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I know, I know, I haven't updated in forever . . .

Last Sunday (the 5th) was the SU Chorale/Choir/Orchestra Christmas Masterworks concert--the first half was the Christmas portion of Handel's Messiah and the second half was various Chritmas songs . . . The Hallelujah Chorus was amazing!

Tuesday was the Candlelight Service--I went with Dana and Nate . . . the whole service was beautiful and Chaplain used a wonderful metaphor about how the fish in his pond can't understand what he does for them and wouldn't be able to understand what he was unless he became a fish, just like how God had to become human before people could understand what he does for us . . . Choir and Chorale sang a few more songs (they'd opened up singing surrounding the congregation) and "Silent Night" with everyone on the stage and in the congregation holding their candles was just gorgeous . . . oh, I don't know if any of you get WVIA or not (it's a PBS station), but if you do, the Candlelight Service will be aired on Christmas Eve and the Masterworks concert will be aired on Christmas Day.

Nothing much happened between Tuesday and Friday (except I found out I hadn't totally failed my O.Chem exam on Monday--I didn't do as well as I wanted, but I did better than I thought--at least I didn't fail), but 'tis late (and I should probably do more O.Chem study-age--I'm taking a break right now), so I shall write about this weekend tommorow--I'll use it as a study break . . .

I leave you with these parting thoughts: pickles conduct electricity without being burnt to a crisp, a bag of blood will light a light bulb, and pig fetuses floating in formaldehyde (yay alliteration!!) do not make good office-warming gifts . . . (I *heart* CSI--Dana's gotten me addicted)

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Quickie update:

I forgot half the mechanisms on my O.Chem. exam :'(
It started snowing as I was leaving--YAYness!! :D
The Internet has returned to Seibert :)
I found a hilarious PotO parody of the song "What is this feeling?" Read it--it's hysterical: LOATHING!
Secret Garden's original version of "You Raise Me Up" is rather pretty--it just started playing on my Launch Station and I'd never heard it before . . .

ok--must go to Genetics now . ..


Edit: wow . . . I feel intelligent now--I completely forgot that Dr. Tom had cancelled class for today since he wasn't going to be there--I got to the classroom and saw that no-one was there, then I remembered . . . *shakes head* it's a good thing Fisher Hall is next to my dorm--haha

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gah . . . the Internet has been down in Seibert at least since 5pm--when I came back from dinner at 5:30, there was no Internet, but it could gone before that because I'd been out of my room since 3 . . . anyways, it's almost 1AM now, and I had to come down to the Seibert computer lab (which thankfully still does have the Internet) to check on something for my O.Chem exam for tomorrow (which I'm studying for right now) . . . I'm rather worried about this exam too, since it's all on mechanisms and I don't understand them very well . . .

Well, let's hope the Internet returns to Seibert tomorrow, I do well on my O.Chem. exam, I'll get a head start on writing my Christmas cards (I still don't have your addresses, Sara and Ian--would you like cards?), I will not be vanquished by the tricky turns in our Ballroom Club lesson, and the SAVE suite will be deserted so I can practise my pointé again . . . Cross your fingers for me? (especially for my exam!!) *crosses fingers and hopes all will go well*

I better get back up to my room so I can finish studying . . . (this has been a very welcome diversion)

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Hmm . . . I think I shall update . . .

Friday morning at around 1:00, Richie IMed me saying he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat . . . so he, Sarah, Em, and I went to the Four Seasons diner (its open 24/7) and they got breakfast foods--I got back to my dorm at around 2ish! O.Chem was bad because Blackboard *still* wasn't up, so I couldn't print off the lecture notes beforehand . . . we did more practice problems in Genetics--it took Jess and I about an hour to do one of them (it had several parts), but luckily we're going to finish them up on Monday in class, so we didn't have to do them for homework . . . after Gospel Choir, we went to the "Breathe Step Stomp" step show sponsored by BSU (yay for aliteration!)--'twas rather good, although the music started to get to me after awhile because it was *really* loud (even though we were in the balcony) . . . Erin, Dana, and I watched a few episodes of CSI (Dana has the first and second seasons on DVD) and I caught a rather ironic (yet nifty) image in the final frame of the "Alter Boys" episode . . . then Danielle joined us and we watched The Land Before Time (the first one!) in the Atrium--we were shocked as we watched the credits and learned that the movie was a Spielburg/Lucas collaboration and James Horner did the score (with Diana Ross singing the end title)!

