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Botheration! Remember that 1-month free Netflix trial I mentioned in my last post? For some reason, it didn't work. I definitely have a charge on my billing account now. I know the free trials only apply to first-time members, but I am a first-time member! Sigh.

And I suppose--since it's late and such--I'll be off to read for a bit before bed.

(Movie recommendations are love!)

Date: 2008-05-16 12:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Huh. Did you miss putting in a code or not use a special link? It's been so long since I signed up for Netflix originally, I forgot how to do it. It wouldn't hurt to call customer service... I once talked to a very nice lady who straightened out some missing dvds for me easily.

What's your Netflix username? I'll friend you on there so I can look at what you've seen already. I'm trying to remember what I've seen recently that you might like. Hmm. Here's a bunch in no particular order;

Rocket Science, The History Boys, Gosford Park (with every British star ever, did I give you this?), The Flying Scotsman (with Johnny Lee Miller, Laura Fraser, and Billy Boyd). Empire of the Sun (with little Christian Bale), OH! You've seen Newsies, right? If not, that should go to the top of the queue. Swing Kids is fantastic too. Ladies in Lavender, State of Play (John Simm, David Morrisey, Kelly Macdonald, Bill Nighy, and James McAvoy... among others), That Thing You Do, Children of Men, Pan's Labyrinth (a bit hard to watch in parts, but fantastic!), Mostly Martha (the German movie that inspired No Reservations), Amelie (gorgeous, GORGEOUS French film, also a must-see!), Penelope (I think it's out now), Shaun of the Dead (with the fantastic duo from Hot Fuzz), P.S. I Love You, Elizabeth (with evil Christopher Eccleston), Waitress, Juno, I should really stop now.

Also remember that you can watch stuff for free streaming online. They have a LOT of good British miniseries up: The Way We Were, North and South, (I think) Wives and Daughters, etc.

Hope this wasn't too overwhelming. I can give you more info about any that you're interested in, and could probably come up with more if I had a chance to think about it. Enjoy!

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