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Wow . . . I haven't updated in forever (at least a week, methinks). Since it's late (and I'm tired), though, I'll just write a brief snippet . . .

*I have gotten my roomie addicted to fanfiction (CSI fics, specifically)! I introduced her to the music of Josh Groban, she introduced me to the awesome-ness that is CSI, and I've introduced her to the ever-addicting she says it's her turn again . . .
*The Masterworks concert and Candlelight service were lovely and both will be broadcast on WVIA on Christmas Day and Eve, respectively
*I've semi-finished my colourbar--the picture is done, but I don't know how to link it and turn it into an actual colourbar . . .
*we have decided 'twould be nifty to make "CSI: Seibert"--the first episode shall be called "Let Them Eat Cake" and will be about Kelly's missing half a cake (I really think we should do this--'twould be so much fun!)
*Dana, Erin, Kelly, and I watched 6 episodes of CSI this evening (Dana has the first three seasons on DVD) :)
*I really need to do a *ton* of O.Chem study-age tomorrow :\

(I really want to get a paid account now, so I can have more icons and finally use my spiggy mood set

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Quickie update:

I forgot half the mechanisms on my O.Chem. exam :'(
It started snowing as I was leaving--YAYness!! :D
The Internet has returned to Seibert :)
I found a hilarious PotO parody of the song "What is this feeling?" Read it--it's hysterical: LOATHING!
Secret Garden's original version of "You Raise Me Up" is rather pretty--it just started playing on my Launch Station and I'd never heard it before . . .

ok--must go to Genetics now . ..


Edit: wow . . . I feel intelligent now--I completely forgot that Dr. Tom had cancelled class for today since he wasn't going to be there--I got to the classroom and saw that no-one was there, then I remembered . . . *shakes head* it's a good thing Fisher Hall is next to my dorm--haha

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Hmm . . . I think I shall update . . .

Friday morning at around 1:00, Richie IMed me saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat . . . so he, Sarah, Em, and I went to the Four Seasons diner (its open 24/7) and they got breakfast foods--I got back to my dorm at around 2ish! O.Chem was bad because Blackboard *still* wasn't up, so I couldn't print off the lecture notes beforehand . . . we did more practice problems in Genetics--it took Jess and I about an hour to do one of them (it had several parts), but luckily we're going to finish them up on Monday in class, so we didn't have to do them for homework . . . after Gospel Choir, we went to the "Breathe Step Stomp" step show sponsored by BSU (yay for aliteration!)--'twas rather good, although the music started to get to me after awhile because it was *really* loud (even though we were in the balcony) . . . Erin, Dana, and I watched a few episodes of CSI (Dana has the first and second seasons on DVD) and I caught a rather ironic (yet nifty) image in the final frame of the "Alter Boys" episode . . . then Danielle joined us and we watched The Land Before Time (the first one!) in the Atrium--we were shocked as we watched the credits and learned that the movie was a Spielburg/Lucas collaboration and James Horner did the score (with Diana Ross singing the end title)!

Hardly anything to write about Saturday, since we didn't do anything--I literally did nothing but O.Chem. (and procrastination) the entire day

Today we (the SU Gospel Choir) sang at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (Chris' church)--our Chaplin preached, too, so it was as though SU was taking over the service . . . hehe. We our songs went quite well, which was a very happy thing :) Erin and I didn't really want to go to the caf for lunch, so we made macaroni and cheese, and Dana joined us for lunch . . . I alternatively did O.Chem. and procrastinated . . . and that's about it for this weekend . . .

A Procrastination Acrostic )

I really want to get my paid account (for my many icons and nifty Sarah mood set), but I think I have to pay for my FoJG account this time and I still need to buy Christmas presents (after I figure out what I'm getting everyone) . . . Speaking about Christmas presents, Rehta, Allegra, and Sara (wow, your names all end in "a"!)--could I have your addresses? I'd love to send you cards over the holidays :) So you don't have to worry about random people seeing your address, you can IM me at :D


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I post weird poetic stuff no one understands

why is YOUR livejournal annoying?
brought to you by Quizilla

(Except I post long stream-of-conscious-y entries, or ramble on for paragraphs . . .)

Seibert and Hass. had a Trick-or-Treat exchange last night--twas rather disturbing because our Seibert RA's were dressed up and acting insane: I don't know what Laura was supposed to be, but she was wearing a dress and running around; Kevin was wearing a Grim Reaper-type mask, Ryan was dressed as Steve Irwin and was running around shooting people with a little foam dart gun . . . and HR Erin was dressed as a Greek goddess (apparently the patron goddess of ZTA)--and wearing red Clifford slippers . . .

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I'm an odd person--I don't mind when 'tis cloudy during the day (because I love white puffy clouds), but I hate when 'tis cloudy at night (because then I can't see the moon and stars). I was all excited when I saw that 'twasn't cloudy as I walked back to my dorm after dinner, because I thought we'd have a clear sky to watch the lunar eclipse . . . sadly, the clouds came back and almost entirely covered the sky . . . well, except for a few patches . . . Erin, Tori, Dana, and I went to the field hockey pitch at around 9:30ish when the moon was half gone (or half full--hehe). Erin and I lay on our backs on the (slightly wet) grass and we all said hello/goodbye to the moon as it went in and out of the clouds (like peek-a-boo, Dana said) . . . we talked about random stuff like dams (because Erin's been watching movies about them in her enviro classes), PotO/CATS(because we were trying to find references to the moon in PotO for Dana [she was wearing her PotO sweatshirt] after Erin and I said we were both wearing stuff with the moon on it), WICKED Harry Potter, symbolic-ness of characters' names in Harry Potter, children's books we'd read, etc. I wished on the one star I could see through the clouds. At one point, the three of them were all standing above me (because I was still lying on the ground) and I felt like I was in the last scene of A Knight's Tale--the "You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting--Welcome to the new world" part--hehe . . . and I also made a *really* bad pun--Dana said something (about the moon, probably) and I said, "I could probably wax poetic about that . . . but it's waning" . . . there was a beat, and then they all groaned (while I cackled insanely at my witty remark) . . . we decided to go back in at around 10:30 because we'd lost the moon--I think it was completely eclipsed at the time, but the clouds had completely covered the sky and we couldn't see anything . . . it was rather amusing when I got up after laying on the ground for almost an hour--I couldn't walk straight and was literally staggering around as we made our way back to Seibert (and couldn't stop laughing, either) . . . needless to say, 'twas *quite* an odd feeling . . . I wish 'twouldn't have been so cloudy and we would have been able to watch the eclipse a bit better, but I still had fun and the conversation was great :D

