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I never do the "Writer's Block" things that appear on the main LJ page . . . but I felt I needed to do this one:

These days, there's a holiday for everything from punctuation to pie. If you could create your own holiday, what would it be and how would you celebrate?

[ profile] ladymoony and I *have* done this. Because we are geeky. (And there needed to be a Who-liday.)

And now I need to finish my tea (or transfer to a travel mug) and head to class.

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'ello! I've finally set up my computer (and read all my emails--I had 32!), but now I'm off to practice for church choir so I'm not updating right now . . . I might update later, after carolling and decorating Christmas cookies :)


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This is just a quickie update . . . I'm packing and getting ready to go home for Christmas break--I think my dad's coming to pick me up at around noonish or so . . . I may not be online for a few days, depending on how long it takes me to set my computer back up at home, so I'll "see" you all in a few days (or maybe tonight if I get it set up that quickly) . . .

Have a great day!

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gah . . . the Internet has been down in Seibert at least since 5pm--when I came back from dinner at 5:30, there was no Internet, but it could gone before that because I'd been out of my room since 3 . . . anyways, it's almost 1AM now, and I had to come down to the Seibert computer lab (which thankfully still does have the Internet) to check on something for my O.Chem exam for tomorrow (which I'm studying for right now) . . . I'm rather worried about this exam too, since it's all on mechanisms and I don't understand them very well . . .

Well, let's hope the Internet returns to Seibert tomorrow, I do well on my O.Chem. exam, I'll get a head start on writing my Christmas cards (I still don't have your addresses, Sara and Ian--would you like cards?), I will not be vanquished by the tricky turns in our Ballroom Club lesson, and the SAVE suite will be deserted so I can practise my pointé again . . . Cross your fingers for me? (especially for my exam!!) *crosses fingers and hopes all will go well*

I better get back up to my room so I can finish studying . . . (this has been a very welcome diversion)

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I *will* update about weekend fun-ness from Friday and yesterday . . . but I must do O.Chem-ness now . . .

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Okay . . . I haven't updated in a while because I forgot to tell all of you on Friday that I was going home for fall break and wouldn't be back until today . . . it took me about 2 hours to get all caught up with reading emails and lj entries and now I have to do Genetics problems . . . I'm going to try to write about this weekend either later tonight or sometime tomorrow maybe (because there was much fun-ness, especially at Homecoming . . .)

Madame Minister of Tea (and Toast)

and I *still* haven't decided whether or not 'twould be worth it for me to get a paid account just so I can have more icons and a nifty customised mood set . . .

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I'm writing a paper for my US History course, so I can't write much, but I just want to write *something* (and that sentence was way too redundant *winces*) . . . I'm listening to The Hours as I'm working on this paper, trying to gain some inspiration . . . sometimes (ok, a lot of times) I wish I could write even a fraction as well as Virginia Woolf could . . . I've got the going-of-on-tangents and rambling part down [hehe, I love "A Mark on the Wall"], though, just read my entries! . . . oh well, I guess I better go back to trying to write this paper (as it's due tomorrow) . . . If I remember, I shall write about Homecoming (which was this past weekend and quite eventful) tomorrow . . .


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Wow . . . Easter Break was way too short . . . (we just had Friday and today off) It was so nice seeing my family and spending time with them again though . . . 'twas a good weekend, plus I got to see Josh on Ally McBeal---in a tux!! THUD! (Grobie friends: didn' t you just feel sorry for Malcom? *huggles him*)

I have soo much work to do, so I won't be on for awhile---if you really want/need to talk to me, email or IM me . . . info's in my profile . . . I think . . .

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