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I has a comm!!

You know you want to. ^_^

I was wandering about on Ravelry today and found out from the RaveLibrarians forum that CafePress has some very fun things, some of which I think are fantastic:
Library silliness )

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I have an interview for the GSLIS programme at Simmons College on Thursday. My mom and I are leaving early tomorrow morning by bus (12 hours—fun). I'm a bit nervous, of course, but hopefully things will turn out well. We're staying a week, so we'll be doing other things as well—my family used to live in Boston (my parents met there and both my brother and I were born there) and we've been back several times for vacation and such as well.

What's been going since my last post? Not much, really. I've mostly just been reading, knitting, and working at the library. I had my once-a-month Saturday at the library this past weekend, where I learned how not to go about issuing a new applicant library card (all was well, though), among other things. Speaking of knitting, I've gotten to the shoulder colourwork on Murray the cuddle Dalek (no pictures yet) and have a promising yarn in mind for my "Misty Garden" Charley scarf (Yes, I'm linking my post on [ profile] charleysangels--I don't feel like reuploading the pictures). [And yes, [ profile] lowc, your gushing over the Manos Silk Blend on Ravelry was quite instrumental in this.]

A few quizzes: The Time Travel Test )

Oh, and one more thing before I go. When I get back, I'm going to start on the Doctor/Companion/Master/Villain profile banners I promised I'd make for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil KAL of Awesome. Sooo, which Companion am I most like? Feel free to choose from any serial/audio/novel/etc. (it doesn't matter if I'm familiar with said choice, either) and explain why. Thanks!

And now I’m really going to bed. I don’t want to do so too late as we’re leaving quite early in the morning. (This from the girl who usually stays up until half one or later.)

Good night!

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I finally finished the basketweave scarf I was making for my dad's Christmas present (I wrapped up the half-completed scarf--with a stitch keeper so it wouldn't unravel--so he could open it on Christmas, then commandeered it back so I could continue knitting)! I actually cast off and wove in the ends on Friday(?) but I hadn't gotten around to posting it yet.

scarf pictures under the cut! )

I'm halfway through my felted tea cosy! It's huge right now (I could probably wear it as a hat--and I've not gotten to the decreases to make the dome yet!) and I'm hoping it'll shrink down enough when I actually felt it.

tea cosy and yarny goodness )

[ profile] who_knits is having a Good vs. Evil knit-along, which is finally going to motivate me to make penwiper's Extermaknit. I'm also planning on finishing my cuddly TARDIS and possibly making a pair of Rose's Doomsday mitts (because they're made of awesome). Of course, I need to learn how to cable first.

And yesterday was my first day at the local library--after some financial stuff and a tour of where the offices and such are upstairs (the library used to be a big gorgeous house), I got to shelve things. ^_^


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