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Happy Birthday, [ profile] ardentlyadmire!

I hope you have a wonderful day! ^_^

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Happy birthday, [ profile] diddakoi!

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For [ profile] nentari:

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For [ profile] petitmayfaircat:

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Happy birthday, [ profile] lowc!

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I think I'm going to use this as my default "I-haven't-updated-in-forever" icon. Or something of the sort. Because I have to get up earlyish to go to work tomorrow and am going to bed very soon (i.e. probably reading for a little in bed), I'm just going to do a quick post and will quite possibly write more tomorrow.

Things going on at the moment:
* I'm quite enjoying working at the bookstore.
* [ profile] lowc came home for her summer break and there was much watching of British shows, knitting, and bookshopping. ^_^
* I finally got my Ravelry invite today! =D Knitters/crocheters: the invites are coming much quicker now that they have the new servers, so check the site out.
* My computer is being taken to the IT people at my mom's work--hopefully they'll be able to devirus/fix it. ::crosses fingers:: (As such, I'm presently on my parents' computer)
* I'm retaking the GRE next month.
* I went to my first book club meeting ever yesterday. One of the bookstore's co-owners is organising it and she's making things pretty laid-back. At least one other member has not been in a book club either, so I'm not the only one (which is always good).

And I think it's bedtime now.


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Yes, there is a post o' the rest of the week coming, but I felt I had to write this one first:

We made our Omicron letters!! :D

Steph, Erin, and Micky are making theirs in true ODD fashion--that is, each letter is of a different fabric. I wanted mine to be pretty, though, so mine are all the same fabric. I've got a navy blue shirt and star letters: the fabric is light blue and has lovely yellow and white stars on. :D And I used silver shiny puffy paint. Erin and I also puffy painted the unofficial offical quote of ODD on the backs of our shirts, which of course is "We're all mad here" ;) How I love that quote.

There's a VeggieTales spoof of The Mikado called "Sumo of the Opera," which Erin and I watched to-day (before the season finale of Numb3rs--we're such geeks, but it's so much fun *smiles*) . . . and apparently they're coming out with "Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Samson's Hairbrush"--which is a spoof of the Indiana Jones movies . . . clearly we have to see this.

Speaking of Harrison Ford, we're also watching Witness either to-night or to-morrow (yay for the "(What a) Wonderful World" scene) . . . we've rented so many movies this week . . .


(blame the hyper-ness on the amount of chocolate I consumed during Numb3rs)
((Season Finale of CSI next week--it's two hours, too!))

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Before I forget . . . Happy Birthday Shakespeare! :)

Yesterday was such a great day: first of all, 'twas Earth Day, which is always a happy thing. And it was nice and cool, too, in the 50s I think--more actual Spring weather than it's been. O.Chem actually was okay, because we're doing carbohydrates and nucleic acids and proteins (stuff I actually understand because it's biology, really). And Systematics was genuinely interesting--Dr. Holt talked about finding fossils and extinct plants and such. I had to sit at the tables in Deg again for SAVE, but it wasn't too bad because it wasn't busy at all. We did an utterly confusing lab in Systematics and Modern Philosophy was dysfunctional: Dr. Whitman was 15 minutes late to class (but sent someone to tell us he *was* going to be showing up). Then he read us a poem-like thing about some of the many phrases Shakespeare added to the English language and Kelly gave her bibliographical sketch. By the time we actually started talking about philosophy, almost half of the class had gone by. When I got back from classes, I went to Isaacs, which luckily was open, to practise the "amens" at the end of "Total Praise" . . . then talked to Erin for a little bit and did some chem . . .

in which the Chapel Council semi-formal actually happens )

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Wow . . . this week went by really fast and I never got to update from last weekend . . . so here it is (rather belated—and if it hadn’t been such a great weekend, I probably would have just decided not to write one):

