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That's all I'm going to say for now. I'm a bit sad the series is over, though.

Oh, and comments will most likely be rife with spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows . . .


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I've actually been looking for this for a while and someone finally posted it! (The Dalek referenced to is pretty awesome too).

I need yarn. Road trip?


(ETA: Yes, there is a Doctor Who crafting community on LJ. With Dalek sweets, nonetheless. FTW.)

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Senior Week has been rather fun so far: lots of movies (including quite a bit of JA ::joys::), crafting, general fun, and a few new "members" interested in ODD. ^_^

Remember the Jane Austen heroine quiz I posted a while back? (I've included the link as you probably don't remember) I've also taken the "Who is your Jane Austen hero?" one, but I keep forgetting to post it, so here it is! Any guesses?

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(I’d just typed up this entry and then the window closed before I could post it—grr . . . .)

I haven’t updated in almost a month--sorry about that! "Spring" Break was last week, and as my parents’ computer was overtaken by the virus of d00m, I had to use my brother’s. Since he’s on his computer/playing Halo at almost every waking moment, I was pretty much only online while he was at school. My break was pretty uneventful, but still fun. My mom and I watched quite a few movies—14 if you count Pride and Prejudice as two movies (it’s certainly long enough and it *is* two disks).

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Stolen from [ profile] nentari about a month ago but just getting around to posting it:

Pick 20 movies you love. Pick a quote from each. Have people guess.

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I now have a ticket to the midnight showing of Goblet of Fire! *squee* I didn't think I'd be able to go, but then Courtney IMed me and said she had an extra ticket :D I'm quite looking forward to it because A) it's Goblet of Fire and B) I've never been to a midnight showing before--the theatre in my town is small, and they don't usually have midnight showings . . . unless it's something like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. And there are a bunch of SU people going, too. :)

And to-night is also the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at SU--I wonder which professor we're going to have this year as our server? Whomever we get, I'm sure it won't beat having Dr Johnson freshman year. That was classic.

Also to-night is the conclusion to the two-episode CSI from last week. I'm curious as to how this one's going to work out . . .

Well, I've got to run to the bank, and then it's physics problems like a hatter!


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I have exams in both Cell Bio and Physics this week--the Cell one is on Wed and the Physics one can be taken anytime until Thursday. Ack! I'm more worried about the Cell one because it's going to be mad hard, even though it's open note (however, we can only use handwritten stuffness). We're allowed as much time as we need for the Physics exam--I think I'm going to go in at noon on Thurs . . . hopefully I'll be done by dinner!

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Finished reading Book VI to-night . . . my half-way-through-the book suspicions of the HBP's identity were correct . . . still cannot believe what happened though . . . off to read fanfiction.

That is all.

(afternote: the book was brilliant)

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