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Senior Week has been rather fun so far: lots of movies (including quite a bit of JA ::joys::), crafting, general fun, and a few new "members" interested in ODD. ^_^

Remember the Jane Austen heroine quiz I posted a while back? (I've included the link as you probably don't remember) I've also taken the "Who is your Jane Austen hero?" one, but I keep forgetting to post it, so here it is! Any guesses?

I could never love a man who was out of his wits )

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I realised I never posted the rest of the answers to the movie quote survey thing I posted earlier this month. Almost of the quotes were guessed (well done!), but here are the answers to the rest:

I suppose a man may eat his own muffins in his own garden! )

[ profile] lowc wins with eight correct answers and [ profile] squeakars gets second with four--you may take your pick of Honeydukes chocolate, Wonka bars, or tea-cake (because Algy won't let you have any muffins).

And I've found there are actually quite a few Jane Austen quizzes on Quizilla, so I took several (only posting one, though).

It is a truth universally acknowledged . . . )

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US History was pretty good today for three reasons: 1) Class started 15 minutes later at 8:30, 2) We had a speaker that talked about a book he's writing about the historical significance of the boxing matches between Max Schmeling and Joe Louis, 3) We got out 20 minutes early at 9:30 (usually the class is from 8:15-9:50, so we had about half-an-hour less of class!)
And now for some ponderings, blatantly ripped off from Shakespeare ;) . . .

To upgrade, or not to upgrade: that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to purchase
And so play with mood sets and use more icons,
Or to be satisfied with a free acount
And therefore save my money?

To those with paid accounts: should I upgrade? (oh, and I'll email you those pictures for the colourbar, Dawn--I was just trying to find another one) and now back to my O. Chem. lab reports . . .


oh, and A&E's Pride & Prejudice is officially my new favourite mini-series now . . . *deep sigh*

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Here's the update I promisted! I'm putting it behind an LJ-cut as it's quite long (2 pages in Word!) because Friday and Saturday were quite eventful . . .

the weekend, so far )


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Anne Elliot
You are Anne Elliott from Persuasion. You
might also be Harriet Smith from Emma,
or Fanny Price from Mansfield Park or
possibly even Jane Fairfax from Emma.
People underestimate you all the time. You are
somewhat introverted, so it is assumed that
other people can persuade you to do anything,
or even think that they can roll right over
you, even when they mean to be doing you a good
deed. The good news is, you have it within
yourself to stand up and take charge-- you know
what's right, and you know what you want, after
all! It's just a matter of speaking up!

Which Jane Austen Character Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

I still haven't finished Pride and Prejudice . . . oh well . . .

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