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gah . . . the Internet has been down in Seibert at least since 5pm--when I came back from dinner at 5:30, there was no Internet, but it could gone before that because I'd been out of my room since 3 . . . anyways, it's almost 1AM now, and I had to come down to the Seibert computer lab (which thankfully still does have the Internet) to check on something for my O.Chem exam for tomorrow (which I'm studying for right now) . . . I'm rather worried about this exam too, since it's all on mechanisms and I don't understand them very well . . .

Well, let's hope the Internet returns to Seibert tomorrow, I do well on my O.Chem. exam, I'll get a head start on writing my Christmas cards (I still don't have your addresses, Sara and Ian--would you like cards?), I will not be vanquished by the tricky turns in our Ballroom Club lesson, and the SAVE suite will be deserted so I can practise my pointé again . . . Cross your fingers for me? (especially for my exam!!) *crosses fingers and hopes all will go well*

I better get back up to my room so I can finish studying . . . (this has been a very welcome diversion)

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I'm finally updating--shocking, I know. This won't be a full update, however, since I have to write my notecards for my Genetics group presentation at 10 . . . I'm soooo glad 'tis Friday. I'll probably write an actually update later today, so I shall leave you with a list of some happy things for today . . .

The moments of happiness . . . )


Did I mention I'm working on an icon song-set? I can't remember if I did in a previous entry or not . . . anyways, I'm about halfway through (well, maybe a bit less) and I really like how it's coming along :) I shall post it in my icon journal, [ profile] daydream_icons, when I've finished

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Hmm . . . I'm thinking I should probably update, since I haven't done so in hmm .. . about a week? *hangs head and hits self with wet noodles* Noodles . . . I miss the caf having pasta everyday . . . oookay, *must* stop going on random tangents . . .

week in rewind . . . (and fast forward--hehe) )

To-morrow is Thanksgiving break!! WOOT! (I still have my 8:15 US History class, but I'm going home, so it's alright *starts singing S&G's "American Tune"*) O.Chem was interesting today--in the middle of lecture, the big light bulb in the projector thingy blew out and made us all jump. My professor said something along the lines of "I guess you weren't supposed to have class today" . . . then continued teaching . . . My Genetics exam wasn't too bad, but I'm worried and think I messed the entire thing up because I was finished around 11 (the class is 10-12), and I finished about half an hour before anyone else, so I was paranoid and checked my answers at least 3 or 4 times . . .

I'm excited for this evening! Happy thing the first: Erin's going downtown with me at around 4ish--we're going to try to find the dance studio and I'm going to inquire about classes . . . I really want to take ballet/pointe again, but I'll have to see how much classes are and make sure they don't interfere with my school schedule (plus, I don't really want to be walking back to campus late at night, even though Selinsgrove is small for a college town . . .) *crosses fingers* Happy thing the second: Today is the first meeting/lesson of SU's Ballroom Dancing Club!! One of the physics profs is the advisor and we're learning the waltz today . . . I'm so excited--I've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance! *bounces*

In other completely random news, I made a paper snowflake today . . . Because I Can!

I hope I'll be able to update a bit when I go home for Thanksgiving break tomorrow, but if not, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and I'll be back on Sunday! :D

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Today I had a bit of a fun day (for a weekday, that is) . . . we had a discussion day in US History, and then I vacuumed our dorm--you can tell you have a small dorm when you can vacuum the entire room without running out of cord! All of us went to lunch and then [this is where the fun part starts] Sarah said she wanted to go to the used bookstore on Market Street to see if they had the 6th book in the Left Behind series, so Dana and I went with her, after the three of us got our wallets.

'Twas the first time I'd been in the bookstore, and I really liked it--'tis a small, one-room place, with books everywhere. I gravitated to the European Literature section and was saddened that it was only one shelf (Amer. Lit. was 2) and there was no Tennyson in the poetry section :( I considered buying Jane Eyre but decided against it because I didn't really want it in hardback . . . I wandered around the store scouring all the paperbacks and found Little Women, The Scarlett Letter, and Dante's Inferno (which I've always wanted to read) . . . When I asked the owner if he had any Tennyson, he said he thought he did, and then proceded to look throughout the entire store--after about 10 minutes or so (perhaps longer) he found a Tennyson anthology that he said he'd let me have for $3, but I didn't take it because I was really looking for The Idylls of the King (another one I've always wanted to read) . . . so I just got the other three books--for a grand total of $2.12 :D As we were leaving the store (I felt bad for making Dana and Sarah wait so long for me), I saw the sign for the Selinsgrove Dance Studio, which is apparently right behind the bookstore--when we got back to campus, I tried looking it up, but all I could find on it was the phone number . . . I really want to start dancing again--maybe I could stop by sometime next weekend (since this weekend is fall break *squee!) to see which classes they offer and such . . .

hmm, I read my lab for O. Chem. tomorrow while sitting in a sunbeam and listening to Eden . . . I took a nice nap at 4ish--it took me about half an hour or so to fall asleep and then I slept for an hour . . . then went to a quick dinner with Dana and Erin [do you think my journal entries are too boring?] before going to the weekly Gospel Choir exec meeting--I'm the treasurer, and it's the first time I've ever been an officer for anything (last week was my first meeting as treasurer, so 'twas rather overwhelming) . . . then there was much O.Chem-ness, which I should probably return to now . . .


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