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I think I've mentioned several times that one of the assignments for my YA LIt class is to keep a "reading journal" consisting of book reviews of YA lit we read on our own (and for class) throughout the semester. One of the acceptable formats for this assignment is a book blog, which I think would be fun to do (and I'm also thinking of posting knitting stuffs to said blog so it will be more of a books-and-knitting blog, yay!). As I am wont to do lately, I made a silly poll for the matter! And if you make it through the poll, there are fun questions a the end—as usual. ^_^

[Poll #1280061]

Yay! And I'm off to dinner . . . Knitting and telly-watching shall probably ensue when I return. ^_^

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I just re-downloaded the GIMP! Which means I can make graphics again, yay! And of course I tested it out by making a "nearly friends only" banner (after going "Help! How do I do this??" and running to Google). It's adorable, but far too large—and I haven't figured out how to resize it yet. I thought I already *had* as I was working on the picture at 75% of it's original size, but it turns out that just changed the *viewing* size, not the actual size of the image. For those of you who have FO banners, what would you recommend as a good size?

I actually might not use this one, as I have a few other pictures I might want to play with as banners . . . but this one *is* adorable. ^_^

Oh, and I keep meaning to ask all of you this. For my YA Lit class, one of our assignments is to keep a reading journal in which each entry is a book review with a booktalk idea. Our professor has a YA book blog and has said we could write our reading journal in any of several formats: handwritten, typed, or as a blog. I think it would be rather fun to have a book blog. ^_^

My question is this: do any of you have blogs on other platforms than LJ? If so, which do you recommend? I'm tempted to stay with LJ for a few reasons. First of all, I know how it works. Also, a lovely layout entitled "Magic Paper" exists, which would be *perfect* for a book blog (see [ profile] chiara_suzuka's page—isn't it pretty?). However, it seems a blog on another platform might seem more professional-ish. But are comments easy to do on other platforms? For some reason, I vaguely remember seeing something somewhere that said certain blog places don't automatically have a comments section. At any rate, that blog will be entirely separate from this one‐as in if I end up going with LJ, I won't answer comments with this handle. Of course, you're all welcome to check it out once I finish a book get said blog set up. ^_^

And for those of you who might be interested, I found this while working on a project for my Technology class: Why librarians are awesome.

One more random thing. ::points to music:: I can no longer hear this sound without thinking of the video store scene in The Holiday. I love that movie. ^_^

Also, I love how LJ's spellcheck doesn't accept "blog." ::is amused::

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I need a pair of wellies. Does anyone know where I could get some on a grad student budget? Also a wind-proof umbrella. And my trench coat would be so much more helpful if it were waterproof and not just mostly-water-resistant (also, it lacks a walking vent in the back so it doesn't swirl dramatically in high wind or when I'm walking).

When I went to lunch today, it was very, very rainy—pouring, really. This wasn't so bad at first as I like rain. By the time I got back to my dorm (which is only about two buildings away from the residence campus dining hall), my jeans were nearly soaked. I then needed to visit the grocery store as I'm out of milk (very necessary for both tea and breakfast cereal). Shaw's is about two blocks away. At this point it is now raining harder and rather windy. As in occasionally the rain is falling slantwise (this happened last week or so as well—I wonder if heavy Boston rainstorms are often like this?). My umbrella doesn't do so well in wind. Along with a carton of Silk and some cereal, I needed to get a birthday card for my mum—unfortunately, Shaw's only had a very, very small selection. Another block to Rite-Aid. It is still quite windy/rainy and I'm attempting to hold on to my umbrella, purse, and bag o' groceries. I make my way back to my room, put the Silk in the refrigerator and the cereal on a counter to dry the box, and start putting things in my messenger bag to take to the library. (Huh. When did I switch to present tense?) Now, my jeans are most definitely soaked through.

