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My roommate now thinks I'm completely nutters---my work here is done ;)

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My VCR hates me :( )

On a happier note, my group finished our Genetics presentation after only two hours in the library last night . . . I didn't understand a bit of today's O.Chem lecture; however, I think we did quite well when we presented our Genetics poster. We got out an hour early, so I was able to have lunch, read the O.Chem lab, and have a bit of free time before my O.Chem lab at 1. I actually had a partner today (I'm the odd one out in my class) because Jamie was in our lab today--she was saying she's the odd one out in her class and she, like me, always messes up and has doesn't leave until 4:30 (lab's supposed to end at 4). However, we managed not to mess anything up and were out of the lab by 3:30ish!! I went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to drop off some film and then we went to Weis so I could buy English muffins--they also had Land o' Lakes chocolate mint hot cocoa, so I bought some . . . I'm wondering whether I should get a Barnes & Noble card--it saves you 5% on everything, but there are a few reasons why I'm twindling (v: "to have a deep inner struggle with oneself" Sarah made this word up in Honours Amer. Lit. our freshman year of high school): 1. 'tis $25 annually, 2. prices on aren't always consistantly lower than Amazon--for Josh's new CD/DVD, B&N's regular price is 30% off at $20.98, with thier member price at $19.93, while it's listed at $23.98 on Amazon (same thing with the PotO OLC album: $30.38 B&N reg price/$28.86 member price vs.$33.99 on Amazon); however, the OLC recording of CATS is the same on both websites, with the B&N member price only $2 less, the B&N member price is $3 *more* than the Amazon price for the PoA soundtrack and Hayley Westenra's album Pure so I really don't know . . .

There's a lunar eclipse tonight! *squee!* I'm going to the football field (I think) to watch it with a few of my friends . . . the Moon is so big, bright, an gorgeous right now--I kept staring at it as I was walking back from dinner . . . I was saddened when I looked at my Weather Channel desktop weather thing and it said 'twas going to be cloudy tonight, but 'tisn't too cloudy and we should be able to see the eclipse perfectly fine--I'm so excited! . . . hehe . . .


a note on this entry's music : the ending of PotO always makes me want to cry--I always feel so sad for Erik (of course, I'm an E/C shipper at heart *smiles*) . . .

(and by now you've probably concluded that I'm completely nutters, haven't you?)

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Yes, I am talking about myself in the subject--yay for speaking in third person and paraphrasing Shakespeare in the same sentence *pats self on back* Now I shall write about the weekend thus far:

a rather random weekend )

(and the melancholy-ness is probably from watching the movie yesterday . . . on a happier note, there's a lunar eclipse on Wed :D Guess how I'm going to spend that evening? I'll actually have a reason for staring at the moon . . . hehe)

[Does my lack of paragraph-ness bother anyone? Because I'll try to split up my entries better if it does.]

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Woo!! I just finished my last final, which means my freshman year at Susquehanna is officially over!! I’m really excited, yet also saddened because I’m going to miss all my SU friends tremendously over the summer—we have to get together and do something before the summer holidays . . . I mean vacation . . . is over—perhaps going to Chris’ show or something . . . and we definitely need to do the British films marathon—I use enough Briticisms as it is, I might as well have a proper accent ;) . . .

This year has gone by soo fast—I can remember orientation as if it were only last week (which isn’t too well—haha) . . . I can’t believe the school year’s already finished, but I also can’t believe that I found such good friends here that are amazing, and awesome, and almost as nutters as I am—I mean, before I came here, I didn’t have friends who I could watch Braveheart and quote Monty Python with, were as into soundtracks and John Williams as I am, plan on watching a movie and instead have a late night conversations, or hum along with the soundtrack while watching Pirates of the Caribbean . . . haha—notice how lots of our memories come from watching movies? I got this idea from my friend Caitlin (G-Girl) from home, and although I know most of you have Xangas instead of LiveJournals, I’m still going to do it, because I love all of you and am really going to miss you this summer . . . [and I'm LJ-cutting this because it's wicked long]

friends make my world go 'round )

Don't forget, everyone, "shindig" at Erin and Lori's (??) tonight . . . our last one of the year . . . :'(

