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We got at least six inches of snow today (and are meant to get more to-morrow)--due to this, and also because York has the same storm warning, our lab advisors decided we aren't going to be going to the ESA conference to-morrow.

So Erin and I watched Doctor Who. The entire second half of Season 27. Fantastic. ^_^

And now I'm going to bed. The funny thing is (possibly ironic?) that had I still been going to the conference, I would have probably been waking up a little later than right now.


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It was just raining about ten minutes ago, but now it's turned to snow. Really big, wet-looking flakes of snow. But it still looks a bit like it's raining because it's snowing rather fast. Curious weather.

In other news, Fisher (the science hall for the non Susquehannans on my f-list) makes scary noises late at night. Seriously. And it didn't help that it was thunderstorming and I was worried the lights would go out. In the middle of me running my trials (not to mention me being the only person in the building)--which definitely would have been Not Good on several levels.

That is all. Yay for posts of Randomness. And Capital Letters of Importance.

Hmm, actually what I said earlier isn't true anymore. Now it definitely looks like it's snowing--the snowflakes seem much fluffier (if that makes any sense at all) . . . and I think they're starting to stick.


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It's sad when I leave the lab at 2:30 (yes, AM) and think, "Yay, early lab night!" (last week I left at around 3 on Monday and Wednesday) . . .

To-morrow I'm going to attempt to write a proper entry about this weekend. I know I always say that and then I never do, but this past weekend was the MALSM retreat and it was Fantastic.

Some meme fun taken from [ profile] tinuvielberen:

lilyofshalott is blah.
I've met prosthetic legs with more get-up-and-go than you. Could you be less melancholy and go out and do something?
wanna know your lj's moodring color? enter your user name and hit the button. (discussion thread)

Hmm--I looked at the "How it Works" and it says it looks for the most commonly used LJ mood used on your journal . . . I haven't used "blah" recently at all. Curious.

And it's bedtime.


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So I just got back from the lab (well, about ten minutes ago or suchlike)--I spent approximately ten hours there to-day . . . and I still have homework I need to do for to-morrow (yay 8:00 class . . .).


The spider lab wants my sooooouuul (yes, imagine that in Fezzik's Dread Pirate Roberts voice) . . .


[On an entirely different subject, I adore this song. ::points to "current music" section thing:: I recently aquired the Garden State soundtrack--the whole thing is good (and I've found it's excellent as a lab CD, too), but this song's quite lovely.]

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I survived my Power-Point presentation for Ecology on Tuesday--I was more than a bit worried about it because the article was hard to understand (and I didn't start writing it until late Monday night--partially because my lab partner for Vertebrate lab wanted us to finish our lab report by Monday evening [it was due on Wednesday, but it was pushed to Friday]). But Dr Packer said I did well, so I guess it went better than I thought it would. (Also, it's not a large class. We literally have five people in the lecture and four in the lab.) Oh, and for anyone who's ever been in Fisher Hall and wondered, I now know what those big white box-y things on the biology floor are! They actually house Dr Iudica's bird and mammal collection (skeletons, prepared skins, &c.)

more school stuff . . . and festiveness )

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I think I'm going to start using tags on here now . . . not that anyone really pays attention to that sort of thing on non-icon or -fic journals, of course.

So I spent about six hours in the spider lab to-day. And the worst bit is I didn't even accomplish half of what I'd wanted to. I had originally wanted to move the Clutch 2 spiderlings from the container they were in (with their mother) to individual containers (and label them and suchlike) as well as set up several of the experimental "habitat containers" set up (which takes longer than you would think because it involves sifting topsoil). Definitely did not happen.

In which there are lots of spiderlings and they want to escape )

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