Happily, the wind went away for the most part and the rain wasn't as strong when I went to the library. Also, I was wearing my trench coat so I didn't get much more soaked. And I didn't fail trying to get there this time, yay! (More on that later.) I could only stay for about an hour-and-a-half (perhaps not that long) as they close at 6, but I was able to find a few books to look at for my YA Lit pathfinder assignment. I didn't get past evaluating the first one, but I wrote down the call letters so I can find them when I go back sometime this weekend to check in the adult nonfic section (I was looking in the Js today).

I rather hope I don't end up catching anything. And now I'm off to dinner, where there will hopefully be lovely soup (never mind that I had soup with my lunch). Perhaps later I shall write about my expedition-to-the-Newton-Free-Library-FAIL from Wednesday.


Aug. 11th, 2008 11:36 pm
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GAAAAHH!! Did I already post about my shiny new MacBook? Or is that in the entry I've been meaning to write up (including a Silly Poll of Much Randomness) and haven't gotten to yet (must do that tomorrow)? I've been working on the long process of transfering my IE favourites (yes, I know I should really switch to Firefox) on my PC to a Word document so I can add them to my Firefox favourites on my Mac (also need to lean Firefox). This, as you can imagine, is quite tedious. I therefore thought I should do something today that was still moving things from one computer to another but didn't involve endless copy/pasting. Of course, I figured transferring my pictures from my digital camera would be fairly simple. ::facepalm::

cut for length )

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Remember I wrote about considering upgrading to a laptop a few weeks ago? I recently found out that several grad school loan companies(?) will allow you to borrow the balance between tuition and the financial aid already coming from the university—as well as money for textbooks and computers. Due to this happy news, I wandered over to Apple's website and have been looking at Macs (they also apparently have student discounts)—I hadn't really considered them before because they're much more expensive than PCs. However, the only Mac experience I really have is from using them for my biology "portfolio"/website. I think we got one class-period's worth of a Mac crash course, but it was mostly how to use Dreamweaver to set up our sites.

I know at least *some* of you have to have Macs, so I thought I'd make one of my usual Silly Polls. Any information on what type of laptop would be appreciated, too. Oh, and feel free to answer the poll even if you don’t have a laptop—some of these are Mac vs PC questions. ^_^

[Poll #1192393]

On a completely unrelated note, I'd forgotten how lovely Eden is—I mean, it's one of my favourite Sarah Brightman albums, but I'd not listened to the whole album in quite a while (which I did this morning). I suppose it's one of the downsides of always having iTunes on shuffle.

Also, I have my first high school reunion on Saturday. By "first" I mean the first reunion banquet my graduating class has been invited to—it's really our fifth reunion. No-one from my class has bothered to put up anything where people can sign up to say they're going (there isn't even a Facebook group/event, which surprised me), so I have no idea who'll be there. I only have a few friends from high school (who graduated with me) that I'm still in touch with, so if none of them are there it might be slightly awkward—I really don't like the wander-around-trying-to-find-someplace-to-sit thing. The whole concept of a fifth-year reunion sounds a bit awkward to me, actually. Hopefully things will go well, though.

And that is all.

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I'm in several icon comms and have a few iconmakers friended so I'm always saving icons to my hard drive. Unfortunately, I have next to no icon space, so these lovely icons sit (unhappily, I would presume) in folders on my hard drive and Photobucket account. Therefore, I thought I'd do some icon "spring cleaning." Quite a few of the icons I'm using now were among my first attempts at icon-making and are overly-texty, so several of those will probably go. (This reminds me, I should really do an iconpost--I've had a few sitting in my Photobucket for a while.)

So . . . based on a meme seen on [ profile] nentari's journal a while ago (but I'm not claiming it as my own idea because I'm sure someone's already done this): Comment with a few (say 4 or 5) icons of mine you rather like and tell me why you like them.

Also, the lovely [ profile] diddakoi gifted me with a 1-month Netflix trial! (I've been meaning to sign up for Netflix for, oh, the past six months or so.) I have a list of movies I've not seen yet (mostly because the local movie rental place doesn't have them) and will be adding to said Netflix queue. Any suggestions of films I need to see?

