Sep. 26th, 2008

lilyofshalott: (Ten in a teacup (kinky_carter))

I need a pair of wellies. Does anyone know where I could get some on a grad student budget? Also a wind-proof umbrella. And my trench coat would be so much more helpful if it were waterproof and not just mostly-water-resistant (also, it lacks a walking vent in the back so it doesn't swirl dramatically in high wind or when I'm walking).

When I went to lunch today, it was very, very rainy—pouring, really. This wasn't so bad at first as I like rain. By the time I got back to my dorm (which is only about two buildings away from the residence campus dining hall), my jeans were nearly soaked. I then needed to visit the grocery store as I'm out of milk (very necessary for both tea and breakfast cereal). Shaw's is about two blocks away. At this point it is now raining harder and rather windy. As in occasionally the rain is falling slantwise (this happened last week or so as well—I wonder if heavy Boston rainstorms are often like this?). My umbrella doesn't do so well in wind. Along with a carton of Silk and some cereal, I needed to get a birthday card for my mum—unfortunately, Shaw's only had a very, very small selection. Another block to Rite-Aid. It is still quite windy/rainy and I'm attempting to hold on to my umbrella, purse, and bag o' groceries. I make my way back to my room, put the Silk in the refrigerator and the cereal on a counter to dry the box, and start putting things in my messenger bag to take to the library. (Huh. When did I switch to present tense?) Now, my jeans are most definitely soaked through.

Happily, the wind went away for the most part and the rain wasn't as strong when I went to the library. Also, I was wearing my trench coat so I didn't get much more soaked. And I didn't fail trying to get there this time, yay! (More on that later.) I could only stay for about an hour-and-a-half (perhaps not that long) as they close at 6, but I was able to find a few books to look at for my YA Lit pathfinder assignment. I didn't get past evaluating the first one, but I wrote down the call letters so I can find them when I go back sometime this weekend to check in the adult nonfic section (I was looking in the Js today).

I rather hope I don't end up catching anything. And now I'm off to dinner, where there will hopefully be lovely soup (never mind that I had soup with my lunch). Perhaps later I shall write about my expedition-to-the-Newton-Free-Library-FAIL from Wednesday.

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