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I think I've mentioned several times that one of the assignments for my YA LIt class is to keep a "reading journal" consisting of book reviews of YA lit we read on our own (and for class) throughout the semester. One of the acceptable formats for this assignment is a book blog, which I think would be fun to do (and I'm also thinking of posting knitting stuffs to said blog so it will be more of a books-and-knitting blog, yay!). As I am wont to do lately, I made a silly poll for the matter! And if you make it through the poll, there are fun questions a the end—as usual. ^_^

[Poll #1280061]

Yay! And I'm off to dinner . . . Knitting and telly-watching shall probably ensue when I return. ^_^

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Remember I wrote about considering upgrading to a laptop a few weeks ago? I recently found out that several grad school loan companies(?) will allow you to borrow the balance between tuition and the financial aid already coming from the university—as well as money for textbooks and computers. Due to this happy news, I wandered over to Apple's website and have been looking at Macs (they also apparently have student discounts)—I hadn't really considered them before because they're much more expensive than PCs. However, the only Mac experience I really have is from using them for my biology "portfolio"/website. I think we got one class-period's worth of a Mac crash course, but it was mostly how to use Dreamweaver to set up our sites.

I know at least *some* of you have to have Macs, so I thought I'd make one of my usual Silly Polls. Any information on what type of laptop would be appreciated, too. Oh, and feel free to answer the poll even if you don’t have a laptop—some of these are Mac vs PC questions. ^_^

[Poll #1192393]

On a completely unrelated note, I'd forgotten how lovely Eden is—I mean, it's one of my favourite Sarah Brightman albums, but I'd not listened to the whole album in quite a while (which I did this morning). I suppose it's one of the downsides of always having iTunes on shuffle.

Also, I have my first high school reunion on Saturday. By "first" I mean the first reunion banquet my graduating class has been invited to—it's really our fifth reunion. No-one from my class has bothered to put up anything where people can sign up to say they're going (there isn't even a Facebook group/event, which surprised me), so I have no idea who'll be there. I only have a few friends from high school (who graduated with me) that I'm still in touch with, so if none of them are there it might be slightly awkward—I really don't like the wander-around-trying-to-find-someplace-to-sit thing. The whole concept of a fifth-year reunion sounds a bit awkward to me, actually. Hopefully things will go well, though.

And that is all.

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I started my Dalek for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil Knitalong last Thursday (using [ profile] penwiper337's Extermaknit pattern. I've not gotten very far yet. For one, I'm a slow knitter to begin with. Secondly, bobbles of DOOM! The bobble rows are taking forever to knit. Also, I don't think they look very even. Anyway, on to the pictures!

bobbles of DOOM )

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Alexander's coming home to-day for mid-term break (I think my dad said they'd be home around five or sixish). I find it hard to believe that the fall semester is half-over already! (Also, my five-year reunion is next spring--it doesn't seem like it's been five years since I graduated from HS.) Our high school's homecoming is also tonight. I'm planning on going to the game to see if any of my high-school friends are there--surprisingly(?) I seem to have kept more in touch with friends that I *didn't* graduate with. As always, I'll be paying more attention to the band, &c. than the actual game (I'm not too fond of football . . . and I *still* don't understand why it's called "football"--the ball isn't kicked very often).

GRE and knitting-cut for length )

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