because I have a Genetics test on Monday to study for :\


[Do you like my new layout (well, the transparent-ness)? I can't find a proper text colour, though--the problem is that my background is dark in someplaces and light in others, so I have to use a colour that's bright enough to be seen on the dark parts, but not so light that 'tis hard to read on the whiter places . . . I also made my layout on [ profile] daydream_icons transparent--check it out, and feel free to use my icons, too--feedback is lovely :)]

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My VCR is now officially evil--Not only has it eaten one of my PBS tapes and the Josh tape that had the two Ally episodes (tux Josh! *sobs*), but now it has eaten my copy of The Princess Bride :( I guess this means I'll have to ask my parents if they can tape the AMAs tomorrow (but I'll still watch it of course . . . and I hope Josh wins!!)

my not-so-very-exciting weekend )


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My roomie and I were just listening to "What is This Feeling?" in stereo--we played it on both our Media Players and we actually managed to synchronise it :D

more roommate insanity )

Nothing much happened yesterday, except Dana and I watched CSI and Danielle came over to watch ER . . . and we cleaned our room and such . . .

Wednesday we had an exam in O. Chem--I completely messed up the page on the E1/E2 mechanisms, but I came up with almost the right structure for the IR/NMR problem (which was 30pts on a 100pt test!) . . . we started a lab in Genetics where we are going to study our own DNA by running our cheek cells through various tests and such . . . O.Chem lab actually went quite well--'twasn't too hard and I didn't mess up . . . much. There was blood drive in the gym, so I went over after lab--I was glad I'd brought a book (The Beekeeper's Apprentice), because I had to wait about 2 hours . . . I was quite happy because I passed the iron test (the first time I tried to give blood, over the summer, I was turned away because my iron count wasn't high enough)--probably because I'd had a chicken sandwich with green leafy lettuce from Encore for dinner . . . it actually didn't hurt too much--just a bit of stinging at first (I laughed at myself because I noticed that the tubes they used for extra blood [for testing] were green top heperine [I think] and purple-top SSTs ;) The things you learn while working at a hospital lab for a summer . . .) When I got back to the dorm, I called my mom and talked to my parents for a little while . . . Dana and I didn't feel like doing work at all . . . so we didn't ;) I renewed my FoJG membership--2nd year members get a YRMU shirt, a 24-page calender (*SQUEE!!*) and a very THUD and swoon-worthy screen saver . .. *happy sigh*

Nothing much of import has happened today . . . yet . . . but if something does occur, I shall write about it later . . .

OOH!! The PotO movie theatrical trailer is now up on Yahoo!! *bounces* 'twas a bit choppy on my computer, but the movie looks sooo good . . . (although I'm a bit nervous about the singing--I hope it will be good as well) PotO theatrical trailer

an herbal quiz )

(who's not mad, just slightly nutters)

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We've been having very odd weather lately here in PA--Sunday was in the high 60s, yesterday was in the 30s and low 40s, dropping down to the 20s at night (and my Weather Channel toolbar said we were supposed to get flurries last night, too! Yay for snow.) It was about 25* when I left for class this morning, and I think it's supposed to get up to the mid 40s in the afternoon . . . usually it stays in the low 40s and 50s in autumn, but I guess the weather's just confused . . . hehe

US History was *quite* amusing today--we had to read the last few articles in our "textbook" critiquing (that doesn't look right . . .) women's magazines in the 1940s-1960s (the book is a collection of articles from these magazines), so we were discussing these articles today. While we were talking about the four main critique points, we stumbled unwittingly into pretty much a full-out debate about the merit of women's magazines--most of the people who were offering opinions expressed the thoughts that the majority of people who read these magazines do so for entertainment purposes and do not slavishly follow their advice. However, there were one or two who were saying these magazines are simply the brainchild of advertising companies and pretty much implied that anyone who read them was a brainless follower of mass media . . . needless to say, I was chuckling throughout much of the class . . .

I think I shall make myself a cup of English Breakfast--yay for tea :)
(Dawn, Rehta, and anyone else who might know: do you know when they're going to start the renewals on FoJG?)

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Hmm . . . I think I shall update . . .

Friday morning at around 1:00, Richie IMed me saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat . . . so he, Sarah, Em, and I went to the Four Seasons diner (its open 24/7) and they got breakfast foods--I got back to my dorm at around 2ish! O.Chem was bad because Blackboard *still* wasn't up, so I couldn't print off the lecture notes beforehand . . . we did more practice problems in Genetics--it took Jess and I about an hour to do one of them (it had several parts), but luckily we're going to finish them up on Monday in class, so we didn't have to do them for homework . . . after Gospel Choir, we went to the "Breathe Step Stomp" step show sponsored by BSU (yay for aliteration!)--'twas rather good, although the music started to get to me after awhile because it was *really* loud (even though we were in the balcony) . . . Erin, Dana, and I watched a few episodes of CSI (Dana has the first and second seasons on DVD) and I caught a rather ironic (yet nifty) image in the final frame of the "Alter Boys" episode . . . then Danielle joined us and we watched The Land Before Time (the first one!) in the Atrium--we were shocked as we watched the credits and learned that the movie was a Spielburg/Lucas collaboration and James Horner did the score (with Diana Ross singing the end title)!

