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Botheration! Remember that 1-month free Netflix trial I mentioned in my last post? For some reason, it didn't work. I definitely have a charge on my billing account now. I know the free trials only apply to first-time members, but I am a first-time member! Sigh.

And I suppose--since it's late and such--I'll be off to read for a bit before bed.

(Movie recommendations are love!)

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According to Amazon, "This film [ALW's The Phantom of the Opera]has not yet opened in your area. It is scheduled to open in limited release on December 25, 2004 and in national release on January 21, 2005. Please check back for showtime information on this date."

*cries* They pushed back the release date an entire month! It was supposed to premiere Dec. 3rd with wide-release on Christmas Eve . . . and I was happy because I'd be able to see it when I went home for Christmas Break--hopefully I'll still be on break when it comes out, assuming of course the Arcadia actually gets the movie when it's released . . . knowing my luck, we'll probably get it in February . . . and to add to the evilness, the CD is being released on Nov. 24th--2 months before I'll be able to see the movie!! . . . and since it's only $18.95, it'll probably be a single disk *cries again*

I suppose I'll just console myself with the fact that I'll get to see the movie eventually . . . and I'm going to see the show on Broadway in May!!!! *phangirl squee-age*

And now I'm off to Genetics!

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Yay, I have my computer back! However, I lost all the music (except for the stuff I'd downloaded from Ares), pictures, backgrounds, etc. I'd saved on my computer :'( . . . I still have my AIM profile and buddy icon, but none of my away messages (and I had over 20) . . . It seems that when IT got rid of the viruses on my computer, they deleted everything else on my C drive too--grrr! I had two of the CompCon guys try to figure out what was wrong, but they couldn't find my stuff either . . . yeah, so I'm sort of upset about that . . . .

Tomorrow's SU's homecoming, and apparently they have Macy's-style balloons in the parade--Erin and I are going to be "balloon-carriers". 'twill be interesting . . . and we'll probably get them stuck in trees . . . hehe

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Only one thing to say: late night fire drills at Smith (my dorm) have to stop!!!!

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