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Exactly what it says on the tin:

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Snagged from [ profile] nentari:

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In other news, I think I want to thin out my icons a bit so I can add more Austen and DW ones . . . the problem is, I'm not sure which ones I want to remove.

Also, I've discovered it's somewhat difficult to find soft yarn in TARDIS blue that isn't expensive. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've picked up a ball each of Caron SimplySoft (on separate occasions) in Dark Country Blue and Country Blue--I like the softness (and I've heard it knits up nicely, too), but neither is the right colour. It seems as though the perfect shade would be somewhere between the two.

I did find the *perfect* colour at the awesome yarn shop we went to last Saturday, but it was 100% wool (which I generally find a bit itchy) and nearly $7 for only about 100g.


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Yay! I've survived my first week of work! Well, technically it's the third summer I've had this job, but oh well. My DVD of To the Lighthouse finally came on Monday, which was an Exciting Thing (I'd ordered it at the begining of the month, but since it was delivered to school after I'd gone home for the summer it took an extra week to get to me). Have I mentioned before that the BBC rocks at movie adaptations of novels? Well, they do. Except I was disappointed that they wrote William Bankes out of the movie--he's one of my favourite characters in the novel, after Lily Briscoe of course.

And finally, as stolen from [ profile] britishness:
Why am I on your friends list?
Answer and post this in your journal. I want to tell you about you, too.


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Today I had a bit of a fun day (for a weekday, that is) . . . we had a discussion day in US History, and then I vacuumed our dorm--you can tell you have a small dorm when you can vacuum the entire room without running out of cord! All of us went to lunch and then [this is where the fun part starts] Sarah said she wanted to go to the used bookstore on Market Street to see if they had the 6th book in the Left Behind series, so Dana and I went with her, after the three of us got our wallets.

'Twas the first time I'd been in the bookstore, and I really liked it--'tis a small, one-room place, with books everywhere. I gravitated to the European Literature section and was saddened that it was only one shelf (Amer. Lit. was 2) and there was no Tennyson in the poetry section :( I considered buying Jane Eyre but decided against it because I didn't really want it in hardback . . . I wandered around the store scouring all the paperbacks and found Little Women, The Scarlett Letter, and Dante's Inferno (which I've always wanted to read) . . . When I asked the owner if he had any Tennyson, he said he thought he did, and then proceded to look throughout the entire store--after about 10 minutes or so (perhaps longer) he found a Tennyson anthology that he said he'd let me have for $3, but I didn't take it because I was really looking for The Idylls of the King (another one I've always wanted to read) . . . so I just got the other three books--for a grand total of $2.12 :D As we were leaving the store (I felt bad for making Dana and Sarah wait so long for me), I saw the sign for the Selinsgrove Dance Studio, which is apparently right behind the bookstore--when we got back to campus, I tried looking it up, but all I could find on it was the phone number . . . I really want to start dancing again--maybe I could stop by sometime next weekend (since this weekend is fall break *squee!) to see which classes they offer and such . . .

hmm, I read my lab for O. Chem. tomorrow while sitting in a sunbeam and listening to Eden . . . I took a nice nap at 4ish--it took me about half an hour or so to fall asleep and then I slept for an hour . . . then went to a quick dinner with Dana and Erin [do you think my journal entries are too boring?] before going to the weekly Gospel Choir exec meeting--I'm the treasurer, and it's the first time I've ever been an officer for anything (last week was my first meeting as treasurer, so 'twas rather overwhelming) . . . then there was much O.Chem-ness, which I should probably return to now . . .


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Quizilla has their search function back up, so I took some literary quizzes . . . and since I'm done with class at noon today, I shall write an actual update *audible gasp* this afternoon . . .

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and now I'm off to Genetics!

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You're a literary minded as the Bard himself!
You are a complete literary geek, from knowing the
classics (even the not-so-well-known classics
and tidbits about them) to knowing devices used
in writing, when someone has a question about
literature, they can bring it to you and rest
assured; you know the answers.