Hardly anything to write about Saturday, since we didn't do anything--I literally did nothing but O.Chem. (and procrastination) the entire day

Today we (the SU Gospel Choir) sang at St. Paul's United Church of Christ (Chris' church)--our Chaplin preached, too, so it was as though SU was taking over the service . . . hehe. We our songs went quite well, which was a very happy thing :) Erin and I didn't really want to go to the caf for lunch, so we made macaroni and cheese, and Dana joined us for lunch . . . I alternatively did O.Chem. and procrastinated . . . and that's about it for this weekend . . .

A Procrastination Acrostic )

I really want to get my paid account (for my many icons and nifty Sarah mood set), but I think I have to pay for my FoJG account this time and I still need to buy Christmas presents (after I figure out what I'm getting everyone) . . . Speaking about Christmas presents, Rehta, Allegra, and Sara (wow, your names all end in "a"!)--could I have your addresses? I'd love to send you cards over the holidays :) So you don't have to worry about random people seeing your address, you can IM me at :D


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Hmm . . . I should probably clarify *why* my roommate thinks I'm nutters, shouldn't I? She's been working on an essay for her Wilderness Lit. class the entire week and having tons of people proofread and revise it (I've revised it twice). She finally decided she was done writing it this afternoon, and said she was going to read over it once more before putting it away until tomorrow. And so our scene starts . . .

Dana: I'm going to read this out loud to myself, unless you want to hear it.
Me: *turns off music*
Dana: ok then
Me: Stowy time! Stowy time! Dana, Dana, tell us the one about Mark Twian and the Civil War.
*spoken in an innocent voice while hugging knees*
[and she put that part in her away message while she read me her essay!]
Dana: *looks at me, then laughs hysterically*
Me: *also laugh hysterically*
****5 minutes later****
Dana: *reads essay*
[End scene]

I went to the info session for the "Semester in London" that SU is having this summer (my friend Erin went last year). I REALLY really want to go, but I don't think I'll be able to because I also want to do study abroad in Australia next year (it's a money issue). I'd be over there for 6 weeks taking 2 classes (and getting 8 semester hours)in London. One of the classes I'd probably take is Intro to Music (which I have to take as a core class, anyway--this way I wouldn't have to take it during the reg. school year--another incentive) and the little blurb in the pamphlet says something about emphasising viewing live performances AKA going to concerts! Yay! And of course, if I ended up going there, I'd have to try to go to Her Majesty's Theatre to see PotO (*SQUEE!*) and visit Monk's House (where Virginia and Leonard Woolf lived) . . . however, although financial aid is available, I most likely will not be able to go . . .

Look at my new icon! Isn't it pretty? I got it from [ profile] phantom_icons *insert shameless plug here*

And I've almost finished my Sarah Brightman mood scheme! (I'll be getting a paid account sometime . . . but first I have to renew my FoJG memembership, which expires next Monday . . . and buy Christmas presents). I'm having trouble finding a "bouncy/energetic/excited/jubilant/silly" picture (on my current scheme, 'tis a bouncing penguin) or a "crazy/ecstatic/giddy/hyper" one (a flipping penguin on my current one)--I was thinking I could use a Meg & Christine ballet girl-ness picture, but I haven't found any good ones yet . . . oh well, I guess I'll find one eventually . . . or leave that one blank . . .

and now I should probably do O. Chem. (even though 'tis evil) because I'm behind . . .


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Hmm . . . not much happened on Monday or Tuesday except we had a surprise party for Chris' 20th birthday on Monday (and he didn't have a clue!) Erin, Dana, and I decorated while Vicky kept Chris in his room. A bunch of us got together and we had pizza and tons of cookies/brownies--we were so full, we didn't even eat the birthday cake! 'Twas much fun, especially since Chris was genuinely surprised . . .

something to think about . . . )

O.Chem lab was brutal today--we had to identify an unknown organic compound using the spiffy expensive equipment (IR and NMR machines, for any other science majors out there). We were all randomly assigned an unknown, but of course, I had to get the hardest one (and I'm pretty much incompetent in chem lab . . .). Thankfully, Dr. Henry helped me through the entire identification process . . .

