Apr. 21st, 2008 11:09 pm
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I got accepted to Simmons!! My letter came in the post to-day and there was much rejoicing.

WOOT!! \o/


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I have an interview for the GSLIS programme at Simmons College on Thursday. My mom and I are leaving early tomorrow morning by bus (12 hours—fun). I'm a bit nervous, of course, but hopefully things will turn out well. We're staying a week, so we'll be doing other things as well—my family used to live in Boston (my parents met there and both my brother and I were born there) and we've been back several times for vacation and such as well.

What's been going since my last post? Not much, really. I've mostly just been reading, knitting, and working at the library. I had my once-a-month Saturday at the library this past weekend, where I learned how not to go about issuing a new applicant library card (all was well, though), among other things. Speaking of knitting, I've gotten to the shoulder colourwork on Murray the cuddle Dalek (no pictures yet) and have a promising yarn in mind for my "Misty Garden" Charley scarf (Yes, I'm linking my post on [ profile] charleysangels--I don't feel like reuploading the pictures). [And yes, [ profile] lowc, your gushing over the Manos Silk Blend on Ravelry was quite instrumental in this.]

A few quizzes: The Time Travel Test )

Oh, and one more thing before I go. When I get back, I'm going to start on the Doctor/Companion/Master/Villain profile banners I promised I'd make for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil KAL of Awesome. Sooo, which Companion am I most like? Feel free to choose from any serial/audio/novel/etc. (it doesn't matter if I'm familiar with said choice, either) and explain why. Thanks!

And now I’m really going to bed. I don’t want to do so too late as we’re leaving quite early in the morning. (This from the girl who usually stays up until half one or later.)

Good night!

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Stolen from [ profile] gentle_blessing:

Disney Quiz )

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Yes, there's the old adage "Don't judge a book by it's cover," but when I'm shelving, that's what catches my attention (as well as the title). And I have occasional "I'm such a geek" moments when I'll be shelving things, see a book, and think, "Ooh! The title's in Hannibal Lecter!" (they used this for the PotO movie titles). Anyway, I was shelving in the YA section last month when the spine of Lisa Ann Sandell's Song of the Sparrow caught my eye (the spine has a smaller version of the cover picture). When I read the inside of the jacket, I knew I had to check the book out--it's about Elaine of Ascolat (which, as many of you know, is my favourite Arthurian legend)! I finally read it last week (I was in the middle of several books) and quite enjoyed it. The book is written as verse, but it reads more like prose: sentences with no set rhyme scheme or meter and very lyrical. It's lovely, really.

As for Dalek progress, this is where I've been for more than a week (I've been trying to figure out how to secure the colourwork in the shoulders). I took the pictures to-day and thought I should probably post them as I've been promising a progress post for a while.

Pictures under the cut! )

I had book club last night, which is always an enjoyable time. One of the things we talked about was journaling. No, this had nothing to do with the book--the book is generally talked about for maybe half an hour and then we talk about life in general, &c. Back to the journaling--I need to start doing that again (in a pen-and-paper journal, I mean). I kept a journal (actually, I suppose it was technically a diary) throughout high school and into freshman year at SU; then I stopped. I tried to pick it up again when I went to NCUR and on my England trip, but I haven't done much since then.

And I think that's enough for today.


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I was wandering about on Ravelry earlier this afternoon and discovered that today is apparently "Sweater Day" in honour of what would have been Fred Rogers's 80th birthday. Someone also posted a link to Entertainment Weekly's 20 Pop Culture Sweaters photo gallery which is quite fun. Notable knits include Colin Firth's reindeer jumper from Bridget Jones's Diary (♥!), Anne Hathaway's cabled jumper from The Devil Wears Prada (which I loved—I have several like it, actually—because I adore cables), the Once-ler's Thneeds from The Lorax, Charlie Brown's trademark black-and-yellow jumper, and the myriad knits from Harry Potter. Annoyingly, though, the writer uses "knit," "crochet," and "woven" interchangeably. Also, they imply that Mrs. Weasley didn't actually knit all those jumpers (they put "knitted" in quotation marks as if to say "oh, she just used magic, didn’t she")—I'm pretty sure I remember reading that she'd enchanted her knitting needles so they could knit happily while she made dinner or something. But anyway, there is much sweater love to be had in said article. ^_^

I've been looking at the library's selection of audiobooks as I shelve them and was happy to learn that we have both Patrick O'Brian's Master and Commander (I've seen the film but not read the books yet) and Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse (one of my favourite books)—I finally borrowed them yesterday. With audios, I don't have to choose between whether I'd like to read or knit—I can do both. (Joy!) So . . . which should I listen to first?