Friday (the 11th, that is—I started writing this last Sat. in Word) This has been a wonderfully fun weekend so far. After the craziness of the week, it felt good to relax . . . However, the school day didn't go very well: after going to bed so late on Thursday night (well, technically early Friday morning), I didn't understand a single thing in O. Chem.; we identified the algae specimen wrong in Systematics; I had to forego a real lunch again, eating a muffin while trying to read stuff for Philosophy, which I didn't end up doing because my printer decided to randomly not work and I was trying to figure out why; I got an 86% on my Statistics test, when I'd gotten As on all the quizzes (darn multiple choice tests with no partial credit!); and I had to try so hard not to fall asleep in Philosophy--not that it was boring, because our discussions are always quite interesting, but I was so tired, and I kept on yawning . . .

I tried to take a nap a short while after I came back from classes, but 'twas too quiet in my room and there was too much stuff going on in my head, so I made myself a "Lullaby" playlist on Media Player of all the softer music I have--like the themes from Jurassic Park and Schindler's List, Josh Groban's "Gira Con Me Questa Notte" and "Mi Mancheri", Sarah Brightman's "Dans La Nuit" and "Nelle Fantasia", and about half of my Enya songs--'tis about 5 hours (I have 55 hours of music) . . . happily, the music helped me fall asleep, and I was able to take an hour-and-a-half nap before making myself a quick dinner of a peanut butter-and-jelly sandwich and Lady Grey dinner (yes, rather odd combination) before Gospel Choir (which went rather well)

the rest of my weekend )

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I'm soo glad 'tis the weekend and everything's over (well, at least until our next project) . . . I think I shall actually update in a little bit, after I clean the room (because it really needs vacuuming) . . . Wow, that was a random change in song styles: Loreena McKennitt to "Good Morning, Starshine" (the Oliver version--I sadly don't have the Sarah Brightman one) . . .

I've had a parcel waiting for me in the mailroom since Thurs, but unfortunately 'twill have to wait until Monday because it's closed on weekends . . . 'tis probably a Valentine's parcel from my parents . . . . which reminds me, I really need to write my valentines and send them out . . .

Anyway, I should probably post the reason for my post, right? (and that was semi-redundant) . . . This is stolen from Erin, Erin, and Jess:

If you read this, even if I don't speak to you often, you must post a memory of me. It can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.
Then, post this to your journal. See what people remember about you.


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Happy Christmas!! :D

And a big Thank You to everyone who sent me Christmas cards! :)


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I know, I know, I haven't updated in forever . . .

Last Sunday (the 5th) was the SU Chorale/Choir/Orchestra Christmas Masterworks concert--the first half was the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah and the second half was various Chritmas songs . . . The Hallelujah Chorus was amazing!

Tuesday was the Candlelight Service--I went with Dana and Nate . . . the whole service was beautiful and Chaplain used a wonderful metaphor about how the fish in his pond can't understand what he does for them and wouldn't be able to understand what he was unless he became a fish, just like how God had to become human before people could understand what he does for us . . . Choir and Chorale sang a few more songs (they'd opened up singing surrounding the congregation) and "Silent Night" with everyone on the stage and in the congregation holding their candles was just gorgeous . . . oh, I don't know if any of you get WVIA or not (it's a PBS station), but if you do, the Candlelight Service will be aired on Christmas Eve and the Masterworks concert will be aired on Christmas Day.

Nothing much happened between Tuesday and Friday (except I found out I hadn't totally failed my O.Chem exam on Monday--I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I did better than I thought--at least I didn't fail), but 'tis late (and I should probably do more O.Chem study-age--I'm taking a break right now), so I shall write about this weekend tommorow--I'll use it as a study break . . .

I leave you with these parting thoughts: pickles conduct electricity without being burnt to a crisp, a bag of blood will light a light bulb, and pig fetuses floating in formaldehyde (yay alliteration!!) do not make good office-warming gifts . . . (I *heart* CSI--Dana's gotten me addicted)

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in forever (at least a week, methinks). Since it's late (and I'm tired), though, I'll just write a brief snippet . . .