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Wow . . .  I haven’t updated in awhile . . .  again---and what’s even worse is that I’m almost 2 weeks behind in my real journal!! *gasp* Let’s see . . . this weekend was quite fun.  J Friday night, Dana, Erin, and I were planning on watching a movie (CATS, to be exact) but didn’t know where we were going to be able to watch it because my roommate and one of Dana’s roommates had a track meet early Sat. morning and were going to bed early, plus Lori (Erin’s roommate) goes to bed early on a regular basis, so we couldn’t watch it in Erin, Dana, or my rooms . . . Dana and I had to wait for Erin for some reason (I don’t remember where she was . . . ) and decided to go to Charlie’s to wait for her there (since Dana’s cell was out of batteries) . . .  We watched the last episode of American Idol and then Dana’s copy of Disney’s Robin Hood, which I’d never seen before—I enjoyed it immensely (ah, the romantic in me . . . *sigh) . . .  Charlie’s was playing Caddyshack, so we ended up watching the end of the movie—Erin found us and joined us . . .  we went back to Hass. and decided to just go up to the third floor lounge and talk because we couldn’t watch the movie . . . .


On to Saturday . . . I was awakened at around 1 by loud screaming coming from somewhere outside . . . but I eventually went back to sleep and woke up at 4ish (I’m just as bad as you, Rehta!) . . . since ‘twas such a nice day, I decided to do my Thought reading out on the field hockey pitch—Sara joined me and told me that the loud screaming had been the Greek Olympics, to conclude Greek Week, on the field hockey pitch (that explained why ‘twas so loud—the pitch is right outside of Smith [my dorm]). Dana then joined us on my blanket . . . Sara did something to annoy Dana, who then swatted her and said “That was a warning”. I was reading, but had heard enough of the exchange to answer back, “The next time, my hand flies on its own. Where I come from, there are penalties when a woman lies”---the sad/scary/slightly amusing thing is that ‘twas semi-unconscious (you know you’ve seen a movie too many times when . . . hehe). Dana and I went to Encore after I finished my chapter because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet [oh, slightly odd thing: Sara asked me if I wanted to go to dinner with her and I said I wasn’t hungry—she then   asked me if I were anorexic because I’m never hungry when she wants do go to dinner . . . I’m definitely NOT anorexic—I just eat when I’m hungry and don’t eat when I’m not hungry—this week especially I just haven’t had much of an appetite, and I don’t know why]. Dana, Erin, and I went to see “A Winter’s Tale” at around 8ish—‘twas sooo good! Aaron White was hilarious as the Rouge (aka crazy person who jumps around hitting a cowbell and ends up actually being a courtier or something). Erin and I had to explain the plot to Dana and Lori during intermission and when the show was over, we gave different theories about whether Hermione never died and was pretending to be a statue or if she did die and the statue came to life and turned into Hermione (I was of the latter opinion, which we found out was right  J). Then we went to the Phi Mu Alpha Brotherhood Auction to buy Chris . . . it was quite amusing—we were disappointed that Chris didn’t dance though. The four of us were all sitting together, of course, and were each bidding on Chris---Lori ended up buying him for $15, although I had my hand up too . . . the guy who was being the “auctioneer” didn’t see me, I guess . . . oh well . . . the best part of the auction had to be when Aaron White came out dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow—complete with wig and costume . . . and the “drunken swagger” . . . Erin said “from now on, he IS Johnny Depp!” . . . . . When the auction was over, the five of us went to Hass, and tried to decide what Lori was going to do with her 2 hours with Chris (get your mind out of the gutter if you’re reading this, Sarah!!) . . . they decided to take a raincheck for next weekend (we’re all probably going to watch movies or something . . .). Dana said he’d promised to sing a duet with her (well, Dana would be playing piano and Chris would be singing), so I said, “ooh! MUSIC OF THE NIGHT!!!!” J Lori “released” him until next weekend, and then she, Erin, Dana, and I watched the end of an “Alias” episode they’d started watching earlier . . . . then Lori went to bed and Erin, Dana, and I went back to my room to watch CATS (at 1am), which I’d never seen before—I knew a few of the songs—“Gus” and “Macavity” from Sarah Brightman’s ALW album, “Mr. Mistoffoles”(sp) from listening to it in Sara’s room, and I’ve seen the “Jellicle Cats” song (the first one in the musical) on PBS . . . Dana left during the part with the cats dressed up as tap dancing cockroaches (she had to wake up early for a crew meet) . . . . I really enjoyed it, even though it has no plot (‘tis pleasantly random) and the songs get stuck in your head (hey, it’s ALW, a lot of his songs are like that . . . like my Sarah Brightman album . . .)