How much of a literary geek are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
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hmm . . . I think I should update . . . hehe. *Points at icon* Look, it's one of my new ones! :D . . . Let's see, where did I leave off? Ah, yes, Friday (the 13th--dun dun dun): After the "flooding" of the lab on Thursday, nothing really exciting (or horrible) happened on Friday. 'Twas actually rather slow at the lab, if I recall correctly . . . my mom and I were going to go to the movie theatre to see The Princess Diaries, but then we remembered that the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics were on and watched them with my dad. My dad and I *loved* the introduction, where James Earl Jones' distinctive voice was narrating about Ancient Greece with the theme from Jurassic Park in the background---go John Williams!! [sidenote--I wonder what he would have thought if at the time he wrote his Olympic themes for the '72 and '96 Games he would have known that they would become the "unofficial" themes for all following Games? . . . . ok, that was a rather confusing sentence, and I think I confused myself too] Of course, since 'twas Friday night and I didn't have to get up early on Sat, I stayed up rather late and read fanfiction . . . *looks sheapish* (is that even spelled right? *ponders*)

Saturday was fun, as I had my birthday party with my Wellsboro friends. Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl came for pizza and movies--Low-C came for about 15 minutes during her lunch break right after everyone else came and we talked for a little bit on my porch. She didn't have my present wrapped yet, but she gave me a pretty circlet-thingy from the Laurel Festival as a sort of birthday hat/crown :). I let Sarah, Karen, and G-Girl pick out one of my CDs to listen to while we ate (more like demolished . . . we also had help from Alexander) our pizza--'twas a unanimous vote for Norah Jones because that was the only CD they recognised (as the rest of my CD collection is various soundtracks, John Williams scores, Enya, Sarah Brightman, and Josh *waves flags for film scores and crossover*) We talked about fun times in elementary and middle school while listening to my CD of randomness--I hadn't realised how much I missed talking with them . . . At around 4 or so (they'd come over at 1ish) we hopped into Sarah's truck and headed to Video King to rent something. We didn't find anything we really wanted to watch, but G-Girl had brought her copy of The Reduced Shakespeare Company's "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare", which was hilarious! 'Tis a 90-minute video featuring three actors presenting Shakespeare's entire works in front of a live audience . . . they don't actually act all of the plays though--they do all the histories as one (Amer.) football game and merge the comedies into a "mega-play" type thing . . . I'd recommend it ('twould be great for a SU movie night if we can find a copy--I bet the library might have one) . . .

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I think this entry's gone on long enough, but I have just one more thing--I'm contemplating changing my default icon to this:
           Any thoughts?
Oh, and if anyone was wondering, I only used an lj-cut because this post was really long without it and I didn't want to take up so much space on your Friends pages . . .
~Mythy/Lily/Michelle :D

Quiz me!

Jul. 20th, 2004 11:34 pm
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Yes, I know, I promised I'd actually update . . . but I didn't feel like it so I'm just posting quizzes . . . (yes, I do feel like a git now, especially since I've been saying I'll update for about a week . . .)

Congratulations, you are a lit-geek

Are you a lit geek?

The comment in the result read "congratulations, you probably spend your life, quoting shakespeare, and correcting people's grammar"
How true is that? [and there definately are too many commas in that sentence . . .grrr]

You are Juliet...a veritable drama queen and a hopeless romantic. You'd rather die than not get what you want.

Which delightful storybook heroine are you?

Wrong about the "headstrong" part, methinks and the "drama queen" bit is quite wrong . . .

grr . . . Quizilla's being evil--I can't get on the site :\

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Time for another exciting update from the world of Michelle [or Lily, for my Grobie friends ;)] . . . my LaunchCast station is grrfully not working right now and I'm on my brother's computer so I can't listen to my Media Player stuff . . . however, I found a nice Classical Crossover station on MSN so all is well . . .

I talked to Erin in London for a bit on Saturday and had fun going to the Brit links on her website, plus felt loved because she posted a few pictures just for me on her website: a shot of the West End (London's theatre district) and a picture of a restaruant called "Virginia Woolf's Grills, Burgers, & Pasta" . . . I wonder if they have Boeuf en Daube . . . hehe. Your pictures are lovely, Erin! Also on Saturday, my family babysat my "adopted" aunt's daughter, Elizabeth (I always have to refrain from calling her Miss Dalloway), who was adopted from China and is adorable. After dinner, we played with her outside--I must have blown bubbles for almost an hour! She absolutely loved the bubbles and tried to catch all of them . . . I don't really like small children all too much, but Elizabeth is alright . . . in small doses . . .