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Here's the update I promisted! I'm putting it behind an LJ-cut as it's quite long (2 pages in Word!) because Friday and Saturday were quite eventful . . .

the weekend, so far )


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Well, I'll have to fill you in on Alicia's wedding and the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks tomorrow, since 'tis about 1:00 . . . but I *have* to write about today . . .

this is going to be a looong post, so I'm lj-cutting it )

I can't believe we did so much today--I love my SU friends!! *huggles* Tomorrow continues Fall Frenzy with inflatables and such until 4--I bet we'll have a movie night in one of our rooms . . . I've missed those--especially the semi-random comments/quotate of other movies . . . :D

Thanks for a great day, guys!

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Ok . . . going back to Wednesday . . . . 'twas a pretty good day at work, a little on the slow side, but not too much . . .the highlight of my day was going to Wal*Mart to get stuff for going back to SU, including the toaster for the SAVE suite, about which Erin and I had a rather long conversation:
much ado about toast )

I called Dana up (she's going to be my roommate this year--yay!) and we talked for a while [or is it "awhile"? I can never remember . . . Mrs. Higham would not be pleased . . ]

Thursday, I got a surprise at work as Lisa and Amy gave me a birthday/going back to school gift: Lisa made me a cake and Amy put together a basket filled with a bunch of stuff for school, including more tea! I felt loved :D 'Tis a sampler of Celestial Seasonings fruit teas . . . I don't really like herbal tea, so I'm not sure whether I'll like fruit tea . . . if not, I'm sure there'll be someone in the suite who'll drink it . . . hehe . . . I was *really* busy, as I was the only one at the window, so the cake sat untouched in the lab break room until after I came back from lunch. Then I cut the cake (Amy *really* wanted to eat it . . . haha) and Lisa, Amy, Loren (our newest Med Tech) and I each had some . . . . by the end of the day, there were only about two slices left . . . there was a rather difficult sendout that took both Jody and I about half an hour to figure out--we had to figure out all the tests and then what to do with each specimin tube . . . then Amy helped me fill out the LabCorp forms for it . . .

Friday started out a scary day at work because the entire computer system at the hospital had gone down at 4:00 Thurs afternoon and hadn't come back on until around 9 or 10 . . . so there were lots of specimens to be collected (the labels had printed out during evening shift) . . . even more grrfull was the evening shift people had decided not to make a downtime sheet, so we had to get a label, find the order, and then check to make sure everything that was on the order was on the label [if we would have had a downtime sheet, we would have just have had to check the labels against that one sheet] . . . I wouldn't have been able to do it by myself, but luckily Jody, Lisa, and Amy all helped . . . also a happy thing was that it would have been a "slow" day, so we didn't get any extra specimens and could concentrate on trying to figure everything out . . .

Here comes the bride--Alicia's rehearsal )

Well, I'm going to stop now because 'tis midnight and my mom said I should go to bed . . . since 'tis midnight, Happy Birthday to me! :D

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Neither Monday nor Tuesday was particularly interesting, but I shall write about them for sake of continuity . . . .

Monday was a typical-ish day at the lab--'twasn't too busy (which is good), but wasn't slow either (which is also good) . . .my dad made blueberry pancakes for dinner, which were quite yummy :) Um . . . I actually don't remember what else we did, which is rather sad, isn't it?

Tuesday was fine in the morning at the lab, but the afternooon was really busy--Ron could only help me for a half an hour or so after he came because he had to go to the drawing room, leaving me with a load of specimins to collect and such, plus there was no-one at the desk so I had to answer the phone too--grr . . . I was quite excited to find out Bravo would be showing fencing, one of my favourite Olympic sports, so of course I watched it at 7--'twas the semifinals of Women's Sabre and the nifty thing was that all four women were left-handed ("Why are you smiling?" "Because I know something you don't" "And what would that be?" "I'm not left handed." [and I prob. misquoted that . . . *waves Princess Bride flag*]) . . . The #1 ranked fencer in the world, Sada Jacobson (I think that's her name) won the bronze medal, earning the USA it's first Olympic medal in women's fencing. And I think the other US fencer won the gold medal . . . and Michael Phelps won more medals in swiming . . . yay! . . .Erin and I had a long conversation in the evening about what we're going to take for the SAVE suite and it was decided that I (as I was named Madame Minister of Toast Aquisation for suggesting that we get a toaster for the suite) should purchase the toaster. Erin, among other things, is bringing a little pot of mini roses to make the suite pretty--and they're white roses, which are my favourite :D

I'm going to brush my teeth and get ready for bed and such, but I'll probably write about my day today(and the wonders of the SAVE toaster in a little bit . . .
Oh, and if anyone can guess the (semi) obscure little reference in this post, I shall give you a Wonka bar (not really, but 'tis the though that counts, right?) ;)

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