Also, I've been rather into looking at MBTI stuff recently and found another quiz (or two) at

my results )

And if you haven't taken my "Name My Dalek" poll yet, please do! I will have another round of progress pics up in the next few days—I just need to take said pictures first.


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Happy Pi Day!

To-day's Savage Chickens cartoon is suitably festive. ^_^

In other news, I finished the bobble rows on my knit Dalek. Hurrah! \o/ I won't have to bobble again until the "eye" bobbles (the bumpy things at the top of a Dalek that blink when it talks--what are they called?). I'll definitely be posting pictures in the next few days. I also picked up my tea cosy last night after neglecting it for quite a while--it's amazing how easy the decreases seem since I've been working on the Dalek (the Dalek pattern calls for multiple decreases nearly every other row). ^_^

Speaking of things for the Good vs Evil KAL of Awesome, I may have found a possible Charley scarf! ^_^ It's called "Misty Garden" from the Scarf Style book by Pam Allen. A sample picture can be found here (if you type in "Misty Garden scarf" into your favourite search engine on "images" there are many more pictures in different colourways). It's lovely, but it appears to be lace--one more knitting skill to add, I suppose! I'll probably be posting to who_knits, zagreuswaits, and halfhumandoctor for colourway suggestions.

I'm thinking of making Rose's Doomsday mitts using KnitPicks Swish DK in Bordeaux--it looks like the perfect colour (I also love the "Cornflower" colour--though I've always thought it was "cornflower blue," not lavender). To learn cables, though, I think I might try Fetching in Swish Worsted Clematis Heather. (I love heathers and tweeds!)

And I'm off to continue the practice texture swatch for my cuddly TARDIS.


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I started my Dalek for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil Knitalong last Thursday (using [ profile] penwiper337's Extermaknit pattern. I've not gotten very far yet. For one, I'm a slow knitter to begin with. Secondly, bobbles of DOOM! The bobble rows are taking forever to knit. Also, I don't think they look very even. Anyway, on to the pictures!

bobbles of DOOM )

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Occasionally, my computer's speakers do this thing where they pick up the classic rock station in my area (it's not even a local radio station, either). It's a bit annoying, but it generally only lasts for a day and my speakers act normally the next day when I turn my computer on again.

Not so this time. It's been going on for several weeks. The odd part is that if I have my speakers turned all the way down the station comes in the loudest--turning my speaker volume up makes the radio station a bit quieter (but I can still hear it). So at the moment, my speakers are turned rather high, my computer volume is at it's lowest and I can still hear the radio station clearly. And if I try to drown out the station, my music is too loud. Arg. I've tried twiddling with my speaker cables, but that doesn't really seem to work either (apparently I'm not good at jiggery-pokery). The only thing that really works is using my headphones--if they're plugged into the tower and not the speakers themselves. ::shakes fist at speakers::

On a happier, non-speaker-ranting note, I spent the afternoon with a pot of darjeeling and The Thirteenth Tale. ^_^ Also, my circulars from arrived on Monday (even though the tracking information had said they'd be here by today at the earliest!) so I was able to start my knit Dalek. I've only got about four rows done so far--I'll post pictures when it starts vaguely looking like a Dalek (perhaps after the second set of bobbles).