Hardly anything to write about Saturday, since we didn't do anything--I literally did nothing but O.Chem. (and procrastination) the entire day

Today we (the SU Gospel Choir) sang at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (Chris' church)--our Chaplin preached, too, so it was as though SU was taking over the service . . . hehe. We our songs went quite well, which was a very happy thing :) Erin and I didn't really want to go to the caf for lunch, so we made macaroni and cheese, and Dana joined us for lunch . . . I alternatively did O.Chem. and procrastinated . . . and that's about it for this weekend . . .

A Procrastination Acrostic )

I really want to get my paid account (for my many icons and nifty Sarah mood set), but I think I have to pay for my FoJG account this time and I still need to buy Christmas presents (after I figure out what I'm getting everyone) . . . Speaking about Christmas presents, Rehta, Allegra, and Sara (wow, your names all end in "a"!)--could I have your addresses? I'd love to send you cards over the holidays :) So you don't have to worry about random people seeing your address, you can IM me at :D


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My VCR hates me :( )

On a happier note, my group finished our Genetics presentation after only two hours in the library last night . . . I didn't understand a bit of today's O.Chem lecture; however, I think we did quite well when we presented our Genetics poster. We got out an hour early, so I was able to have lunch, read the O.Chem lab, and have a bit of free time before my O.Chem lab at 1. I actually had a partner today (I'm the odd one out in my class) because Jamie was in our lab today--she was saying she's the odd one out in her class and she, like me, always messes up and has doesn't leave until 4:30 (lab's supposed to end at 4). However, we managed not to mess anything up and were out of the lab by 3:30ish!! I went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to drop off some film and then we went to Weis so I could buy English muffins--they also had Land o' Lakes chocolate mint hot cocoa, so I bought some . . . I'm wondering whether I should get a Barnes & Noble card--it saves you 5% on everything, but there are a few reasons why I'm twindling (v: "to have a deep inner struggle with oneself" Sarah made this word up in Honours Amer. Lit. our freshman year of high school): 1. 'tis $25 annually, 2. prices on aren't always consistantly lower than Amazon--for Josh's new CD/DVD, B&N's regular price is 30% off at $20.98, with thier member price at $19.93, while it's listed at $23.98 on Amazon (same thing with the PotO OLC album: $30.38 B&N reg price/$28.86 member price vs.$33.99 on Amazon); however, the OLC recording of CATS is the same on both websites, with the B&N member price only $2 less, the B&N member price is $3 *more* than the Amazon price for the PoA soundtrack and Hayley Westenra's album Pure so I really don't know . . .

There's a lunar eclipse tonight! *squee!* I'm going to the football field (I think) to watch it with a few of my friends . . . the Moon is so big, bright, an gorgeous right now--I kept staring at it as I was walking back from dinner . . . I was saddened when I looked at my Weather Channel desktop weather thing and it said 'twas going to be cloudy tonight, but 'tisn't too cloudy and we should be able to see the eclipse perfectly fine--I'm so excited! . . . hehe . . .


a note on this entry's music : the ending of PotO always makes me want to cry--I always feel so sad for Erik (of course, I'm an E/C shipper at heart *smiles*) . . .

(and by now you've probably concluded that I'm completely nutters, haven't you?)

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Yay--I think I've finally figured out my schedule for next semester! The only thing I don't really like about it is that I'll have 4 classes MWF, and basically nothing on TTh (I'll have Career Planning on Tues for the first 7weeks, and O.Chem lab on Thurs)--the evil thing is that nothing's offered (that I need to take) on TTh *grrs schedule* My group "presentation" went well in US History this morning and when Jess and I went to to talk to Dr. Tom about our Genetics presentation he answered all our questions--so now we can fix the stuff that was wrong . . . we're having another group meeting at 7 tonight--hopefully we'll be out of the computer lab before 9 *crosses fingers*

Ooh! I've made more icons! icon-y goodness )

And before I go, I must share some awesome-ness: I'm going to go see WICKED!!!! *bounces ecstatically* There's a tour bus company (Benedict's)based near my town that regularly goes on various trips to Las Vegas and New York and such, and they often take trips to Broadway--which is how my mom and I saw Riverdance: The Show a few years ago . . . sometimes they have "free days" where they drop you off in NYC in the morning and pick you up at night and you can do basically whatever you want (like going to see a show or going shopping)--they also have ones where they go to see a specific show and you get really good seats, which is what this one is. When she came to pick me up for fall break, my mom started to tell me about the latest Benedict's schedule and she only had to say "There's a trip to NYC to the Gershwin Theatre" [which incidentally is where we saw Riverdance] before I started flipping out (in the restaurant!) and saying "Benedict's is going to see WICKED?!?!?!" Needless to say, I was glad (understatement) to know that she'd been able to get two tickets . . . I wanted to get a couple for my friends, but the schedule had come a few weeks prior and were probably sold out by then . . . Sadly, Idina is leaving the Broadway cast in January, so I won't get to see her since the trip is in April, but either way, I get to see WICKED!!!! (and we're still going to see PotO, but we're going to move that to next year or the year after)

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