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My VCR is now officially evil--Not only has it eaten one of my PBS tapes and the Josh tape that had the two Ally episodes (tux Josh! *sobs*), but now it has eaten my copy of The Princess Bride :( I guess this means I'll have to ask my parents if they can tape the AMAs tomorrow (but I'll still watch it of course . . . and I hope Josh wins!!)

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[I've decided to go back to my usual font colour . . .]
This morning a group of SAVE/GeoClub people cleaned up our "Adopt-a-Highway" section . . . 'twas a bit scary walking along the highway, but rewarding as well . . . the most interesting thing I found was a large bit of duct tape, but Allyson and the other girls who were around me found a large basket, Dana found a fuzzy caterpillar and carried it around with her for the rest of the morning (she brought him back to campus and set him in one of the bushes in front of Fisher) . . . and Trout found pink underwear (which is just disturbing) . . . . . . when we got back at 11:30ish I checked my email and such and then worked on O.Chem (with a bit of a nap in there too--I tend to fall asleep when I'm doing O.Chem on my loft bed) . . .

which brings me to now: I'm a bit bored and don't really want to be doing homework right now . . . I wish I were more creative--I enjoy artistic things, but I can't create them: I love reading (literature and fanfiction, both) but I can't write a story or poem (unless I'm assigned a topic or something), I love listening to music and such, but would never be able to write a song, I love dancing, but would never be able to choreograph a routine . . . *sigh* . . . well, I guess I better get back to my O. Chem . . . or maybe I'll switch to reading Genetics . . . :\

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Here's the update I promisted! I'm putting it behind an LJ-cut as it's quite long (2 pages in Word!) because Friday and Saturday were quite eventful . . .

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I know, I haven't updated in forever . . . and I bet you're wondering why I'm up this early, eh? I'm going to Cocalamus at 10, and for everyone who doesn't go to SU (i.e. most of you), it's the place we take the recycling we collect for SAVE (SU's environmental club) . . . I'm going to try to force myself to update when I get back, because I haven't been updating on a regular basis and I haven't gotten back to my diary (for some reason I stopped writing in it last April and I haven't been able to start again)--I feel I need to start recording what I do every day again because it seems (to me at least) that if I don't, my days disappear--I don't remember what I did, eventually forgetting completely, and it's like the things I did never happened . . . it rather scares me . . .

On a less melancholy (and less confusing, probably) note, I think I've decided that I *will* get a paid account! I'm basically getting it so I can have more icons and make a custom mood set. :D Dawn (I think it's you who has these) gave me the idea with her Josh mood set--I just have to finalise which pictures I want to use and then resize them so they don't take up everyone's screens . . .

I leave you with this thought of randomness-- Just say no to squirrel domination . . . ;)

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Wow . . . I haven't really written a real entry on here in awhile . . . this week was crazy--I had sooo much stuff due!

I made an account on Xanga yesterday--same basic user name as here, except 'tis capitalised like my FoJG boardname: LilyofShalott. Don't worry--I'm not leaving you! It's just that all of my SU friends (except Erin, Vicky, Sara, and Chris [who never updates ;)] and friends from home have Xangas and I couldn't comment on them. All I have is my profile page (with a nice big picture of Josh in a suit--THUD) explaining that I'm only my account to comment on my friends' pages . . . . and I have a link to my lj--so my friends will actually read (and comment on) it ;)

Today was soo much fun! 'Twas such a beautiful day + all the magnolias are blooming on campus (and I have one right outside my window!) :D . . .I'm in SAVE (Students Advocating the Value of the Environment . . . or something) here at SU, and we had our EnviroFair at the mall today!! Basically, we had a bunch of tables set up with the various environmental organisations on campus, such as Green SU, GeoClub, etc. We had two SAVE tables, one for info and the other for kids to make crafts. I was in charge of the "God's eyes," which are made by crossing two sticks (popsicle sticks are usually used, but we made them with twigs) and then wrapping multi-coloured yarn around them.(that's a really bad explaination of what they look like . . . you've probably made them before, though . . . )It was so much fun helping the kids make their crafts---and I made about four for myself! Other crafts  included pinecone bird feeders, murels made out of beans, and the ever-popular natural sand art + potato planters. Not all the fun was at the mall though--on the way there, Steph, Nate, and I were laughing hysterically at the most random stuff---notably Nates "The BIG Thing of Chocolate" (huge tin of chocolate) and a random neon green kiddie chair in the middle of the highway!! You know you're tired when . . . hahaha