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I really need to do better with this journaling thing. (And don't get me started on my pen-and-paper journal. ::pats it::) As it is, the most exciting thing recently is that I sent my application in for Simmons College on Friday--I'm applying for their library science programme. ::crosses fingers::

In knitting news (since that seems to be most of what I write about in here lately), I've mostly finished my mitteny mitts! I finished the first one a few weeks ago and finished knitting the second last week (I still have about five ends to weave in for the second one yet). After I finished mitt the first I took a few pictures--I didn't put them on Ravelry because I don't really like how they came out (it's a bit awkward to take pictures of a longish mitt while you're wearing it--especially when I don't have anything in the way of a tripod). I thought I'd still show them to you so you can see how pretty this yarn is (and I rather like how the mitts themselves came out). When the ends for mitt the second are woven in, I'll post more pictures. ^_^

Mitteny mitt! )

I haven't been able to start my Extermaknit for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil KAL of Awesome yet due to my woefully small needle inventory. I've ordered the circ I need from Jo-Ann and it'll be here by Thursday at the earliest. ::curses lack of LYS:: (yet again) I've also decided I want to make an Eight-inspired scarf--and/or a Charley one. I'm thinking Charley's might be a more spring-y scarf--she seems to be a spring-ish person to me (and I don't have any late winter/spring/early fall scarves yet). Any ideas for stitch patterns/colours/yarns/&c. to use?

And I'm off to watch the Academy Awards.


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Because friends make my world go 'round )

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I've been toying with the idea lately of changing my journal layout a bit, namely switching from having a repeating wallpaper-style graphic to a fixed banner at the top of the page. Actually, that's not quite right. I suppose what I'm really pondering is whether to have a top banner and have the rest of the layout be "clean" (i.e. with a solid background, similar to [ profile] nentari's layout) or to keep my wallpaper graphic, but no longer have invisible text boxes--or whatever they're called--similar to [ profile] gentle_blessing's layout. I'd probably be doing this to my icon journal first as the variety of shades in the wallpaper graphic has made it rather hard for me to choose text colours that actually show up across the page. Of course I would also need to peruse the [ profile] howto comms to find the proper coding and suchlike. Thoughts? Ideas?

Oh, and a quiz! I know I've taken this before, but I don't think I've ever actually posted it.

Which Mix of the Hogwarts Houses are You? )

In knitting news, I'm nearly halfway through mitteny-mitt the second! Yay! (I shall post pictures of the pair when both are done.) Once I finish it I'll be able to start on Extermaknit! (same needles) for the [ profile] who_knits Good vs Evil Knit-along. Since Daleks count for Evil, I'll have to join Team Evil. ::laughs:: I plan on switching sides as soon as I finish the knitted Dalek of Awesome, however, and making Rose's Doomsday mitts (must.learn.cabling.), finishing my cuddly TARDIS, possibly making a jelly baby or two (no, seriously), and possibly a scarf.

Which brings me to my next question (I already brought this up on [ profile] who_knits, but I figured since many of you lovely people on my flist are Who fans, knitters, or both . . .): The Fourth Doctor's scarf is quite iconic and suchlike, but what scarves would the other Doctors wear? How about Companion-y scarves? Ten's already covered, actually--[ profile] chili_dance posted a WIP picture of a fantastic Tenth Doctor scarf.

And I think it's quite safe to say this post got away from me. Just a bit (hee). Well, I'm off to get ready for bed and do a bit of reading--we're doing Diane Setterfield's The Thirteenth Tale for book club this month and I'm rather enjoying it so far. ^_^


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For [ profile] petitmayfaircat:

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I finally finished the basketweave scarf I was making for my dad's Christmas present (I wrapped up the half-completed scarf--with a stitch keeper so it wouldn't unravel--so he could open it on Christmas, then commandeered it back so I could continue knitting)! I actually cast off and wove in the ends on Friday(?) but I hadn't gotten around to posting it yet.

scarf pictures under the cut! )

I'm halfway through my felted tea cosy! It's huge right now (I could probably wear it as a hat--and I've not gotten to the decreases to make the dome yet!) and I'm hoping it'll shrink down enough when I actually felt it.

tea cosy and yarny goodness )

[ profile] who_knits is having a Good vs. Evil knit-along, which is finally going to motivate me to make penwiper's Extermaknit. I'm also planning on finishing my cuddly TARDIS and possibly making a pair of Rose's Doomsday mitts (because they're made of awesome). Of course, I need to learn how to cable first.

And yesterday was my first day at the local library--after some financial stuff and a tour of where the offices and such are upstairs (the library used to be a big gorgeous house), I got to shelve things. ^_^


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Happy birthday, [ profile] lowc!

