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I'm in several icon comms and have a few iconmakers friended so I'm always saving icons to my hard drive. Unfortunately, I have next to no icon space, so these lovely icons sit (unhappily, I would presume) in folders on my hard drive and Photobucket account. Therefore, I thought I'd do some icon "spring cleaning." Quite a few of the icons I'm using now were among my first attempts at icon-making and are overly-texty, so several of those will probably go. (This reminds me, I should really do an iconpost--I've had a few sitting in my Photobucket for a while.)

So . . . based on a meme seen on [ profile] nentari's journal a while ago (but I'm not claiming it as my own idea because I'm sure someone's already done this): Comment with a few (say 4 or 5) icons of mine you rather like and tell me why you like them.

Also, the lovely [ profile] diddakoi gifted me with a 1-month Netflix trial! (I've been meaning to sign up for Netflix for, oh, the past six months or so.) I have a list of movies I've not seen yet (mostly because the local movie rental place doesn't have them) and will be adding to said Netflix queue. Any suggestions of films I need to see?

And the second reason for getting Netflix: Classic Who!! Of course this brings me to another dilemma, namely where to start. Should I start with:

* One: Sometimes it's best to begin at the beginning. Also, I haven't really seen any First Doctor episodes (I don't count The Five Doctors as William Hartnell wasn't in it).
* Two: Due mostly to [ profile] nentari's joy and sometimes squee over the Two-and-Jamie dynamic. Also, I want to meet Jamie.
* Three: I've actually seen Invasion of the Dinosaurs through Planet of the Spiders--I wanted to see a bit of Companion!Sarah Jane after "School Reunion" and the Sarah Jane Adventures. However, I've not met Liz or Jo yet and I rather like the whole UNIT crew (Brigadier FTW).
* Four: I've actually not seen much of Four—just the first five minutes of Robot and his scenes from The Five Doctors. Also, I'm only familiar with Romana from the BFAs she's in and would like to see her in the actual serials.
* Five: Because I rather liked him in The Five Doctors and "Time Crash." ^_^
* Six: I've not seen any Sixth Doctor episodes at all. I really ought to, especially as I accidentally spoiled myself for something in the BFAs.
* Seven: I've seen only Dragonfire and The Happiness Patrol, but I would definitely like to see more of his serials (Ace FTW).
Or maybe I should just hop about as if I had my own personal TARDIS. Oh. ::is sad::

In other news, Murray the Cuddle Dalek now actually looks like a Dalek! He just needs appendages. If to-morrow is more sunny, I'll try to take and post a few pictures. It's been rainy to-day and my ceiling light burnt out last weekend, so the lighting in my room is even worse than usual for picture-taking.

Also, it's Friday! This means SJA, Moonlight, Numb3rs, and Doctor Who. ::facepalm:: I watch too much television.

No-one’s answered my techonology question yet. Pretty please?

~ Michelle

Date: 2008-05-09 08:29 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Two: Due mostly to nentari's joy and sometimes squee over the Two-and-Jamie dynamic. Also, I want to meet Jamie.
That's a good reason (*big smile*) but my suggestion is that you start from the beginning. An Unearthly Child is the most amazing opening episode a TV show could ever get, and 45 years later it still has a great impact; the remaining three episodes of the serial pale in comparison, but it's a great story nevertheless. And besides, Barbara is one of the coolest companions ever.
Then, you have got to check out Two's serials, obviously. The Invasion will have the added bonus of mixing UNIT (being their debut story) and Two/Jamie (I dare you not to squee over the "clever wee chappie" line). And it will help if you can add a voice to Jamie when you read my Fourteenth Doctor fics, right?[/shameless plug]

Anyway, on to your meme:

Date: 2008-05-10 06:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Writing my previous comment to you gave me an urge to rewatch An Unearthly Child (in spite of the fact that I have tons of Classic Who serials I haven't seen yet waiting for me, while that particular episode has been viewed tons of times) and yet - still pretty amazing. *smiles* It has an air of Twilight Zone to it.

Then it's settled - after An Unearthly Child you'll have to check out Two's serials to meet Jamie. It's a shame the War Games hasn't been released on DVD yet (I have it, but not in pristine quality - and anything featuring audio commentaries by Frazer Hines has to be on my DVD list, even if I already have it commentary-free), but I was told it will happen soon. That is one of the serials every fan should watch, particularly the final episode.

Of course you'd pick the first one (hee)
But of course. :D

And one can never have too many silly Doctor Who icons. ^_^
Particularly when one of said icons seems ready to attack the anti-Shakespeare crowd.

Date: 2008-05-09 08:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I recommend: "The beauty academy of Kabul" and "Driving Lessons"

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