Sunday I sang with my church choir again--'twas fun and I really realised how much I missed singing in a choir--chorus was one of the things I enjoyed most about high school and I was quite saddened when I couldn't join the choir at SU--'tis audition only and you have to be really good to get in (but they sound awesome) . . . I also got to talk to Low-C, which was great since I haven't really talked to her much since the last time I came home for break . . . we're trying to decide whether we want to go see PoA on opening night right after her graduation or whether we want to go to Kylie's party right after graduation and then see PoA on Saturday . . . I think we're leaning towards the former. I filled her in on the movie of PotO and I think we're probably going to see that too . . . we also wondered about how John Williams was going to be able to score Star Wars 3 and Indy 4 at the same time, and then decided that he can do it because he's John Williams . . . there was also slight squee-age over "Remember Me" . . . ;) My family and I went to the mall after lunch and my mom and I looked for something to get my friend Alicia for her wedding gift. While we were passing FYE, I saw a sign advertising something about PoA for $19.99--my first thought was "OOH! The soundtrack's out already!!" and I proceded to rush across the hallway-type thing to check it out . . . unfortunately, 'twas just the video game, but I still checked the soundtrack section just in case . . . I'm such a John Williams fangirl (and it's probably my dad's fault too--he has the original albums for the SW trilogy, ET, Close Encounters, Superman . . . etc). I looked at a bunch of Andrew Lloyd Webber collections and then headed over to the piano/sheet music store to see if they had the sheet music for Closer yet . . . they do, but I didn't have any money with me . . . oh well . . . I better stop now, since my brother sort of wants to use his computer now . . . farewell and have a great day!

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in about forever . . . Let's see . . . Friday evening Dana, Erin, and I went to SU Squares, which was quite fun :) Erin and I both won SU shirts in the drawing and then tried to catch a shirt for Dana when they were being thrown into the audience. 'Twas funny because Erin submitted some of the questions and Dana, since she's in SAC and they were in charge of the whole thing, had typed up most of the questions, so they knew a bunch of the answers! Then we watched Tues' episode of American Idol that we'd taped . . . go red-haired John!! We then started watching Lyle the Kindly Viking, but stopped after Omelette, because Dana didn't like it (she'd never seen Veggie Tales before) . . . Omelette was a parody of Hamlet and 'twas hilarious! hehe . . . Dana then brought Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory down and we watched it, because Erin had never seen it. Dana and I of course sang along with all the songs, and she quoted most of the movie . . . hehe . . . ooh! If anyone is a literary geek like me and has always wondered what Willy Wonka's quoting (most of the random things he says are literary quotes), go to Google and type in "literary references in Willy Wonka" . . . . . . of course, no movie watched with my SU friends would be complete without a crossover to another movie: As Willy Wonka shows the children the nifty boat, he says "All I ask is a tall ship and a star to sail 'er by" in a pirate-y voice . . . and who is playing Willy Wonka in the remake? Johnny Depp . . . . so of course I said, "Willy Sparrow! or Jack Wonka!" hehe . . . [although my Grobie friends would agree with NYConnie ;)]

Saturday morning, I was supposed to go to Cocolaumus with some others from SAVE (Students Advocating the Value of the Environment . . . or something like that) for recylcing at 10, but I didn't hear my alarm go off at 8:30. I woke up at noon, noticed the time, realised I'd missed Cocolaumus, felt bad, went back to sleep, and woke up again at 2:30ish [Rehta--I'm trying to break myself of the same sleep habits you have, except on weekdays I can't sleep in because I have class]. Erin, Dana, Lori, and I went to the Lily Cai Dance Co. performance in the evening, which was a really nifty performance of Chinese dance with long red ribbons and such . . . I enjoyed it, although I prefer a more traditional sort of dance . . . I miss ballet and pointe sooo much :( . . . maybe I can take summer classes when I'm on holiday (haha--that's what comes from reading too much HP and other British lit!)? After the performance, we went back to Erin's room, where I got a tasty bagel--I hadn't had anything to eat since the English Breakfast tea (EBtea) and muffin I had at around 4. Erin, Dana, and I went back to my room with Erin's copy of Seabiscuit, but never ended up watching it---instead, we had a "girl talk" session, talking about everything from crushes to grring people's judgements to admiring Erin's scarf knitting skills. Sara dropped by after her swing dance (for which the SU Jazz Band provided live music) . . . . all in all, I had a fun weekend--I love you guys! *HUGS*

Now I'm going to bug all my non-Grobie friends by quite ecstatically saying . . .
5 days till Low-C and I see Josh!! :D
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You're Virginia Woolf! You're known for your unique
"stream of consciousness writing",
though it's a mystery why- it simply means that
you ramble on about everything you notice and
have extreme difficulty staying on topic. You
are bitter about men's power and think women
should take over. You've suffered several
nervous breakdowns and are constantly
depressed. Cheer up, because staying on this
path never turns out well.

Which famous author are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
but I *like* stream-of-consciousness . . . of course, I do tend to ramble on . . . like in my lj and journal entries . . . like now, actaually . . .

Virginia Woolf

Which Author's Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
the first half of my username *is* from a Woolf novel! (To the Lighthouse, to be exact)

You are Virginia Woolf!

What The Hours character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla
I'm not crazy, I'm eccentric--hehe . . .
(and the name of this quiz should be "which" not "what"--grr)

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