I went back to Smith at 5ish (I'd been EnviroFair-ing since 10am!) and sat and talked w/ Sara for a little. She has "My Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine" written in Sharpie on her neon green CD walkman---that made me happy ('tis a Simon & Garfunkel song).
BR>Sarah, Benny, and I ordered Domino's delivery and ate it in Benny and Richie's room (of course)---yay for pineapple pizza! Yum. We watched Jeopardy and then the end of the Stargate movie, which was actually kind of cool . . . does anyone know if John Williams scored that movie? If he didn't, the person who did must admire him a lot----some parts sounded like something from Star Wars or Indy. Benny was on his computer and Sarah and I took naps . . . yup--we stole Benny and Richie's beds. Sarah left to get changed for a beach party she was going to, and woke me up as she and Benny were about to leave at 10--I had slept for an hour!! Hehe

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in about forever . . . Let's see . . . Friday evening Dana, Erin, and I went to SU Squares, which was quite fun :) Erin and I both won SU shirts in the drawing and then tried to catch a shirt for Dana when they were being thrown into the audience. 'Twas funny because Erin submitted some of the questions and Dana, since she's in SAC and they were in charge of the whole thing, had typed up most of the questions, so they knew a bunch of the answers! Then we watched Tues' episode of American Idol that we'd taped . . . go red-haired John!! We then started watching Lyle the Kindly Viking, but stopped after Omelette, because Dana didn't like it (she'd never seen Veggie Tales before) . . . Omelette was a parody of Hamlet and 'twas hilarious! hehe . . . Dana then brought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory down and we watched it, because Erin had never seen it. Dana and I of course sang along with all the songs, and she quoted most of the movie . . . hehe . . . ooh! If anyone is a literary geek like me and has always wondered what Willy Wonka's quoting (most of the random things he says are literary quotes), go to Google and type in "literary references in Willy Wonka" . . . . . . of course, no movie watched with my SU friends would be complete without a crossover to another movie: As Willy Wonka shows the children the nifty boat, he says "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail 'er by" in a pirate-y voice . . . and who is playing Willy Wonka in the remake? Johnny Depp . . . . so of course I said, "Willy Sparrow! or Jack Wonka!" hehe . . . [although my Grobie friends would agree with NYConnie ;)]

Saturday morning, I was supposed to go to Cocolaumus with some others from SAVE (Students Advocating the Value of the Environment . . . or something like that) for recylcing at 10, but I didn't hear my alarm go off at 8:30. I woke up at noon, noticed the time, realised I'd missed Cocolaumus, felt bad, went back to sleep, and woke up again at 2:30ish [Rehta--I'm trying to break myself of the same sleep habits you have, except on weekdays I can't sleep in because I have class]. Erin, Dana, Lori, and I went to the Lily Cai Dance Co. performance in the evening, which was a really nifty performance of Chinese dance with long red ribbons and such . . . I enjoyed it, although I prefer a more traditional sort of dance . . . I miss ballet and pointe sooo much :( . . . maybe I can take summer classes when I'm on holiday (haha--that's what comes from reading too much HP and other British lit!)? After the performance, we went back to Erin's room, where I got a tasty bagel--I hadn't had anything to eat since the English Breakfast tea (EBtea) and muffin I had at around 4. Erin, Dana, and I went back to my room with Erin's copy of Seabiscuit, but never ended up watching it---instead, we had a "girl talk" session, talking about everything from crushes to grring people's judgements to admiring Erin's scarf knitting skills. Sara dropped by after her swing dance (for which the SU Jazz Band provided live music) . . . . all in all, I had a fun weekend--I love you guys! *HUGS*

Now I'm going to bug all my non-Grobie friends by quite ecstatically saying . . .
5 days till Low-C and I see Josh!! :D
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Yes, I know it's technically the 18th, but I'm going to pretend 'tis still the 17th . . . 'tis only a little after midnight anyways . . . I hope everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day (and Happy Birthday, Sarah!! :D )--I totally forgot to wear something green (I just grabbed the top turtleneck in my dresser), but didn't notice until I saw a bunch of people wearing green when I was waiting for Thought and Civ. . .

Nothing particularly interesting happened today, but our SAVE meeting (environmental club here at SU) was really fun today-- we talked about what shirts we wanted to get for the Envirofair and such, plus we had a visit from President Lemmons' cat (but Erin missed it)

I realised something exciting--since today is the 17th, that means I'm going to see Josh in 10 days!!!! :D

Ok . . . back to studying for chem . . .

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