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For those who might be interested, [ profile] violet_lane has posted a rather excellent tribute to Dr. Grace Holloway on [ profile] loves_them_all. I know Grace isn't well-liked by a large portion of the fandom, but I happen to think she's awesome. ^_^

And in other late-night ponderings, it seems I have an inordinate amount of love for the song "Running" from Sarah Brightman's Symphony. The beginning section (well, the A section if you want to be technical, as it appears again later) is just *gorgeous* and I also love the fast, dance-y middle section. And then it has a "hidden" reprise of the "Fleurs du Mal" intro! I really really hope I can somehow get tickets to see her--I tried on Ticketmaster the day they went on sale and was only able to look at two options, neither of which worked for me (one I could afford but wasn't a very good seat, the other an excellent seat but not affordable right now). This is rather frustrating as I'll finally be in a city where I can go to concerts (I live in a small town where we joke that we're 'centrally located'--five hours to several cities; the city where I'm going for library school is ten hours away) and I can't seem to get tickets!

Oh, and does anyone know of any fansites, etc. where I could find editable Sarah Brightman pictures? I want to change a few of my moodtheme pics (and can't seem to find where I originally got my moodtheme bases from--my IE favourites were of course lost due to the virus of DOOM, but Googling hasn't worked for me either).

And it's probably time for me to get to bed, by which I mean "read for a bit before actually going to sleep."

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