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I've decided to make an icons-only journal, since I've been making a ton of icons lately and probably will continue making more (and Allegra convinced me as well--hehe) . . . As such, I'll most likely stop posting icons in this journal and just post them in my new one, which is [ profile] daydream_icons--I'd love if you'd check it out (especially those of you who make icons as well) and give me feedback on how I can improve my icon-ing skills ;)

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I just found a community called [ profile] phantom_icons, which is *all* PotO icons! They're mostly from the new movie (and I don't know how they're getting all these pictures--I haven't seen most of them!), but some from the stage musical as well . . . look at the prettiness (sp?) :
(from [ profile] lacrimaeveneris)

EDIT: sadly, it didn't work properly--'tis supposed to change pictures and have the entire verse . . .

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These probably won't be very good, since they're my first attempts, so I'll gladly take advice and hints from any of you people with icon skills :) For all but one of these, I found the pictures online and then added the text . . . here goes: attempts at icons )

Making icons is fun--I have even more ideas for Phantom ones, and I have plenty of pictures to use for Josh ones--hehe . . . Goodnight!

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Look! I've changed the layout of my journal a bit! I switched to the "old style" so I can (hopefully) customise it a bit more . . .

I finally figured out how to change my comments link :) Right now it says "__ wishes""close your eyes, make a wish, count to three . . ." (from Willy Wonka) . . . although I may change it to "__ dreamers""only dreamers have worlds where they can fly far away" or "only dreamers have wings with which to fly far away" or "dreamers have shooting stars they chase" or "to dreamers the real world can be unreal"
Comment time: should I use "wishes" or "dreamers" (and then which dreamers one?) for my comments [arg, that sounded redundant!]

Does anyone know how to change the mood/music thingy in the old style? I couldn't find the code for it . . .

And finally, I'm thinking about maybe putting in a background picture, like Allegra has--any suggestions for what I should use?

Sorry for all the questions--I'll try to *really* update tomorrow . . .

[in case anyone was wondering, the "dreamers" comment texts are lines from Sarah Brightman's song, "Dreamers" from her Encore album]

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This is my 100th entry!! :D

Here's a little something I was playing around with, because I absolutely LOVE MasterCard commercials :D

Josh Groban Debut album: $18.00
1 year membership to Friends of Josh Groban: $40
Fan Club version of Closer: $29.99
PBS concert CD/DVD: $29.88
2 tickets to DC concert at Constitutional Hall: $130
Grobanite Penlight: $3
Concert program: $20
Tour Shirt and souvineers: $50

Seeing Josh perform live and THUDDING in person:

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