OOH! I've made more icons! And I definitely think I'm getting a paid account now, as I've saved sooo many nifty PotO (ALW's musical and movie) icons from the community I'm in, [ profile] phantom_icons . . . and I want to make a mood set (hehe) . . .

PotO, Josh, and random icons )


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My VCR hates me :( )

On a happier note, my group finished our Genetics presentation after only two hours in the library last night . . . I didn't understand a bit of today's O.Chem lecture; however, I think we did quite well when we presented our Genetics poster. We got out an hour early, so I was able to have lunch, read the O.Chem lab, and have a bit of free time before my O.Chem lab at 1. I actually had a partner today (I'm the odd one out in my class) because Jamie was in our lab today--she was saying she's the odd one out in her class and she, like me, always messes up and has doesn't leave until 4:30 (lab's supposed to end at 4). However, we managed not to mess anything up and were out of the lab by 3:30ish!! I went to Wal*Mart with Sarah to drop off some film and then we went to Weis so I could buy English muffins--they also had Land o' Lakes chocolate mint hot cocoa, so I bought some . . . I'm wondering whether I should get a Barnes & Noble card--it saves you 5% on everything, but there are a few reasons why I'm twindling (v: "to have a deep inner struggle with oneself" Sarah made this word up in Honours Amer. Lit. our freshman year of high school): 1. 'tis $25 annually, 2. prices on aren't always consistantly lower than Amazon--for Josh's new CD/DVD, B&N's regular price is 30% off at $20.98, with thier member price at $19.93, while it's listed at $23.98 on Amazon (same thing with the PotO OLC album: $30.38 B&N reg price/$28.86 member price vs.$33.99 on Amazon); however, the OLC recording of CATS is the same on both websites, with the B&N member price only $2 less, the B&N member price is $3 *more* than the Amazon price for the PoA soundtrack and Hayley Westenra's album Pure so I really don't know . . .

There's a lunar eclipse tonight! *squee!* I'm going to the football field (I think) to watch it with a few of my friends . . . the Moon is so big, bright, an gorgeous right now--I kept staring at it as I was walking back from dinner . . . I was saddened when I looked at my Weather Channel desktop weather thing and it said 'twas going to be cloudy tonight, but 'tisn't too cloudy and we should be able to see the eclipse perfectly fine--I'm so excited! . . . hehe . . .


a note on this entry's music : the ending of PotO always makes me want to cry--I always feel so sad for Erik (of course, I'm an E/C shipper at heart *smiles*) . . .

(and by now you've probably concluded that I'm completely nutters, haven't you?)

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According to Merriam-Webster, "Angst(n) : a feeling of anxiety, apprehension, or insecurity" Yup, that seems to apply . . .

So, my day definitely didn't start off on the right foot today (as if days had feet in the first place . . .) I totally overslept--not only did I miss my alarm, but I missed my roomie's alarm too . . . I woke up when I heard her closing the door to leave for class (we're in the same class--evil O. Chem.)--it sounded like she was trying to be all quiet so she wouldn't wake me up, but then she told me in class that she was making all kinds of noise so I would wake up (and apparently I yell at her when she tries to wake me up . . . definately didn't know that and apologised about five times) . . . so I had about 20 minutes to get ready for class, in which I managed to get dressed, print off the lecture notes, and make tea. However, I upset my travel mug and spilled almost all of my tea on the floor about 5 mintutes before class started . . . so I had to use all my tissues to try to sop it up (I basically just put them in the gigantic tea puddle) which wasn't good because I got a cold when I went home for break this past weekend . . . and on top of that, I didn't understand today's O.Chem. lecture AT ALL . . . we got our exams back from last Friday and I definitely did a lot worse than the first exam (I knew I was going to have a bunch of points taken off because I messed up two of the 10pt questions entirely, but I didn't think 'twould be *that* bad . . .) . . . then I stayed behind a few minutes to clean up my tea puddle, which thankfully Erin helped me with (*huggles Erin*) . . . now to work on Genetics for my exam on Friday so I don't fail that test too . . . :\


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First, I shall finish writing about yesterday, then I shall explain the heading (as if it needed any explanation . . .):