Have a silly picture of David Tennant and his hair )

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For those of you who might be interested, Barnes & Noble's website now has audio clips of Sarah Brightman's new album Symphony (Amazon doesn't have them up yet)! According to this article via Yahoo! Music, there is a possibility one of the tracks from the album will be released as a single on adult-contemporary radio. And Sarah will be having a PBS special airing during the March pledge drives. ^_^

Speaking of PBS, the Complete Jane Austen starts to-day on Masterpiece Theatre with ITV's new version of Persuasion (2007), followed by her other novels and a biopic.

The rest of the schedule )

And in other news, I got the job at my local library! Huzzah!! It's a part-time assistant position--I'll be working three afternoon/evenings per week and one Saturday a month. \o/

I think that's all for now.


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I'm working on a grad program application, and, as always, I'm having a bit of a hard time writing my personal statement. I find it much easier to write essays about other things than myself--you write about the research you did, quote things from the text, &c. As such, I'm going to borrow something from a helpful "Tips on writing a personal statement" article/page I'm reading. So, dear flist, if you were to make a list of five of my most prominent traits, what would they be?

In other news, my local library posted a part-time assistant position last week. I got a call from the director this afternoon and I have an interview on Thursday! Huzzah! \o/

And my mom and I went to see The Water Horse last night. Much love. And I've finally seen David Morrisey in something where I didn't end up disliking his character! (Granted, I've only seen him in 'Blackpool' and 'Our Mutual Friend,' but still.)

I'm off to refill my tea cup and get back to writing this essay . . .


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A few months ago, I decided to make a list of the books I'd read this year. I didn't read nearly as much as I should have, but here's my list:

cut because it's a list )

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Happy Christmas!

Yes, Virginia . . .

RPG meme!

Dec. 19th, 2007 07:41 pm
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Snagged from [ profile] nentari:

Gather all your Rp journals, list the characters and any au versions you rp. Open the doors to the public side so even lurkers can ask the muses questions. Respond with that Rp account or if you don't have accounts just to the question given.

These RPGs are no longer active (the first one ended after we played the storyline out and the second was sadly closed due to inactivity), so I'm going to also list the "plot posts" we had so you can see what was going on story-wise. ^_^

From Magic War on GreatestJournal (plot post here):
* Lily Grey (aged 16)
(Fun fact: in this RPG, we chose cartoon/Disney OOC icons for our characters. Unfortunately, GJ changed their icon space numbers so quite a few of mine no longer show up.)

From Epilogs on GJ (plot post here):
* Lily Grey (aged 22)
(Sadly, this one only lasted a few months before it closed.)

Ask away!


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I really should find/make a few knitting icons. Or more pretty non-fandom ones. Anyway, on to the point of this post . . . knitting picspam! Well, four pictures. Is that enough for it to count as picspam?

I think I mentioned wanting to start Be Speckled in a recen post, yes? Well, I cast on a few days ago! This is my first time using double-pointed needles; the ribbing was a bit tricky, but the regular knitting is quite fun. ^_^ I'm using Caron SimplySoft Heather in Denim Heather for the ribbing bits and James C. Brett Marble in Granite for the body. For some reason, I've taken to calling them "mitteny mitts." I don't know why.

Mitteny mitts! )

I've also been working on a scarf for my dad's Christmas present. And by this I mean I need to frantically finish it. I'm using the "Men's Scarf" pattern I found in my copy of I Can't Believe I'm Knitting!--it uses a basketweave stitch pattern which I rather like. The yarn is Lion Brand Wool-Ease Heather in Mushroom.

scarfy goodness )

In non-knitting, but holiday-related news, my mom and I were cooking or something with the radio on and "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" was playing. It came to the "He sees you when you're sleeping/He knows when you're awake" bit and she remarked that that line is a bit unsettling when you think about it. I then proceeded to recite a bit of the Zagreus poem (for those not in the know, this comes from the Big Finish Doctor Who audio plays featuring the Eighth Doctor and is "Zagreus sits inside your head/Zagreus lives among the dead/Zagreus sees you in your bed/And eats you when you're sleeping." ::shivers::). And then I saw this. Hee! (Possibly more amusing is finally realising that those are squirrels on Jack's jumper.)

And now I should probably go back to knitting more of my dad's scarf . . .


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