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For once I actually had a good Valentine's Day! *gasp* I was awoken at around 1:00 this afternoon when my mom called---I talked to my parents and my brother for about a half an hour and then went back to sleep, awaking at 3:30ish . . .

I opened the parcel that my parents had sent me: my brother gave me some Jelly Bellys to fill my jelly bean machine, my mom gave me the Valentine Beanie Baby bear (cute poem--"His heart is red and full of love/He cares for you so give him a hug/Keep him close when you're feeling blue/Feel the love he has for you"--aww!!), and my dad gave me Russell Stovers chocolates in a pretty heart box . . . 

Chris' away message said "looking for sharp pointy objects" so I asked him if I wanted to know why . . . here's part of the conversation:

chris: yes
chris: as a matter of fact we are making you a surprise
chris: so i can't tell you yet
me: oh dear . . . now I'm worried . . .
chris: you'll love it so much
me: :-)
chris: but we need a sharp object
me: who's in on this?
chris: [vicky] and I
chris: i need a saw
chris: vicky just about cut her fingers off with a scissors
chris: :-\
me: that's not good! I have hydrogen peroxide . . .
vicky: i think i
vicky: qill live he just wont let me touch anything sharp
vicky: *will
me: ok--that's good
me: I also have VeggieTale Band-Aid's

chris: do you have any knives?
me: no
me: I have plastic spoons, though
me: haha
chris: hmmm
chris: i'm thinking that won't work for our project
me: they're for tea and cocoa

After I made myself some English breakfast tea (sadly, I had no milk :( ), I noticed that his away message now said "riding to michelle's room" . . . I thought nothing of it and kept listening and singing along to my Josh debut CD . . . about 10 minutes later, I hear the sound of "hoofbeats" and a knock on the door---I opened my door to find Lori, Dan, Vicky, and Chris holding a hollowed out coconut and using it to "ride" a horse a la Monty Python!!!! I told them they were all awesome (after giving Vicky some hydrogen peroxide) and then tried the coconuts myself--so much fun! :D I've always wanted to do that, and it's amazing that I've found friends here that are as insane as I am and want to do these things too--I love you guys!! *HUGS*

Fast forward to after dinner---Dana, Erin, and I watched "Charlie Brown Valentine" in Dana's room and then Sarah and Emily joined us in my room to watch Princess Diaries and an episode of CSI that Dana had taped . . .

Thanks guys---you made today special and made me feel loved *HUGS*

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wow . . . I think my friends and I are clinically insane . . .we were having waaay too much fun at dinner . . . Chris saved the marshmallows from his Lucky Charms for last and then got even more . . . while we were waiting for Lori to finish buying something at Encore, Sara, Erin, Chris, and I were singing the "Men in Tights Song" from Robin Hood, Men in Tights  . . . we were all skipping, galloping, and "riding" horsies a la Monty Python and the Holy Grail (which we then started quoting) as we walked back to our dorms . . . Sara and I told them of our plans to find peril and then hopefully be resued by our knights in shining armour (hmm . . . hopefully with dark, curly hair . . . *sigh*)  . . . someone suggested Chris could wear his Tin Man costume, but then we argued over whether or not 'twas actually shiny  . . . yeah . . . we're insane

It still hasn't decided whether (hehe--semi pun) wants to snow outside . . .  I want snow!! Please . . . ?

Countdown:Two months and two days until I go see Josh LIVE IN CONCERT with Low-C in Washington, DC!!!! I can't wait!! 'tis going to be an amazing concert . . . *sigh* . . .

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