Dana and Danielle went to see the poet at Charlie's in the evening and I was working on homework. Erin invited me over to the suite to watch The Dark Crystal with Dan, Lori, and her. I guess the only way to describe the movie is "amazingly nifty"--Lori, Erin, and I had never seen the movie, and so we kept exclaiming how cute all the odd little creatures were (especially the dog-like ball of fluff) . . . after we finished the movie, we watched the scene where the two main characters try to leave the dog-like ball of fluff as they go on their quest, but it has a temper tantrum: opening it's jaws WIDE, whining, and beating the ground with its two little feet--accompanied by our hysterical laughter. Dan and Lori then went to the "non-alcoholic block party" hosted by the Student Activities Council or something--Erin didn't want to go, so she came to my room and we watched The Empire Strikes Back, which she'd never seen before (*gasp*!) I managed to keep my quotage to a minumun, and only quoted the essential Han/Leia banter ;D Erin said she got me hooked to the SW saga, so we're going to watch Return of the Jedi the weekend after next (fall break is this weekend!). Danielle and Dana came back at 1ish and we all talked about stuff and amused ourselves by looking up how many people there are with common names at SU--hehe.

Today, Dana was performing with the handbell group at Chris' church and Erin decided (this morning) to gather up a bunch of us and go see her. Dana was soo surprised to see Trout, Sarah, Erin, and I sitting there in the pews. Vicky also sat with us. Trout, Erin, Dana, and I went to "lunch" when we came back at around 11:30ish, but since they had mostly brunch-like things, I had a "second breakfast" of scrambled eggs, cocoa, and bagels with strawberrry cream cheese :) . . . then I worked (or tried to work) on the problem set for O.Chem. . . I went to Erin's to make sure I had the right isomers for one of the problems and was introduced to the amazingness that is her friend's website--it includes a section on how to resist squirrels taking over the world and an amazing "practice" AP English test (which is a hilarious parody) . . . I stared at problem 1 for about half an hour trying to figure it out (I'd already done 2 and 3 because the were easy), then decided I was tired and it would probably make more sense after I took a nap. I did, and it made more sense (and Dana helped me a bit) . . . which brings me to now . . . and I think I shall go to dinner . . .


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[I've decided to go back to my usual font colour . . .]
This morning a group of SAVE/GeoClub people cleaned up our "Adopt-a-Highway" section . . . 'twas a bit scary walking along the highway, but rewarding as well . . . the most interesting thing I found was a large bit of duct tape, but Allyson and the other girls who were around me found a large basket, Dana found a fuzzy caterpillar and carried it around with her for the rest of the morning (she brought him back to campus and set him in one of the bushes in front of Fisher) . . . and Trout found pink underwear (which is just disturbing) . . . . . . when we got back at 11:30ish I checked my email and such and then worked on O.Chem (with a bit of a nap in there too--I tend to fall asleep when I'm doing O.Chem on my loft bed) . . .

which brings me to now: I'm a bit bored and don't really want to be doing homework right now . . . I wish I were more creative--I enjoy artistic things, but I can't create them: I love reading (literature and fanfiction, both) but I can't write a story or poem (unless I'm assigned a topic or something), I love listening to music and such, but would never be able to write a song, I love dancing, but would never be able to choreograph a routine . . . *sigh* . . . well, I guess I better get back to my O. Chem . . . or maybe I'll switch to reading Genetics . . . :\

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Well, I'll have to fill you in on Alicia's wedding and the stuff that's happened in the last few weeks tomorrow, since 'tis about 1:00 . . . but I *have* to write about today . . .

this is going to be a looong post, so I'm lj-cutting it )

I can't believe we did so much today--I love my SU friends!! *huggles* Tomorrow continues Fall Frenzy with inflatables and such until 4--I bet we'll have a movie night in one of our rooms . . . I've missed those--especially the semi-random comments/quotate of other movies . . . :D

Thanks for a great day, guys!

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I know, I haven't updated in forever . . . but 'tis Friday and I don't have any more classes, so I might actually update today *and there was much rejoicing* ;) Anyways . . . . I bought an Italian charm bracelet last week or so, and was looking for charms on eBay when I found some PotO charms :D I need some opinions, though, on which one I should bid on:

Phantom charm #1
I like how this one has both the mask and rose, plus the Old English-ness of the lettering, but I'm thinking the mask and such will be really small for everything to fit (this auction ends later today). . .