*I have gotten my roomie addicted to fanfiction (CSI fics, specifically)! I introduced her to the music of Josh Groban, she introduced me to the awesome-ness that is CSI, and I've introduced her to the ever-addicting she says it's her turn again . . .
*The Masterworks concert and Candlelight service were lovely and both will be broadcast on WVIA on Christmas Day and Eve, respectively
*I've semi-finished my colourbar--the picture is done, but I don't know how to link it and turn it into an actual colourbar . . .
*we have decided 'twould be nifty to make "CSI: Seibert"--the first episode shall be called "Let Them Eat Cake" and will be about Kelly's missing half a cake (I really think we should do this--'twould be so much fun!)
*Dana, Erin, Kelly, and I watched 6 episodes of CSI this evening (Dana has the first three seasons on DVD) :)
*I really need to do a *ton* of O.Chem study-age tomorrow :\

(I really want to get a paid account now, so I can have more icons and finally use my spiggy mood set

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I'm finally updating--shocking, I know. This won't be a full update, however, since I have to write my notecards for my Genetics group presentation at 10 . . . I'm soooo glad 'tis Friday. I'll probably write an actually update later today, so I shall leave you with a list of some happy things for today . . .

The moments of happiness . . . )


Did I mention I'm working on an icon song-set? I can't remember if I did in a previous entry or not . . . anyways, I'm about halfway through (well, maybe a bit less) and I really like how it's coming along :) I shall post it in my icon journal, [ profile] daydream_icons, when I've finished

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Hmm . . . I'm thinking I should probably update, since I haven't done so in hmm .. . about a week? *hangs head and hits self with wet noodles* Noodles . . . I miss the caf having pasta everyday . . . oookay, *must* stop going on random tangents . . .

week in rewind . . . (and fast forward--hehe) )

To-morrow is Thanksgiving break!! WOOT! (I still have my 8:15 US History class, but I'm going home, so it's alright *starts singing S&G's "American Tune"*) O.Chem was interesting today--in the middle of lecture, the big light bulb in the projector thingy blew out and made us all jump. My professor said something along the lines of "I guess you weren't supposed to have class today" . . . then continued teaching . . . My Genetics exam wasn't too bad, but I'm worried and think I messed the entire thing up because I was finished around 11 (the class is 10-12), and I finished about half an hour before anyone else, so I was paranoid and checked my answers at least 3 or 4 times . . .

I'm excited for this evening! Happy thing the first: Erin's going downtown with me at around 4ish--we're going to try to find the dance studio and I'm going to inquire about classes . . . I really want to take ballet/pointe again, but I'll have to see how much classes are and make sure they don't interfere with my school schedule (plus, I don't really want to be walking back to campus late at night, even though Selinsgrove is small for a college town . . .) *crosses fingers* Happy thing the second: Today is the first meeting/lesson of SU's Ballroom Dancing Club!! One of the physics profs is the advisor and we're learning the waltz today . . . I'm so excited--I've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance! *bounces*

In other completely random news, I made a paper snowflake today . . . Because I Can!

I hope I'll be able to update a bit when I go home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow, but if not, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll be back on Sunday! :D

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My VCR is now officially evil--Not only has it eaten one of my PBS tapes and the Josh tape that had the two Ally episodes (tux Josh! *sobs*), but now it has eaten my copy of The Princess Bride :( I guess this means I'll have to ask my parents if they can tape the AMAs tomorrow (but I'll still watch it of course . . . and I hope Josh wins!!)

my not-so-very-exciting weekend )


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My roomie and I were just listening to "What is This Feeling?" in stereo--we played it on both our Media Players and we actually managed to synchronise it :D

more roommate insanity )

Nothing much happened yesterday, except Dana and I watched CSI and Danielle came over to watch ER . . . and we cleaned our room and such . . .

