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Snagged from [ profile] nentari:

The Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz )

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I have an interview for the GSLIS programme at Simmons College on Thursday. My mom and I are leaving early tomorrow morning by bus (12 hours—fun). I'm a bit nervous, of course, but hopefully things will turn out well. We're staying a week, so we'll be doing other things as well—my family used to live in Boston (my parents met there and both my brother and I were born there) and we've been back several times for vacation and such as well.

What's been going since my last post? Not much, really. I've mostly just been reading, knitting, and working at the library. I had my once-a-month Saturday at the library this past weekend, where I learned how not to go about issuing a new applicant library card (all was well, though), among other things. Speaking of knitting, I've gotten to the shoulder colourwork on Murray the cuddle Dalek (no pictures yet) and have a promising yarn in mind for my "Misty Garden" Charley scarf (Yes, I'm linking my post on [ profile] charleysangels--I don't feel like reuploading the pictures). [And yes, [ profile] lowc, your gushing over the Manos Silk Blend on Ravelry was quite instrumental in this.]

A few quizzes: The Time Travel Test )

Oh, and one more thing before I go. When I get back, I'm going to start on the Doctor/Companion/Master/Villain profile banners I promised I'd make for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil KAL of Awesome. Sooo, which Companion am I most like? Feel free to choose from any serial/audio/novel/etc. (it doesn't matter if I'm familiar with said choice, either) and explain why. Thanks!

And now I’m really going to bed. I don’t want to do so too late as we’re leaving quite early in the morning. (This from the girl who usually stays up until half one or later.)

Good night!

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Stolen from [ profile] gentle_blessing:

Disney Quiz )

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I've been toying with the idea lately of changing my journal layout a bit, namely switching from having a repeating wallpaper-style graphic to a fixed banner at the top of the page. Actually, that's not quite right. I suppose what I'm really pondering is whether to have a top banner and have the rest of the layout be "clean" (i.e. with a solid background, similar to [ profile] nentari's layout) or to keep my wallpaper graphic, but no longer have invisible text boxes--or whatever they're called--similar to [ profile] gentle_blessing's layout. I'd probably be doing this to my icon journal first as the variety of shades in the wallpaper graphic has made it rather hard for me to choose text colours that actually show up across the page. Of course I would also need to peruse the [ profile] howto comms to find the proper coding and suchlike. Thoughts? Ideas?

Oh, and a quiz! I know I've taken this before, but I don't think I've ever actually posted it.

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You? )

In knitting news, I'm nearly halfway through mitteny-mitt the second! Yay! (I shall post pictures of the pair when both are done.) Once I finish it I'll be able to start on Extermaknit! (same needles) for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil Knit-along. Since Daleks count for Evil, I'll have to join Team Evil. ::laughs:: I plan on switching sides as soon as I finish the knitted Dalek of Awesome, however, and making Rose's Doomsday mitts (must.learn.cabling.), finishing my cuddly TARDIS, possibly making a jelly baby or two (no, seriously), and possibly a scarf.

Which brings me to my next question (I already brought this up on [ profile] who_knits, but I figured since many of you lovely people on my flist are Who fans, knitters, or both . . .): The Fourth Doctor's scarf is quite iconic and suchlike, but what scarves would the other Doctors wear? How about Companion-y scarves? Ten's already covered, actually--[ profile] chili_dance posted a WIP picture of a fantastic Tenth Doctor scarf.

And I think it's quite safe to say this post got away from me. Just a bit (hee). Well, I'm off to get ready for bed and do a bit of reading--we're doing Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale for book club this month and I'm rather enjoying it so far. ^_^


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Woo, I've been posting quite a bit (for me at least) this past week. And because I'm a bit bored, here are quizzes! (Mostly stolen from [ profile] nentari)

insert clever text here )

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Snagged from [ profile] nentari:

What Be Your Nerd Type? )

In other news, I think I want to thin out my icons a bit so I can add more Austen and DW ones . . . the problem is, I'm not sure which ones I want to remove.

Also, I've discovered it's somewhat difficult to find soft yarn in TARDIS blue that isn't expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've picked up a ball each of Caron SimplySoft (on separate occasions) in Dark Country Blue and Country Blue--I like the softness (and I've heard it knits up nicely, too), but neither is the right colour. It seems as though the perfect shade would be somewhere between the two.

I did find the *perfect* colour at the awesome yarn shop we went to last Saturday, but it was 100% wool (which I generally find a bit itchy) and nearly $7 for only about 100g.