And the second reason for getting Netflix: Classic Who!! Of course this brings me to another dilemma, namely where to start. slightly more detailed pondering under the cut )

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Want to know something really pathetic? I've been procrastinating updating my LJ by making icons *hits self repeatedly with wet lasagna noodles* . . . 'tis sad, I know . . .

Stolen from both Erins, actually: Take the first sentence from the first entry for every month, and put them together together.

notice a pattern? )

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This is quite possibly the oddest question I've asked all of you, but what do you think my Animagus form would be if I lived in the Harry Potter universe? (And no, this isn't a totally random question--I'm *thinking* about joining a Sorting Hat community and that's one of the sorting questions . . .) Thanks! (and I'll probably be writing a *real* update this afternoon, most likely)

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I *am* going to update, but since I have a lot to write about, I'm going to do it in Word first in case my window closes, because I'm paranoid about things like that . . . for all of you with computer skills, does anyone know how to make a colour bar? And if you do, would you make me one if I gave you the pictures? Thanks!

Now to write my *real* update . . . including how a recycling trip can be quite eventful . . . hehe . . .

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For all of you who are skilled in the ways of icons and such, how does one do screencaps of videos you play on a media player type thing? I know you ues the "print screen" thing, but once I have the picture, I can't do anything to it--when I try to resize it, Paint moves the stuff the extra stuff I "print screened" and the part of the picture I actually want (like the part that was in the video screen) gets covered up . . . do you know what I mean?

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I'm actually going to update for once! *gasp* I'm going to write the entry in Word first, though, because 'twill most likely be an epic . . . but before I go, does anyone know the code to change the "current mood" and "current music" things in the "old system" mode? And, since I'm pondering whether to buy a paid account, what is the size limit for custom mood pictures? I've found a bunch of pictures I want to use as moods, but I don't know how big/small to make them . . . Thanks!

Now to update . . . . or head over to FoJG to talk w/ my Posse ;) . . . .

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Look! I've changed the layout of my journal a bit! I switched to the "old style" so I can (hopefully) customise it a bit more . . .

I finally figured out how to change my comments link :) Right now it says "__ wishes""close your eyes, make a wish, count to three . . ." (from Willy Wonka) . . . although I may change it to "__ dreamers""only dreamers have worlds where they can fly far away" or "only dreamers have wings with which to fly far away" or "dreamers have shooting stars they chase" or "to dreamers the real world can be unreal"
Comment time: should I use "wishes" or "dreamers" (and then which dreamers one?) for my comments [arg, that sounded redundant!]

Does anyone know how to change the mood/music thingy in the old style? I couldn't find the code for it . . .

And finally, I'm thinking about maybe putting in a background picture, like Allegra has--any suggestions for what I should use?

Sorry for all the questions--I'll try to *really* update tomorrow . . .

[in case anyone was wondering, the "dreamers" comment texts are lines from Sarah Brightman's song, "Dreamers" from her Encore album]

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Urg . . . I’m studying for finals right now—Susquehanna decided to have a very odd last week of school: today was normal, but tomorrow (our last day of classes) is on a Friday schedule . . . Wednesday is our “Reading Day” and finals are on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday—yes, you did read that correctly. I have my Cell & Organsimal Bio. final at 8AM on Thurs. morning, Thought and Civilisation on Friday afternoon, General Chem. at 8AM on Sat. morning (what is it with my science finals both being at 8AM?) and my Spanish last test (not a final exam) at 11:30 on Sat.. . . then I get to go home on Sunday—yay!

‘Tis going to be quite odd going home though, since SU has become my second home—I’m REALLY going to miss my SU friends, but ‘twill be great to hang out with my friends from WHS (and my family) again—I guess ‘tis a bittersweet kind of thing . . . . speaking of which, I saw this nifty thing on one of my friends’ profiles that describes coming home quite well (I think, at least):

Sometime tonight or tomorrow I have to type up a post about Spring Weekend, which was this past Sat. and Sun. (as in yesterday and the day before yesterday), but now I must return to the wonderful world of Cell Structure . . . . . I’m a bio. major, but I don’t much like the course as it’s all about cells and cell functions and such (like photosynthesis, respiration, and the like)---I don’t know . . . I guess you could say I’m more interested in the ecological aspect of the field—I want to go into zoology or marine biology . . . ok, back to studying . . . :\

and now to leave you with a quote (like Allegra has been doing
"I don't love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful
~Natalie Portman (I don't remember where I found that, but isn't it great