Wednesday we had an exam in O. Chem--I completely messed up the page on the E1/E2 mechanisms, but I came up with almost the right structure for the IR/NMR problem (which was 30pts on a 100pt test!) . . . we started a lab in Genetics where we are going to study our own DNA by running our cheek cells through various tests and such . . . O.Chem lab actually went quite well--'twasn't too hard and I didn't mess up . . . much. There was blood drive in the gym, so I went over after lab--I was glad I'd brought a book (The Beekeeper's Apprentice), because I had to wait about 2 hours . . . I was quite happy because I passed the iron test (the first time I tried to give blood, over the summer, I was turned away because my iron count wasn't high enough)--probably because I'd had a chicken sandwich with green leafy lettuce from Encore for dinner . . . it actually didn't hurt too much--just a bit of stinging at first (I laughed at myself because I noticed that the tubes they used for extra blood [for testing] were green top heperine [I think] and purple-top SSTs ;) The things you learn while working at a hospital lab for a summer . . .) When I got back to the dorm, I called my mom and talked to my parents for a little while . . . Dana and I didn't feel like doing work at all . . . so we didn't ;) I renewed my FoJG membership--2nd year members get a YRMU shirt, a 24-page calender (*SQUEE!!*) and a very THUD and swoon-worthy screen saver . .. *happy sigh*

Nothing much of import has happened today . . . yet . . . but if something does occur, I shall write about it later . . .

OOH!! The PotO movie theatrical trailer is now up on Yahoo!! *bounces* 'twas a bit choppy on my computer, but the movie looks sooo good . . . (although I'm a bit nervous about the singing--I hope it will be good as well) PotO theatrical trailer

an herbal quiz )

(who's not mad, just slightly nutters)

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Hmm . . . I think I shall update . . .

Friday morning at around 1:00, Richie IMed me saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat . . . so he, Sarah, Em, and I went to the Four Seasons diner (its open 24/7) and they got breakfast foods--I got back to my dorm at around 2ish! O.Chem was bad because Blackboard *still* wasn't up, so I couldn't print off the lecture notes beforehand . . . we did more practice problems in Genetics--it took Jess and I about an hour to do one of them (it had several parts), but luckily we're going to finish them up on Monday in class, so we didn't have to do them for homework . . . after Gospel Choir, we went to the "Breathe Step Stomp" step show sponsored by BSU (yay for aliteration!)--'twas rather good, although the music started to get to me after awhile because it was *really* loud (even though we were in the balcony) . . . Erin, Dana, and I watched a few episodes of CSI (Dana has the first and second seasons on DVD) and I caught a rather ironic (yet nifty) image in the final frame of the "Alter Boys" episode . . . then Danielle joined us and we watched The Land Before Time (the first one!) in the Atrium--we were shocked as we watched the credits and learned that the movie was a Spielburg/Lucas collaboration and James Horner did the score (with Diana Ross singing the end title)!

Hardly anything to write about Saturday, since we didn't do anything--I literally did nothing but O.Chem. (and procrastination) the entire day

Today we (the SU Gospel Choir) sang at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (Chris' church)--our Chaplin preached, too, so it was as though SU was taking over the service . . . hehe. We our songs went quite well, which was a very happy thing :) Erin and I didn't really want to go to the caf for lunch, so we made macaroni and cheese, and Dana joined us for lunch . . . I alternatively did O.Chem. and procrastinated . . . and that's about it for this weekend . . .

A Procrastination Acrostic )

I really want to get my paid account (for my many icons and nifty Sarah mood set), but I think I have to pay for my FoJG account this time and I still need to buy Christmas presents (after I figure out what I'm getting everyone) . . . Speaking about Christmas presents, Rehta, Allegra, and Sara (wow, your names all end in "a"!)--could I have your addresses? I'd love to send you cards over the holidays :) So you don't have to worry about random people seeing your address, you can IM me at :D


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