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Stolen from [ profile] diddakoi:

::is amused::

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Empress Michelle the Purple of Hardy St Thomas
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

And if you refresh your browser, you can try even more Peculiar Aristocratic Titles!

Apparently I'm 'fiendish' )

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Feeling slightly better now that I'm at home (although I'm quite worried about how I did on the Vertebrate exam o' DOOM) . . .

Quizzes . . . )

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I realised I never posted the rest of the answers to the movie quote survey thing I posted earlier this month. Almost of the quotes were guessed (well done!), but here are the answers to the rest:

I suppose a man may eat his own muffins in his own garden! )

[ profile] lowc wins with eight correct answers and [ profile] squeakars gets second with four--you may take your pick of Honeydukes chocolate, Wonka bars, or tea-cake (because Algy won't let you have any muffins).

And I've found there are actually quite a few Jane Austen quizzes on Quizilla, so I took several (only posting one, though).

It is a truth universally acknowledged . . . )

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My roomie and I were just listening to "What is This Feeling?" in stereo--we played it on both our Media Players and we actually managed to synchronise it :D

more roommate insanity )

Nothing much happened yesterday, except Dana and I watched CSI and Danielle came over to watch ER . . . and we cleaned our room and such . . .

Wednesday we had an exam in O. Chem--I completely messed up the page on the E1/E2 mechanisms, but I came up with almost the right structure for the IR/NMR problem (which was 30pts on a 100pt test!) . . . we started a lab in Genetics where we are going to study our own DNA by running our cheek cells through various tests and such . . . O.Chem lab actually went quite well--'twasn't too hard and I didn't mess up . . . much. There was blood drive in the gym, so I went over after lab--I was glad I'd brought a book (The Beekeeper's Apprentice), because I had to wait about 2 hours . . . I was quite happy because I passed the iron test (the first time I tried to give blood, over the summer, I was turned away because my iron count wasn't high enough)--probably because I'd had a chicken sandwich with green leafy lettuce from Encore for dinner . . . it actually didn't hurt too much--just a bit of stinging at first (I laughed at myself because I noticed that the tubes they used for extra blood [for testing] were green top heperine [I think] and purple-top SSTs ;) The things you learn while working at a hospital lab for a summer . . .) When I got back to the dorm, I called my mom and talked to my parents for a little while . . . Dana and I didn't feel like doing work at all . . . so we didn't ;) I renewed my FoJG membership--2nd year members get a YRMU shirt, a 24-page calender (*SQUEE!!*) and a very THUD and swoon-worthy screen saver . .. *happy sigh*

Nothing much of import has happened today . . . yet . . . but if something does occur, I shall write about it later . . .

OOH!! The PotO movie theatrical trailer is now up on Yahoo!! *bounces* 'twas a bit choppy on my computer, but the movie looks sooo good . . . (although I'm a bit nervous about the singing--I hope it will be good as well) PotO theatrical trailer

an herbal quiz )

(who's not mad, just slightly nutters)

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And now for a happy quiz (I *heart* Quizilla . . . and . . . waaaay too much):
You're not Coffee, you're Tea.
You're not Coffee, you're Tea!

What Kind of Coffee are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
*laughs hysterically* Trust me to get "tea" on a coffe quiz . . . how true is that? :D (although it rather looks like iced tea because it's really clear . . . ooh, or maybe it's Lady Grey--yum!)

and the sad thing is, I made myself a tea icon a while ago(maybe I really should get a paid account) . . . hehe

**Madame Minister of Tea and Toast** (as dubbed by Erin--she decided the members of Omicron should have nifty titles . . .

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Quizilla has their search function back up, so I took some literary quizzes . . . and since I'm done with class at noon today, I shall write an actual update *audible gasp* this afternoon . . .

Lit. quizzes! )

and now I'm off to Genetics!

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Bridge Over Troubled Water

I'm Bridge Over Troubled Water!

Which Simon and Garfunkel album are you?

Hmm . . . I guess the description works, but although I love the title track, that's not my favourite of their albums . . . oh well.

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Please rate!

Your Film Genre (many outcomes!)
brought to you by Quizilla

How true is that? Hehe . . . just look at the title of this journal!
In other news, I've been pondering whether I should get a paid account--'twoud be rather fun to have customised moods and change my comment bar, as well as have more icons, but I don't know if I really want to pay for it or not (plus, I don't even know how much it is) . . . *ponders some more*

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