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Because I'm not sleepy, I took a few online quizzes (the first snagged from [ profile] petitmayfaircat):

quizzes! )

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gah . . . the Internet has been down in Seibert at least since 5pm--when I came back from dinner at 5:30, there was no Internet, but it could gone before that because I'd been out of my room since 3 . . . anyways, it's almost 1AM now, and I had to come down to the Seibert computer lab (which thankfully still does have the Internet) to check on something for my O.Chem exam for tomorrow (which I'm studying for right now) . . . I'm rather worried about this exam too, since it's all on mechanisms and I don't understand them very well . . .

Well, let's hope the Internet returns to Seibert tomorrow, I do well on my O.Chem. exam, I'll get a head start on writing my Christmas cards (I still don't have your addresses, Sara and Ian--would you like cards?), I will not be vanquished by the tricky turns in our Ballroom Club lesson, and the SAVE suite will be deserted so I can practise my pointé again . . . Cross your fingers for me? (especially for my exam!!) *crosses fingers and hopes all will go well*

I better get back up to my room so I can finish studying . . . (this has been a very welcome diversion)

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Well, I'll have to fill you in on Alicia's wedding and the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks tomorrow, since 'tis about 1:00 . . . but I *have* to write about today . . .

this is going to be a looong post, so I'm lj-cutting it )

I can't believe we did so much today--I love my SU friends!! *huggles* Tomorrow continues Fall Frenzy with inflatables and such until 4--I bet we'll have a movie night in one of our rooms . . . I've missed those--especially the semi-random comments/quotate of other movies . . . :D

Thanks for a great day, guys!

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Only one thing to say: late night fire drills at Smith (my dorm) have to stop!!!!
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This test taken @, where you can take more tests than any human should. :D

hmm . . . I don't think 'tis true . . . ok, maybe a little bit . . . ;)

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We have a severe winter storm warning here in Selinsgrove---apparently a big snowstorm is supposed to hit Sunday afternoon or something . . . I don't want to have a blizzard or anything, but I wouldn't mind getting a few inches of snow . . .oooh, then we can frolic in the snow again!! :D

Seriously, college is like kindergarten all over again  . . . only with homework and harder classes: we frolic in the snow, talk thru movies and laugh hysterically at quotes we make up (even during depressing movies like The Hours,which I loved, by the way), cookies/chocolate/crackers and other snacks must be stocked, snowstorms = snowfights and frolicking, and last but not least . . . NAPTIME!!

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