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I has a comm!!

You know you want to. ^_^

I was wandering about on Ravelry today and found out from the RaveLibrarians forum that CafePress has some very fun things, some of which I think are fantastic:
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RPG meme!

Dec. 19th, 2007 07:41 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] nentari:

Gather all your Rp journals, list the characters and any au versions you rp. Open the doors to the public side so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that Rp account or if you don't have accounts just to the question given.

These RPGs are no longer active (the first one ended after we played the storyline out and the second was sadly closed due to inactivity), so I'm going to also list the "plot posts" we had so you can see what was going on story-wise. ^_^

From Magic War on GreatestJournal (plot post here):
* Lily Grey (aged 16)
(Fun fact: in this RPG, we chose cartoon/Disney OOC icons for our characters. Unfortunately, GJ changed their icon space numbers so quite a few of mine no longer show up.)

From Epilogs on GJ (plot post here):
* Lily Grey (aged 22)
(Sadly, this one only lasted a few months before it closed.)

Ask away!


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I promised pictures of my current knitting projects, yes? Our Internet has been troublesome lately; I typed this up earlier in the evening in Word which is a bit annoying because then I need to go back and reformat things. Anyway, on to the picspam!

I do love knitting patterns. )

Not quite dimensionally transcendent . . . )

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Surprisingly, my O.Chem final this morning wasn't as evil as I thought 'twould be--'twas difficult, yes, but I think I did pretty well (though I might have confused some of the mechanisms) and I may have even gotten part of the bonus question right! :D I went to lunch with Dana, Erin, and Kelly afterwards . . . and then proceeded to do absolutely nothing. Seriously. Since lunch, I've read maybe 3 chapters of The Scarlet Letter, wandered around on LJ (ooh, I should make some icons--I *still* haven't finished my songset yet), read a bunch of fanfiction, and made yet another paper snowflake to add to my wall (since Selinsgrove has no snow yet *is sad*)--which makes a total of 3. And it's not that I'm slacking off, either--I don't have anything to do. I can't go home until Thursday because of my US History final in the morning, but I don't have anything at all on Wednesday and 'tis impossible to study for my History final because 'tis all analysis . . . As promised, here is weekend-ness:

I *heart* my friends . . . but not O. Chem )

And now I'm all caught up--yay :)

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Wow . . . I haven't updated in forever (at least a week, methinks). Since it's late (and I'm tired), though, I'll just write a brief snippet . . .

*I have gotten my roomie addicted to fanfiction (CSI fics, specifically)! I introduced her to the music of Josh Groban, she introduced me to the awesome-ness that is CSI, and I've introduced her to the ever-addicting she says it's her turn again . . .
*The Masterworks concert and Candlelight service were lovely and both will be broadcast on WVIA on Christmas Day and Eve, respectively
*I've semi-finished my colourbar--the picture is done, but I don't know how to link it and turn it into an actual colourbar . . .
*we have decided 'twould be nifty to make "CSI: Seibert"--the first episode shall be called "Let Them Eat Cake" and will be about Kelly's missing half a cake (I really think we should do this--'twould be so much fun!)
*Dana, Erin, Kelly, and I watched 6 episodes of CSI this evening (Dana has the first three seasons on DVD) :)
*I really need to do a *ton* of O.Chem study-age tomorrow :\

(I really want to get a paid account now, so I can have more icons and finally use my spiggy mood set

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First, I shall finish writing about yesterday, then I shall explain the heading (as if it needed any explanation . . .):

Dana and Danielle went to see the poet at Charlie's in the evening and I was working on homework. Erin invited me over to the suite to watch The Dark Crystal with Dan, Lori, and her. I guess the only way to describe the movie is "amazingly nifty"--Lori, Erin, and I had never seen the movie, and so we kept exclaiming how cute all the odd little creatures were (especially the dog-like ball of fluff) . . . after we finished the movie, we watched the scene where the two main characters try to leave the dog-like ball of fluff as they go on their quest, but it has a temper tantrum: opening it's jaws WIDE, whining, and beating the ground with its two little feet--accompanied by our hysterical laughter. Dan and Lori then went to the "non-alcoholic block party" hosted by the Student Activities Council or something--Erin didn't want to go, so she came to my room and we watched The Empire Strikes Back, which she'd never seen before (*gasp*!) I managed to keep my quotage to a minumun, and only quoted the essential Han/Leia banter ;D Erin said she got me hooked to the SW saga, so we're going to watch Return of the Jedi the weekend after next (fall break is this weekend!). Danielle and Dana came back at 1ish and we all talked about stuff and amused ourselves by looking up how many people there are with common names at SU--hehe.

Today, Dana was performing with the handbell group at Chris' church and Erin decided (this morning) to gather up a bunch of us and go see her. Dana was soo surprised to see Trout, Sarah, Erin, and I sitting there in the pews. Vicky also sat with us. Trout, Erin, Dana, and I went to "lunch" when we came back at around 11:30ish, but since they had mostly brunch-like things, I had a "second breakfast" of scrambled eggs, cocoa, and bagels with strawberrry cream cheese :) . . . then I worked (or tried to work) on the problem set for O.Chem. . . I went to Erin's to make sure I had the right isomers for one of the problems and was introduced to the amazingness that is her friend's website--it includes a section on how to resist squirrels taking over the world and an amazing "practice" AP English test (which is a hilarious parody) . . . I stared at problem 1 for about half an hour trying to figure it out (I'd already done 2 and 3 because the were easy), then decided I was tired and it would probably make more sense after I took a nap. I did, and it made more sense (and Dana helped me a bit) . . . which brings me to now . . . and I think I shall go to dinner . . .


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I just found a community called [ profile] phantom_icons, which is *all* PotO icons! They're mostly from the new movie (and I don't know how they're getting all these pictures--I haven't seen most of them!), but some from the stage musical as well . . . look at the prettiness (sp?) :
(from [ profile] lacrimaeveneris)

EDIT: sadly, it didn't work properly--'tis supposed to change pictures and have the entire verse . . .

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The movie of ALW's PotO opens in 4 months!!!! I'm so excited :D . . . and I think I'm definately going to have to buy the movie poster when it goes on sale . . .
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