[do you guys like the new smaller font, or should I keep it the same size as I've been using? I wrote this in Word today because my computer's still being slightly evil, and 'tis a bit smaller than if I write it in here--Strike that (reverse it? hahahaha) I just realised that the font got smaller when I posted the entry--it became teensy, so I had to change it to my normal font size . . . and enough rambling for now . . . hehe . . .]

[10 points to whomever found my film reference ;)]

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I don’t believe horoscopes, but I have mine on my My Yahoo! page because they’re sometimes amusing . . . today’s is actually semi-true though:
"A dear one may tell you to stop daydreaming and start thinking more realistically about your life. Don't listen to them. Keep daydreaming. You can have it all if you keep your goals in sight and your spirit positive."
Woo---I have "experts" telling me to keep daydreaming---I can deal with that! :D

Dr. Richard was telling us today in Bio about how he used to search for earthworms in parks (at night with a flashlight) when he was growing up in London. He was surprised they never arrested him for doing it, but then said "I could have gotten arrested a lot more times when I was younger. But I won’t tell you about that . . well, maybe after you graduate . . .". Does that sound a bit like O, Sarah? hehe . . .

'Tis so pretty outside today! Too bad most of the flowers on the magnolia outside my dorm window have fallen . . . .

Friend participation time! I'm ordering a CD for my mom from for Mother's Day, and I'm going to order one for myself too so I can get free shipping (and more music---yay!). Sooo . . . which album should I get? I'm thinking about gettting Hayley Westenra's Pure, Michael Bublé's debut album, or Enya's A Day without Rain (possibly the soundtrack for Princess Bride, if the album I get for my mom is over $14, since 'tis only $11). Ooh . . . Shooshers had me listen to Ben Jelen and I think I might have to get his album too . . . . Granted, I'm going to get all of these albums (as well as the LotR trilogy soundtrack and Sarah Brightman's Eden and La Luna) *eventually*, but which should I get now? Decisions, decisions . .

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Aw, I just found out that my pretty Monotype Corsiva font only shows up on my "recent" and "friends" pages, but doesn't show up when I go to one of my friends' "friends" pages to see my entry on there . . . ok--that made absolutely no sense . . . and I better go to Thought now . . .

why do I keep getting a big space at the end of this post?

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Hmm . . . I was looking at some of my friends livejournals and realised that some of them have "x comments/comment on this" and others have "x comments/post a comment" and they have free accounts----does this mean I can customise my comment thing? I hope it does, since I could customise my music and mood things . . .
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I've been looking at other people's journals and have a question--- how do you change the "comments" thing at the bottom of posts to something nifty? (like rainbowdarling's "she already knew") Do you have to have a paid account to do this? If not, can someone help me?

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Erin came up with a great idea today--- we should start our own "fraternity" (is it called a fraternity when both guys and girls can be in it? I don't know these things . . .) ------ ΟΔΔ . . . . Omicron Delta Delta ;) (ODD, get it----haha!!!!) Sound's like fun, eh?

I'm twindling (defn: having a deep inner struggle with oneself . . . ok, maybe 'tisn't a deep inner struggle, but oh well . . .)-----I want to buy a CD, but 'tis $25----is that too much for an import?? (I don't know these things either) The CD I'm contemplating is Chris DeBurgh's The Love Songs---he's the one who sings "The Lady in Red," if you've heard of that song (one of the most romantic songs, in my opinion . . .). If I order it today on Amazon (it's not on, 'tmight get here on/by Valentine's Day . . . (yes, I know 'tis sad---I'm giving myself a Valentine's present) and then I'll have it to listen to (along with my Josh Groban cds) and feel sorry for myself . . . *sigh* . . . . . .  . . . so, do you think I should order the CD?

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