Phantom charm #2
On this one I like how it has just the mask, pure and simple . . .

Any thoughts? Oh, and Dawn, I don't remember if you were the one who was involved with this, but I vaugely remember something on FoJG about someone who had Josh smiley charms . . . are they still available?

I'm also thinking about bidding on this: Princess Bride photo because my dorm has nothing Princess Bride-y :( (and the black-and-white poster of the same scene is 2ft*3ft and way too big . . . in other dorm-decorating news, I bought a poster of Leighton's "The Accolade" ('tis the base for my "Amor Vincit Omnia" icon) at the poster sale at school yesterday :D

Now to work on the evilness that is Organic Chemistry . . . and hopefully really update later in the afternoon . . .


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Grr . . . my computer’s being evil. I haven’t been able to open Window’s Media Player since last Wednesday, plus, my Internet keeps semi-freezing up. Let me explain: I’ll open a window, and everything will be fine for a bit (I’ve noticed the amount of time varies) but then the page will freeze up (only that page) and I won’t be able to click on anything on it—not even the refresh or close buttons. I have to Ctrl+Alt+Del to close the window using Task Manager, and then when I reopen the page, the same thing happens again! I think it happens the most on LiveJournal, but it happened to each of the pages I was on yesterday and today. Is this some sort of virus?

I finally finished my research paper! It was due today by 4:00 and I handed it in at around 2:45-3ish. Of course, I did start it last night . . . bad me . . . Urg—and I have to write up a Chem lab and study for a Chem test—both of which are for tomorrow! :(

Yay! Rehta met Josh last night at the concert! :D Isn’t it odd that 3 of my Grobie friends won the backstage passes at their respective concerts? I wonder when the team is going to post the dates for his summer tour? I definitely want to see another of his concerts!! (and try to meet him ;) )

Ok . . . I better go to my Chem now . . . grr . . . Chem and a semi-evil computer . . . :\

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Today was quite a good day, starting with a Chemistry class in which I actually knew what was going on  . . . only because we did acids and bases last year in AP Chem + Dr. Bevsek said she'd give me a few more points on one of the test questions (we got our tests back today, and the extra points will be quite appreciated).

Lunch was rather blah, because we were all tired, I think. 'Twas in the 60's, and quite lovely out. Dr. Richard told us we'd be able to get out of lab early because we were just planning what we're doing the week after we  come back from Spring Break.  Chris L., Dana, and I all started quoting movies, namely PotC and Finding Nemo. :D The entire class started laughing when Dr. Richard's computer switched to the screensaver--pictures from his trip to San Diego.

We got out of lab at around 2:30 (an hour and a half early :D) . . . I changed into my comfy blue SU pants and my FoJG shirt (I mroofed too ;)) and then Dana, Sarah, Benny, and I played Frisbee, as 'twas sooo nice out! 'Twas so much fun, even though I have no Frisbee skills  . . . oh well, at least I didn't fall and get all muddy like Dana (you know I still love you--hehe) . . . sorry for accidentally hitting you in the head with the Frisbee, Sarah! Then we had yummy smoothies . . . dinner was quite interesting, because Benny and Sarah live in the gutter (and have dragged Emily with them) and were taking stuff that Erin and Dana said entirely the wrong way . . .

I can't believe Friday is the start of Spring Break---this year has gone by soooo fast---I only have 7 more weeks of my Freshman year at SU! *gasp* I'm going to miss all of you guys during the summer---we'll have to get some massive chats going! ;)

I get to see Josh in 25 days!!!! Yay!! :D (can you tell I'm excited for this concert? haha)

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I don't think Chemistry likes me . . . it took me forever to understand what we talked about in class yesterday even after I read the chapter today . . . and then I had to do the problems . . . I'm not going to be able to finish it all tonight, but I have a plan: I'll finish up the section 1 problems, call it a night and wake up earlier tomorrow to finish reading the chapter . . . and finish the rest of the problems over the weekend?? We'll probably be covering the end of the chapter tomorrow in class, so I might understand it when I read it, but just in case I don't, my best friend is a chem major . . . she'll help me if I still don't understand it.

end of Chemistry-is-grrfull-and-I-don't-understand-it-anymore rant . . .

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