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I has a comm!!

You know you want to. ^_^

I was wandering about on Ravelry today and found out from the RaveLibrarians forum that CafePress has some very fun things, some of which I think are fantastic:
* Google, anyone?
* Mummy quote (I think I need to see this movie now. Erm, it's not *too* scary, is it?)
* Piracy (A ninja version also exists.)
* Librarian senses" (Except this only comes in magnets and buttons.)
* Tea mug of AWESOME (I believe this is even more fantastic than the caffeine mug on ThinkGeek, except for the bit where it doesn't come in travel mug form. A coffee version also exists.)
* Book cart love
* Bookworm (Because it's adorable! He must be a caterpillar, due to the antennae—caterpillars *do* have antennae, yes? Also caterpillars = adorable. Usually.)
* Knitting tote!

Date: 2008-07-27 11:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I love "The Mummy"! It's a little scary the first time through, but the second or third time you find yourself looking at it and wondering what's wrong with yourself.

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